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Garmin Inreach Subscription Australia Information

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Garmin Inreach




Checked as at 04/08/2022

Flexibility meets affordability

You’ll need a valid satellite subscription to use the Iridium satellite network for tracking, messaging, and interactive SOS. Check out the following subscription options:


  1. Monthly service; only a 30-day commitment is required.
  2. Ideal for your past experience or seasonal use.


  1. Suitable for use all year
  2. Monthly costs are lower.

Important subscription information about the Garmin Inreach Subscription Australia

Prices are subject to change without notice. To use the Iridium® satellite network for live tracking and communications, including SOS. inReach devices, require satellite subscription activation.

The subscription programmes are for individual consumers only, and all plans incur monthly charges – including GST. Text messages, location pings, and other features exceeding set plan restrictions will incur additional charges. Message transmission speeds may be lower after heavy use for Service Plans, including unlimited texting or tracking. The transmission speed of SOS messages will not be affected. The activation price for all annual plans is AUD 49. Changing a yearly plan is free of charge.

There is an annual cost of AUD 54 for enrolment on the Freedom plans. The minimum duration for a Freedom plan is 30 days. Changed Freedom plans have a new 30-day minimum. Changing a Freedom plan is free of charge. Service can be paused for up to a month at no cost. Although the account may be suspended, the user retains access to inReach data saved on the Garmin ExploreTM portal. The selected plan will automatically renew monthly unless the customer updates their account settings on the Garmin ExploreTM site.

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Purchasing a communicator

Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicator


Garmin inReach Satellite Communicator (Mini)

One-year warranty on the Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicator. GPS-enabled satellite communicator in a small, lightweight package.

Optional colours
Gray \sOrange

Garmin’s pocket-sized satellite communicator is designed for adventures when size and weight are critical. InReach Mini is your go-to link for sustaining off-the-grid contact from anywhere on the earth. Issue and receive text messages, and track and share your location. Send an SOS alerting the GEOS 24/7 emergency response team with inReach Mini if necessary. Stay in touch, thanks to inReach connectivity, no matter where your activities take you.

An active satellite subscription purchased directly from Garmin is necessary to access the Garmin Iridium satellite network (garmin inreach subscription australia) for live tracking and communications, including SOS features (not part of this hardware package).


  1. Ultra Rugged Interactive SOS Communicator in a Pocket Size (Garmin inreach subscription Australia)
  2. Unit-to-unit wireless communication
  3. Tracking and sharing your whereabouts
  4. Examine the information on your mobile device.
  5. Rating for water
  6. Get the weather forecast wherever you are.
  7. Next, the performance of the battery


Garmin GPSMAP 66i Handheld GPS and Satellite Communicator


Garmin GPSMAP 66i Satellite Communicator

The GPSMAP® 66i combines precise navigation with global communication. The button-operated GPS handheld and satellite communicator with inReach® Technology. Firstly, lets you send an interactive SOS to GEOS and provides two-way messaging. Plus, location tracking over the 100% global Iridium® satellite network. Truly, with preloaded TopoActive Australia and New Zealand maps, and direct-to-device BirdsEye Satellite Imagery downloads. Plus, with support from several Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and navigation sensors, you can navigate with confidence.


Firstly, INTERACTIVE SOS, Send an interactive SOS to the GEOS 24/7 search and rescue monitoring centre (requires a satellite subscription).

TWO-WAY MESSAGING,  Two-way messaging over the Iridium® satellite network (satellite subscription required)

LIVE TRACK When you’re out in the field, use LiveTrack to share your location and track with those back home. Even if you’re outside of mobile phone coverage, thanks to inReach Technology (subscription required)

TOPOACTIVE maps, BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, downloads directly to your device (no annual subscription required); supports numerous Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and navigation sensors.

Weather: With mobile connectivity, you can get up-to-date forecasts from Active Weather, including predictive maps for temperature, wind, precipitation, and clouds.

SEE WHERE YOU’RE GOING – Finally, it includes TopoActive Europe mapping and direct downloads of BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. Furthermore, no annual subscription is required.



Garmin Overlander GPS Unit


Garmin Overlander GPS Unit

OverlanderTM is a multipurpose GPS device with a 7″ colour touchscreen and turn-by-turn directions for on-road navigation and terrain maps for off-grid travel.

HEMA 150K TOPO maps of Australia are preloaded, with over 36,000 points of interest.

Sync your tracks and waypoints across your Overlander GPS, smartphone, and desktop with your Garmin ExploreTM account. Designed to go wherever your journey takes you, it’s preloaded with iOverlanderTM points of interest so you can find the next campground even if you don’t have a mobile signal. For instance, pitch and roll gauges and an integrated compass and barometer are all included. Connect an inReach® Mini satellite communicator (available separately, subscription required) to the Overlander device’s keyboard for interactive SOS and two-way text messaging.


Garmin Tread GPS Unit


Garmin Tread GPS Unit

1-Year Warranty on the Garmin Tread GPS Unit. Garmin Tread – Explore new territory. Tread is a durable 5.5″ Powersports satnav from Garmin that includes Group Ride Tracker and preloaded street and HEMA 100K terrain maps for off-road activities.

Also, explore uncharted territory. Tread is a tough 5.5″ Powersports navigation system with Group Ride Tracker and preloaded street and HEMA 100K topographical maps for off-road activities. The tread was designed exclusively for side-by-side, ATV, and snowmobile enthusiasts to handle harsh terrains, temperatures, and weather1. Secondly, with group tracking, location sharing, and automated messaging for up to 20 riders. You can stay in touch with your buddies. Furthermore, there is no need for a cell signal. For two-way messaging, weather, and interactive SOS, pair with our inReach® satellite communicators3.


  1. RUGGED DESIGN. Rugged, weather-resistant (IPX7)1 powersport sat nav for off-road excursions with 5.5″ glove-friendly and ultrabright touchscreen.
  2. GROUP RIDE TRACKER. Stay in touch with your pals by using the Group Ride Tracker. This includes location sharing, route tracking, and programmed messages for up to 20 riders.
  3. PRELOADED STREET & TOPOGRAPHY MAPS – HEMA 100K topographic maps are preloaded. Also street maps of Australia and New Zealand are available.
  4. BIRDSEYE SATELLITE IMAGERY – Directly download high-resolution Birdseye Satellite imagery to this GPS device through Wi-Fi; no annual subscription is required.
  5. SECURE POWERSPORT MOUNT. The Tread sat nav is easy to instal on your powersport car thanks to the powered mount and wiring harness with tube mount.
  6. READING APP Sync your waypoints, tracks, routes, and collections across devices with the TreadTM app4. Hence,  receive quick GPXImport/Export and live weather.
  7. INTEGRATED GAUGES AND SENSORS. An altimeter, barometer, compass, and pitch and roll gauges are all built-in. This will assist you in traversing rugged terrain.
  8. WORKS WITH INREACH® TECHNOLOGY.  Use inReach® satellite communicators (Garmin inreach subscription Australia required) to keep in touch with loved ones worldwide. Likewise, via two-way messaging, weather, and interactive SOS.
  9. MANAGE YOUR VEHICLE ACCESSORIES – Use Tread with a compatible Garmin PowerSwitchTM digital switch box (available separately) to enable onscreen management of your side-by-12-volt side electronics, such as light bars, differential locks, and more.
  10. Finally, the tread may be used with a BCTM 40 wireless camera with a tube mount. Available separately for front- or rear-facing camera views. Works with up to 4 wireless cameras for clear camera views around your car.



Garmin inReach Explorer+ Satellite Communicator with GPS Navigation


Garmin inReach Explorer with GPS Navigation

Explorer+ is a new satellite communicator from Garmin that employs global Iridium satellite coverage for interactive SOS, two-way messaging, and global location tracking. It has a built-in GPS allows you to track your location and navigate using waypoints and routes.

Further, in an emergency, the interactive SOS function will enable you to summon assistance, receive professional advice on what to do next, and receive confirmation that aid is on its way. 

Navigation features include:

  1. Preloaded DeLorme® topographic maps1.
  2. A built-in digital compass.
  3. A barometric altimeter in the inReach Explorer+.

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