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The way we 4wders escape from recovery situations has changed thanks to recovery tracks. Gone are the days when you could dig and put whatever wood you could find under your 4×4 to get out.
Since the release of the original Maxtrax, Maxtrax has been the market leader. Since purchasing my first set in 2011, I’ve been a big Maxtrax fan.

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Maxtrac Xtreme Recovery Boards Stealth Black

MAXTRAX XTREME RECOVERY BOARDS STEALTH BLACKDesigned and manufactured for professional use, Maxtrax have formed part of military units, off-road racing inventory, certified 4WD driver trainers, and expedition leaders.

As a mission-critical recovery track for various scenarios where time is of the essence and aggressive driving, excessive wheel spin is frequently unavoidable.


Maxtrax MKII Recovery Board Orange


  1. We are using UV-stabilized, flexible, super-tough, engineering-grade nylon.
  2. “Aggressive” oriented grooves for maximum traction, large cleats for superior wheel grip
  3. The large footprint provides extra flotation, momentum, and traction.
  4. The iconic double-ended design features ramps at each end and shovels on the underside.
  5. Six comfortable handles on the underside grip
  6. Ingenious keyhole accessory points for safe mounting
  7. Stackable and easily stows with the rest of your gear
  8. Quick and straightforward to manoeuvre.


Maxtrax Indeflate

MAXTRAX INDEFLATEMAXTRAX introduces the INDEFLATE, a device that inflates or deflates two tyres simultaneously and automatically equalises the pressure between the two. Inflating and deflating tyres can be a time-consuming process.

With INDEFLATE, the task of reducing tyres one at a time without knowing what your tyre pressure is becomes a quick and straightforward task.


Maxtrax Roof Rack Mount Kit

MAXTRAX ROOF RACK MOUNT KITThe kit includes the following items:

  1. Part A consists of two powder-coated stainless steel angle brackets with laser-cut MAXTRAX logos.
  2. 2 x Part B: powder-coated stainless steel braces with circular holes and orange silicone inserts,
  3. as well as black knurled nuts with our Spike logo. 6 x M8 stainless steel channel bolts, flat washers, and Nyloc nuts from Part C.


Maxtrax Mini Set – Safety Orange

MAXTRAX MINI SET - SAFETY ORANGEMaxtrax now offers the Maxtrax mini, made of the same super-tough engineering-grade reinforced Nylon as the Maxtrax but in a smaller size suitable for smaller vehicles or those with limited cargo space. Ideal companion for cars with limited space, such as ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, and 4WDs.


Maxtrax Mounting Pin Set

MAXTRAX MOUNTING PIN SETSuppose you intend to make extreme tracks or just some soft sand beach bashing. You’ll likely require regular access to your MAXTRAX recovery boards. Whether attached with ratchet straps or rope, you’ll probably get tired of undoing knots all the time. You will be surprised at ease to secure your MAXTRAX to your 4×4’s roof racks, constructed of black nylon with quick-release stainless steel pins.


Maxtrax Rear Wheel Harness

MAXTRAX REAR WHEEL HARNESSThe Maxtrax Rear Wheel Harness lets you transport your Maxtrax safely and securely on your vehicle’s spare tyre. Very quick and easy to install and carry dirty ones without getting sand, mud, or snow in or on your car. The harness can carry up to 5 Maxtrax (or four filthy ones that won’t stack neatly) and comes with a pouch to store your fixing pegs and linking straps.




Maxtrax, on the other hand, has stepped up their game by taking an already excellent product and improving it with the Maxtrax Xtreme.

Because it is lightweight, portable, and extremely well-designed, the Maxx Traxx system is an ideal 4WD accessory. The method is simple to follow, and with a few pointers from Ray’s Outdoors and Pat Callinan, you’ll be out of the bogs and on your way in no time!

It is simple to learn how to use Maxtrax in a few simple steps. 4WD vehicle recovery is SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK, and EASY, making it the best way to recover your vehicle.

Would you please read these instructions and watch one of the many instructional videos before using your Maxtrax?

Not following instructions and recommendations may result in personal injury, property damage, and nullifying any implied or express warranties. Your safety comes first when attempting to recover a stuck vehicle. When removing debris from under the vehicle, avoid touching hot vehicle components.

Avoid spinning the wheels, as this will damage your Maxtrax and cause personal injury or property damage.

Maxtrax should not be used on rocky or hard surfaces, as a bridge or ramp, in temperatures below -20°C, or on vehicles weighing more than 5000kg.

When used correctly, Maxtrax can even eliminate the need for recovery. Before attempting to traverse, place Maxtrax over soft terrain to save time and effort. You can create a continuous track over gentle terrain by using the clever linking straps and a couple of pairs of Maxtrax.

Steps to effective use

1. If your vehicle cannot continue, come to a complete stop and retrieve your Maxtrax. Spinning your tyres, especially in soft sand, will only bury your vehicle further.

2. Clear any debris and obstructions from around the tyres and underbody components such as diffs, axles, and sidesteps. When inverted, Maxtrax can be used as a shovel. Rather than spinning freely in mid-air, the wheels must support the vehicle’s weight. A long-handled shovel may be best to clear beneath the vehicle’s undercarriage.

3. WEDGE them against the tread, in front of both front tyres when driving forwards, or behind rear tyres when reversing. Check that the Maxtrax are pointing in the correct direction. The Maxtrax should not be laid flat on the ground but rather protrude at an angle (as shown above). Lowering your tyre pressures now can improve available traction and assist you in recovering successfully. Using the telltale leashes will also aid in the recovery of your buried Maxtrax.

4. Remove all personnel from the area and re-enter your vehicle. Check that the site is clear of people before starting the engine.

5. Select a low ratio, first gear, and gently accelerate. PLEASE DO NOT SPIN YOUR WHEELS! The tyres can grip the lugs on top of the Maxtrax and pull them under the vehicle. Wheelspin will damage your maxtrax recovery tracks by generating enough heat to melt the material and burn off the teeth while also digging you deeper. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage due to wheel spin.

6. If the grip is inadequate, causing the Maxtraxx to move out of position, STOP, reposition them, so they are again wedged against the treads, and try again. Clear more debris if necessary so that the wheels support the vehicle’s weight.

7. Maintain momentum once the tyres gain traction until the vehicle reaches the firm ground. Repeat the entire procedure if necessary.

8. Find your Maxtrax even if completely buried; the bright orange telltale leashes should help you find it.

Maxtrax is not indestructible

Damage may result during regular use due to some of the following:

  1. The situation of the terrain
  2. The vehicle’s weight
  3. Bullbars, rear bars, tow bars, and side steps are examples of vehicle accessories.
  4. Suspension style and height
  5. Tyre size, compound, and type
  6. Angles of approach, departure, and ramp-over for a vehicle
  7. The recovery of a stranded vehicle is not without danger. Would you mind taking the necessary precautions to ensure your own and those around you’re safety?

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