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Help us reach 1000 classified ads. This is a brand new website designed by firefighters for firefighters. Our vision is to create a community for Australian Emergency Workers.

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As you browse around Fire Rescue Classifieds it will become evident that it is designed specifically for firefighters. Link up to exchange products and ideas. The website will evolve into a full firefighting resource.

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Make a little extra money online!

Are you the type of person who likes to make a little extra money online?

Well at Fire Rescue Classifieds we have an online interface for you to use. It is totally free to list products in any category you like. It doesn’t matter whether your a  business who wants to increase your marketing. Or an individual who’s just got some firefighting related things to sell.

  1. You can list your items for sale (as the seller) and control all interactions.
  2. Watch how your adverts going on your Smart Phone, and
  3. Answer buyers questions.
  4. Review our safety information and stay safe online.
  5. You can use our many payment methods and be happy with the result.

We Are Brand New

Let us do the work for you!

When you take a look around Fire Rescue Classifieds it will become evident that we are pretty new. If you need to sell your items very very quickly then list the item with us and maybe Gumtree and or eBay.

We are working hard to grow our database and optimise our members content so your items become listed on Google very quickly. Our advertising campaigns will cover most of Australia and if you don’t hear others talking about us I would be surprised.

Let us do the work to help you sell your firefighting related product. Can we suggest that you provide as much detail about your listing as possible? What this does is allow Google to pick up some of the keywords in your description. Thus, potentially listing your item very high on their interface.


The Latest from Our Blog!

The Business of Command and Control

Who’s In Charge? It’s probably an appropriate time to talk a little about leadership. Most emergency service and defence organisations have a number of things in common but the most significant is probably a rank/authority structure. There is so much we could talk about here trying to justify why leaders should take command and provide [...]

Span of Control from the Fire Ground

There are people in this world who seem to be able to recall information with ease and for that, I am very envious. In other articles, I have spoken about how complex a business can be or become. This now leads me to a discussion on the ‘span of control‘. I could discuss how there [...]

Business Planning and Intelligence

How does the old saying go? Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” My advice is, in the most sensitive way, to work for someone or have a business partner who subscribes to such a philosophy. They are less likely to be subject to catastrophic failure and [...]

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Western Australia:
Area: 2.646 Million Square Km;
Population: 2.589 Million (2014).

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Northern Territory:
Area: 1.421 Million Square Km;
Capital:   Darwin

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Area: 1.853 Square Million km
Population: 4.691 (2013)

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New South Wales:

Area:                  809,444 Square Million km
Population:      7.544 Million (2014)

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Australian Capital Territory:

Area:    2358 Square km
Capital: Canberra

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Area:  237629 Square km
Population:      6.359 Million (2017)

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Area:   68,401 Square km
Population:      515,000 (2014)

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South Australia:
Population:      1.677 Million (2013)

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