Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

The Jet-USA TX770 Petrol Pressure Washer is now available.

pressure washer in a wheel borrow styleThis unit has a genuinely excellent 7-horsepower engine and innovative four-stroke OHV technology that balances a substantial power output with easy starting and efficiency, thanks to high-quality components. Its top-of-the-line quality makes it ideal for DIY severe projects or light to medium commercial work.

Cleaning walkways, deck renewal, blasting stonework, cleaning boats, and other large projects will be a breeze with the TX770 Pressure Cleaner. Ideal for everything from mild sandstone cleaning to stripping hard surfaces. Depending on the job, it has an inbuilt tank to add car detergent or degreaser. Five included Pro-tip nozzles come tested to withstand years of intense spray pressure.

1 The engine is a powerful seven-horsepower four-stroke OHV engine.
2 The frame is made of tough tubular steel.
3 30m Hose Reach & Drain Cleaner Nozzle 5 Pro-tip Nozzles Ultimate Edition
4 Cleaning automobiles, windows, and walkways is a breeze with this tool.
5 Tyres with a diameter of 12″ are appropriate for any terrain.
6 Detergent tank built-in
7 Handle with a soft grip
8 Oil shutdown due to low supply
9 Optimal power, ease of starting, and superior dependability
10 Rubber feet help to keep things in place.

It has a robust, rugged frame and a wheelbarrow-style body that makes it simple to move around your job site. It’s durable giant 12″ pneumatic wheels, soft-grip handle, and rubber feet make it easy to work in any terrain.

This Ultimate Edition TX770 Pressure Cleaner Pack includes an additional 20-meter hose for a total of 30 metres of hose reach, and you can rest assured that this model can maintain high pressure at this length! This stainless steel nozzle will force itself through congested pipes, busting blockages in the process!

The Jet-USA TX770 Petrol Pressure Washer is everything you need if you want power, dependability, and high-quality results.

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