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Petrol Post Hole Digger – Reducing Your Project Workload

by Ken Walker
62CC Posthole Earth Auger Fence Borer Petrol 2

The Unparalleled Benefits of the Petrol Post Hole Digger: An In-depth Review

From the vast plains of Australia to the bustling city edges, fencing and establishing posts are an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s to delineate property, put up signs, or simply enhance the aesthetics of our surroundings, a sturdy hole for our posts is crucial. The age-old question remains: how best to achieve this? Enter the petrol post hole digger. A powerful tool that’s swiftly becoming the choice of professionals and homeowners alike. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the uses and benefits of this remarkable machine, revealing why it truly deserves its place in the spotlight.

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What is a Petrol Post Hole Digger?

At its core, the petrol post hole digger is a motor-driven tool designed for digging holes in the ground. Rather than the back-breaking manual labour that usually comes with hole-digging, this digger makes the process streamlined, efficient, and hassle-free. Featuring a robust engine that’s fuelled by petrol, this digger offers unparalleled power and durability, ensuring the perfect hole each time.

The Array of Uses

  • Fencing: Australia, with its vast landscapes, often demands extensive fencing. The petrol post hole digger, with its sharp augers and powerful engine, simplifies this task, making it possible to set up fences in record time.
  • Landscaping: Whether you’re planting trees, establishing a new garden bed or setting up outdoor structures, this digger ensures a perfect start.
  • Construction: Foundations for decks, sheds, and even larger structures benefit from the precise holes that this machine can drill.

Key Benefits to Highlight

  • Efficiency: With the petrol post hole digger, what would traditionally take hours can now be achieved in mere minutes. Its quick operation is a highlight many users rave about.
  • Consistency: Each hole drilled is as uniform and precise as the last, ensuring consistency in your work.
  • Reduced Labour: Gone are the days of manual digging. With this tool, physical strain is significantly reduced.
  • Durability: Built to last, this digger promises longevity, with many users reporting years of faultless service.

Petrol Post Hole Digger 1

EDISONSThe Australian Edge

For a country like Australia, which boasts a diverse range of terrains, the petrol post hole digger emerges as a game-changer. From the sandy soils of the coast to the harder terrains inland, this machine showcases adaptability and resilience, aligning perfectly with the Australian spirit of hard work and innovation.

Unearthing the Final Verdict

To wrap it up, the petrol post hole digger is not just a tool; it’s an investment in efficiency, consistency, and quality. Its multiple uses, combined with its undeniable benefits, make it a must-have for anyone in Australia looking to get ahead in their fencing, landscaping, or construction projects. And with its durability, it promises to be a trusted companion for years to come.


Review: Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 88CC Posthole Earth Auger Fence Borer Petrol Drill Bit

Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 88CC


When it comes to outdoor power tools, every Australian gardener, farmer, or DIY enthusiast has their go-to favourites. Baumr-AG, a trusted brand, has released yet another product that’s bound to make waves in the market: the Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 88CC. With a plethora of features and benefits, this tool promises not just to make post hole digging a breeze but to redefine the way we look at such tasks. In this review, we’ll delve deep into what makes this petrol post hole digger stand out and whether it’s worth the investment.

From a quick glance, the product oozes durability and efficiency, but there’s more to the story. The combination of a robust design with an impressive 88CC Baumr-AG Motor ensures that power and longevity are at the forefront. But, how does it perform in real-life settings? Let’s dive in.

Key Features and Highlights

  • Tougher, top mounted gear box: Positioned for optimal power transfer, ensuring maximum torque and longevity.
  • Durable motor casing: Designed to withstand the rugged conditions of Australia, providing protection to the powerful 88cc Baumr-AG Motor.
  • Three Auger Sizes: Comes with 10cm, 20cm, and 30cm Augers, all 80cm in length. This variety ensures suitability for different tasks and ground conditions.
  • Extensions galore: With 4x 60cm extension shafts, it provides the flexibility to reach deeper, offering more versatility in usage.
  • 1 or 2 Person operation: Whether working solo or with a mate, this petrol post hole digger adapts to your needs, ensuring efficiency.
  • Anti-Vibration handle: Maximises comfort during operation, reducing fatigue and ensuring longer working hours.
  • Easy and Quick Start: The intuitive design, paired with an easy start mechanism and a quick start guide, means you’re up and running in no time.
  • Convenient fuel tank: Easy fill design ensures minimal spillage, while its capacity guarantees longer operation times.
  • High torque: The machine delivers impressive torque, ensuring that no ground is too tough to tackle.
  • Light but powerful: Despite its power-packed performance, it remains lightweight, ensuring ease of use and portability.

Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 88CC 2


Why the Baumr-AG Stands Out

What sets the Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger apart is the meticulous attention to detail. The inclusion of multiple Auger sizes, along with extension shafts, ensures that it caters to varied needs. Furthermore, with the resilience that’s synonymous with Baumr-AG products, this petrol post hole digger promises a longevity that’s hard to match.

It’s evident that the tool has been designed with the Australian user in mind. From the durable motor casing that promises to withstand our unique weather conditions to the anti-vibration handle that ensures comfort during extended use, every feature has been fine-tuned for the Aussie worker.

Final Thoughts

Is the Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 88CC worth the investment? Unequivocally, yes! It offers a blend of power, versatility, and durability that’s hard to find in the market. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this petrol post hole digger won’t disappoint.

Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 62CC Review: The Perfect Earth Auger for Every Aussie Yard

62CC Posthole Earth Auger Fence Borer Petrol 2


The Australian backyard often demands rigorous work, and for such tasks, you need a tool that won’t let you down. Introducing the Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 62CC, a tool that promises to be the loyal mate you’ve been searching for. With the Aussie spirit of getting tasks done efficiently and effectively, this piece of machinery is worth every dollar. Here’s a comprehensive review to explain why.

If you’ve ever faced the daunting task of digging post holes by hand, you’ll understand the allure of a petrol post hole digger. Less effort, more efficiency, and precision are what’s on offer. The Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 62CC combines functionality and ease-of-use, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Read on as we delve deeper into its features and performance.

Key Features

Power and Performance

Transitioning smoothly to the highlights, one cannot overlook the powerful 62cc Baumr-AG Motor. The sheer power that this motor packs ensures that you can dig holes with precision and without breaking a sweat. Combine that with the high torque offering, and you have a machine that tackles even the hardest of soils.

Design and Usability

The light but powerful design strikes the right balance between performance and ease of use. With a top-mounted gearbox that’s tougher than the competition, the durability of this tool is undeniable. Additionally, the durable motor casing ensures that the engine is well protected from the elements and accidental knocks.
Digging deeper, or should we say wider, the 20cm bit diameter and an impressive 80cm length auger makes sure you get the right depth and width every time. And if that’s not enough, the 600mm extension shaft is there for those projects that require an extra reach.

Comfort and Safety

Designed keeping the user in mind, this petrol post hole digger boasts an Anti Vibration handle, ensuring maximum comfort and minimum fatigue. Whether it’s a 1 or 2 person operation, this tool adapts to your needs. The easy-fill fuel tank ensures you won’t be making messy spills, and the easy start feature ensures you won’t waste time getting started. For beginners, the quick start guide is an added bonus, ensuring you can kick off your project without delay.

62CC Posthole Earth Auger Fence Borer Petrol 2


Summary of Features

  • Tougher, top mounted gear box: Offers increased durability.
  • 62cc Baumr-AG Motor: Power-packed performance.
  • 20cm Bit diameter, 80cm length: Perfect for various digging requirements.
  • 600mm extension shaft: Extends reach for deeper holes.
  • Anti Vibration handle: Maximum comfort for users.
  • Easy start and quick start guide: Get started without any hassles.
  • Easy fill fuel tank: No messy spills or complications.

The Verdict: Baumr-AG Does it Again!

The Australian backyard, with its unique challenges, requires a reliable partner. The Baumr-AG Post Hole Digger 62CC proves to be that partner. From its power-packed performance to its user-centric design, it is clear that this tool has been crafted keeping the Aussie user in mind. Whether you’re installing a fence, planting trees, or embarking on any other project that requires digging, this petrol post hole digger is your best mate. Make the smart choice today and ensure a hassle-free tomorrow!


Review: POWERBLADE PD950 52cc 2-Stroke Petrol Post Hole Digger

POWERBLADE PD950 52cc 2-Stroke


In the vast realm of gardening and outdoor tools, there’s one gem that’s redefining standards. And it’s tailor-made for the Australian terrain. Meet the POWERBLADE PD950, a powerful petrol post hole digger that promises to deliver unparalleled performance with a slew of innovative features. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or just an avid DIYer. This machine is bound to become your best mate in no time. In this review, we’ll delve deep into the nitty-gritty of this marvel, highlighting its strengths and explaining why it’s the talk of the town.

Australians understand the value of hard work, and there’s no reason your tools shouldn’t reflect that. The POWERBLADE PD950 is not just another tool in the shed; it’s a testament to the synergy of state-of-the-art engineering and practicality. With its robust build, it’s designed to withstand the unpredictable Australian terrain, ensuring it serves its purpose, come rain or shine. This review is all about diving into the details, providing insights, and ensuring you get a comprehensive understanding of this petrol post hole digger.

To make this a little easier for our readers, we’ve structured this review with a brief summary first, followed by an in-depth analysis of its features and, of course, our final verdict.

Quick Summary

The POWERBLADE PD950 petrol post hole digger, equipped with a 52cc easy start engine, is a must-have for any serious outdoor enthusiast or professional. Its high torque, tough build, and array of features make it stand out in the market. The machine’s versatility is evident with the inclusion of three drill bits and four extensions, ensuring adaptability to various tasks.

POWERBLADE PD950 52cc 2-Stroke 2


Key Features and Benefits

Tough Build

One of the significant highlights of the POWERBLADE PD950 is its unmatched build quality. Designed to endure and overcome, its tough build ensures longevity and promises to be a loyal companion in all your digging endeavours.

High Torque

Another standout feature is the high torque delivered by this machine. This means that regardless of the nature of the soil, the POWERBLADE PD950 ensures consistent and smooth operation, making your tasks seamless.

52cc Easy Start Engine

Starting an engine shouldn’t feel like a workout. Thankfully, with the PD950’s 52cc easy start engine, you’re guaranteed a hassle-free start every single time. Ensuring you can get straight into your work without any hitches.

Anti Vibration Vertical Alignment

No one likes to handle a tool that feels like it’s wrestling you. The PD950’s anti-vibration vertical alignment ensures a comfortable grip, significantly reducing fatigue and making your job all the more enjoyable.

1400mm Max Drill Depth

Need to dig deep? No worries! With a whopping 1400mm maximum drill depth, the PD950 ensures you can reach those depths without breaking a sweat.

Industry Standard 20mm Auger Attachment

The inclusion of an industry-standard 20mm auger attachment ensures compatibility and ease of use. This means you won’t be left scrambling for parts or facing compatibility issues.

3 Drill Bits and 4 Extensions

Versatility is the name of the game with the POWERBLADE PD950. With three drill bits and four extensions included, you’re equipped to tackle a variety of tasks, ensuring you get full value for your investment.

Safety Clutch

Safety is paramount, and the POWERBLADE PD950 doesn’t compromise. The inclusion of a safety clutch guarantees protection against potential mishaps, making sure you and the machine remain unscathed.


Final Thoughts: The Ultimate Gardening Companion

The POWERBLADE PD950 petrol post hole digger is more than just a tool; it’s a statement. For those who refuse to settle for mediocrity and seek excellence in their outdoor tasks, this is the machine to own. Its impressive list of features, coupled with a tough build tailored for the Australian landscape, makes it a no-brainer. Whether it’s the high torque, the easy start engine, or the sheer depth it can achieve. The POWERBLADE PD950 stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Every Australian deserves a reliable partner in their outdoor ventures. And this petrol post hole digger promises to be just that.

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