Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

This Long Reach Pole Saw 62cc Multi Pro-Series is the ultimate gardening machine with no less than seven attachments. Adjust the extension pole and use the 62CC engine’s class-leading power and highly responsive air injection carburettor to reach those hard-to-reach branches. When you combine an auto chain lubricator, adjustable chain oil feed, and MTM’s revolutionary ‘Easy Start System. You’ve got the ultimate equipment for any pruning or sculpting job.

Commercial-grade quick connect couplings with twin ball-bearing floating centres and superior anodized commercial aluminium are included with your MTM. Genuine commercial nine-spline fastening provides maximum stability, which is critical for handling those hard-to-reach branches safely. To reach those hard-to-reach branches, adjust the extension poles. Your MTM Long Reach Pole Saw comes built to last, with unrivalled quality and a 12-month warranty. If you order today, you’ll receive a free accessory pack that contains gloves, earmuffs, a small toolbox, and a fuel mixer.

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1 62CC MTM Pro-Series engine (best in class!)
2 Carburettor with direct air injection that is extremely sensitive
3 Commercial rapid change couplings with dual floating bearings
4 With SEVEN attachments, it has a considerable reach.
5 Thanks to the patented Easy Starting System, this long reach pole saw can be started with your little finger!
6 Chain lubricator with adjustable oil flow

The MTM-700 62CC Long Reach Multi-Tool is only available until today!


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