Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

trencher diggerBaumr-AG provides practical and innovative excavation technology with the NEW Baumr-AG TRN660 Trencher Digger. This machine comes powered by an 8HP 4-stroke forced air-cooled OHV engine that can trench up to 60 metres per hour, exceeding industry standards. A centrifugal clutch ensures easy starting. There’s a throttle lever, a stop switch, an emergency stop, and a lever-operated wheel lock for super-easy and safe handling on the handlebars.

This trencher digger achieves depths to 600mm

The TRN660 gets the job done faster than manually digging the correct measurements with 27 replaceable carbide alloy blades operating on a 1m bar that eats in increments up to 600mm deep and 100mm wide. With a width of about 94cm, this revolutionary design permits access through gates and trenching near walls.

1 Ultra-reliable 8 HP 4-Stroke OHV petrol engine with forced air cooling and 27 carbide alloy teeth
2 Throttle lever, stop switch, emergency stop, and wheel lock with lever activation
3 Chain bar, 1 metre
4 Steel construction for long life
5 14″ pneumatic tyres, heavy-duty
6 Depths up to 600mm and 100mm broad are variable.
7 Dispersal of helical debris
8 Chainguard that adjusts on its own
9 Front guide wheel: 8″
10 Handlebar with height adjustment

User friendly and tough

A helical debris dispersal mechanism on the device effectively displaces dug up soil away from the trenching line, allowing you to move on to the next job faster. The 8″ front guide wheel ensures the user maintains a strict line despite the machine’s tremendous output, and the chain guard self-adjusts to any resistance from the dirt during digging. Its handlebar is also height-adjustable, making it suitable for varying heights and trench depths operators.

Baumr-AG has ensured that this unit outperforms all alternatives by using high-quality inputs. It has a superior chain drive system with several grease nipples in the front and rear to ensure that your machine endures the test of time and conquers the harsh rocky terrain it encounters. It also comes with a set of tough XL 14″ pneumatic tyres with an extra-wide 6″ flotation design that can handle any terrain.

This machine provides a no-hassle alternative to earth trenching, completing operations swiftly, efficiently, and with ease. It has the ideal combination of power, control, manoeuvrability, and dependability. So get the ground-breaking Baumr-AG TRN660 Trencher digger today and leave inferior excavation techniques in the dust!

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