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log splitter for red gum logsThe new Hercules Series, 65 Ton Log Splitters from Brauma-Ag, has arrived in Australia. They have rapidly become the most popular engine-driven log splitters on the market. The 65 Ton Hercules series is the most powerful in the Baumr-AG lineup, and it comes with a slew of innovative features that set it apart from the competition.

The petrol-powered HPS800 rips Gum and Ironbark logs into quarters at the touch of a lever

Making easy work of the toughest Australian hardwoods. The HPS800 is a multifunctional and easy-to-use system. In turn, It splits wood horizontally and vertically, so you don’t have to lift heavy logs onto the splitter. Its replaceable 4-Way head separates four wood blocks from a single log and comes mounted without fixed fasteners for quick wedge style swapping.

The practical working table provides ample workspace and storage for numerous timbers, and it is removable, allowing the device to reduce in size for better storage.

Large power train

Furthermore, the power train of the massive 420cc 18HP four-stroke engine features a novel DirectDrive technology for maximum efficiency, low vibration, and minimum maintenance. The HPS800’s quality all-terrain 16-inch extra-wide rubber tyres make it very transportable in all types of terrain, allowing you to split wood nearly anywhere.

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1 18hp four-stroke petrol engine that leads the class
2 Log splitting with a diameter of up to 650mm*.
3 The 65-tonne punch can rip through any timber.
4 Hydraulic hosing with two lines by Benmar®
5 Ingenious spiral For ultimate durability, use HoseGuardTM.
6 DirectDrive is a patented technology that eliminates vibration and requires no maintenance.
7 Welding robots have been used in the manufacture
8 Extra-large oil filter for maximum protection
9 Splitting head with a replaceable four-way wedge is triple-reinforced.
10 Fixed heavy-duty stripper

The only splitters on the market with a genuine Australian (non-US type) 50mm Trailer Coupling and a heavy-duty fixed stripper to remove any wood adhered to the wedge during the return cycle are Hercules splitters. They also have a substantial foldaway Jockey Wheel with a built-in DualAction Foot operated brake that prevents rolling or pivoting.

On the HPS800, there are just two genuine Benmar® hoses. With Baumr-unique AG’s HoseGuardTM encasing them, these are the pinnacle of hydraulic hoses. This one-of-a-kind spiral design keeps the hoses in place, preventing them from interfering with controls and offering an extra layer of protection, especially when towing.

The HPS800 has a bigger oil filter, which not only protects your investment but also makes replacing it at any car accessory store much more effortless.

The Hercules HPS800 from Baumr-AG is the industry’s apex

Capable of splitting timbers up to 650mm in diameter and even Styrofoam! Nothing beats having the best equipment on hand to get the job done swiftly.
Make an excellent investment in machinery for your home or business.


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