Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

Wood Chipper for Sale 2Now for sale is this Portable Wood Chipper/Shredder is a novel self-feeding good design perfect for large property owners, avid gardeners, and professional landscapers. A revolutionary DirectDrive system generates eight horsepower of chipping power from the 208cc OHV engine, resulting in optimal efficiency with little component stress and eliminating the need for belt replacement!

Transportation of the wood chipper is easy

Quadruple heavy-duty hardened steel blades and multiple hammers in an offset arrangement churn out valuable mulch with ease. The Raptor comes with a formidable collection bag that makes mulch disposal and transportation a breeze.

The Raptor 900 Wood Chipper comes built with top-of-the-line heavy-gauge steel for long-term durability and portability. The 12-inch all-terrain pneumatic wheels enable effortless mobility, and dual foot brakes keep it in place. It comes in a reinforced solid carton and only requires minor assembly; you’ll be raking up huge or small yard waste in no time! It’s a highly effective shredding machine. Looking for a Wood Chipper for Sale then look no further.

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