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by Ken
commercial leaf blower

Getting rid of leaf litter and debris can be exhausting and time-consuming. It’s a walk in the park with the MTM BPX635 Backpack Blower, though. It not only blows your problems away at 300km/h, but it’s also enjoyable to wear because of its lightweight, padded ergonomic design.

A unique Gutter Cleaning Kit comes with the BPX635 model. At heights of up to 290cm, this revolutionary seven-piece system will make quick work of all the leaf litter and filth in gutters and hard-to-reach spots!

1 Retail 30cc two-stroke petrol engine MTM BPX635
2 Up to 300 km/h air velocity Exclusive gutter cleaning kit
3 Interchangeable standard and narrow nozzles
4 Exceptionally adaptable outlet
5 Design is light enough to wear all day.
6 Shoulder straps with padding
7 One person carried out the operation
8 Throttle trigger with sensitivity
9 Finger-operated safety switch with a trigger
10 12-month Australian warranty

You can quickly clear away everything from roadways to garden beds and tight crevasses with interchangeable nozzles. With a sensitive trigger and an extremely flexible air outlet, you can always apply exactly the perfect strength to blast away even the toughest maintenance chores.

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So immediately, put down the broom and rake and place your order for the MTM BPX635 Backpack Blower!


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