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270 Awning Bushwakka Extreme – Passenger Side Awning

by Ken
270 awning

Introduction: Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness – The Game Changer

Shade Like Never Before

There’s no denying that the Australian outback is both enchanting and challenging. Whether it’s a picnic in the national park or a family outing by the beach, a reliable shade solution is a necessity. And when it comes to providing optimal shade, the “Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness (Passenger Side Awning) emerges as the new frontrunner.” With a design specifically tailored to Australian conditions, it’s more than just a shade—it’s a haven against the sun, and a fortress against unexpected downpours. When it comes to 270 awnings, this product brings innovation and convenience to the forefront.

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OUTBACK_EQUIPMENTThe Perfect Fusion of Function and Form

The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness isn’t just about utility—it’s also about style. An aesthetic design combined with superior function ensures that it not only adds value to your outdoor experience but also looks good while doing so. Its sleek design coupled with its extensive shade coverage makes it the preferred choice for those who seek the best in 270 awnings. For those venturing into Australia’s beautiful landscapes, this awning promises to be a faithful companion, turning every outing into a luxurious escapade.

Product Highlights: More Than Just Specifications

Diving into the Details

Every product has specifications, but it’s the intricate details that differentiate the best from the rest. And the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness comes packed with features that make it stand tall among other 270 awnings:

  • SKU: Extreme_Darkness_PS
  • Brand: Bushwakka – A name synonymous with quality and durability
  • Shipping Weight: A substantial 29.0000kg, showcasing its robust build

Dimensional Excellence

One of the prime factors that users look for in a 270 awning is its dimensional attributes. After all, it’s these dimensions that dictate the awning’s compatibility and coverage. The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness boasts:

  • Shipping Dimensions: Width: 0.220m, Height: 0.250m, Length: 2.305m
  • Shipping Cubic: 0.126775000m3, ensuring it remains compact yet spacious when set up

With dimensions like these, it’s evident that this awning is designed to maximize shade while minimizing setup hassles.

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Features and Benefits of the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness Awning

As outdoor enthusiasts continue to seek better ways to enjoy the Australian outdoors, the need for high-quality equipment becomes ever more paramount. Bushwakka’s Extreme 270 Darkness Awning enters the scene not just as another accessory but as a must-have tool for any adventurer. The features and benefits of this 270 awning are tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users, ensuring that they have the best outdoor experience possible.

Wide Coverage

When the scorching Australian sun beats down, there’s nothing more valuable than a wide, encompassing shade. The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness Awning delivers just that. With a spanning coverage of 270 degrees, this awning ensures that you’re shielded from every angle. This is particularly beneficial when the sun is moving across the sky during those long outdoor days. You won’t find yourself continuously adjusting or moving your setup to stay under the shade; the 270 awning has got you covered.

The wide coverage isn’t just about sun protection. It also creates a more extensive, communal space for everyone to gather. No longer will family and friends need to squabble over who gets the shady spot. Whether you’re having a BBQ, a picnic, or just lounging around, there’s ample space for everyone. Additionally, the extended shade coverage also means that your vehicle and other equipment can benefit from the protection, extending their lifespan and reducing wear and tear from direct sunlight.

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Durable Construction

In the ever-changing climate of the Australian outback, having an equipment that’s both versatile and durable is crucial. The Extreme 270 Darkness Awning promises just that. Crafted from materials that resist tearing and wear, it’s evident that Bushwakka prioritized longevity in its design. Furthermore, each seam, joint, and attachment point has been meticulously tested to ensure it holds up under pressure.

Quick Setup

Time is of the essence when you’re eager to start your outdoor adventure. Recognizing this, Bushwakka designed the 270 awning to be both intuitive and quick to set up. Gone are the days of fumbling with complicated instructions or struggling with uncooperative components. The user-friendly design ensures that you can have your shade ready in mere minutes, allowing you more time to enjoy what you came outdoors for.

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  • Universal Fit: One of the standout features of this 270 awning is its adaptability. Designed to fit a wide array of vehicles, from SUVs to trucks, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • Mounting Ease: The awning comes with all necessary mounting equipment, ensuring a snug and secure fit on your vehicle.
  • Adjustable Height: Depending on your vehicle’s height or your preference, the 270 awning offers adjustable height settings, ensuring everyone can stand comfortably underneath.

Durable Construction

Materials and Craftsmanship

When one thinks of a 270 awning built for the rugged Australian landscapes, the materials used come to the forefront. The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness is constructed using high-grade, weather-resistant fabrics that guarantee maximum protection from both UV rays and rain. Moreover, the stitching is reinforced, ensuring that even in the harshest of weather conditions, wear and tear is minimized.

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Sturdy Frame and Mounts

No 270 awning would be complete without a robust frame to support it. The Extreme 270 Darkness boasts an anodized aluminum frame, known for its lightweight properties and resistance to rust. Paired with its heavy-duty mounting brackets, you can be assured of a steady setup even when the winds decide to test its mettle.

  • High-grade fabric: For optimum UV and rain protection.
  • Reinforced stitching: Prolonged lifespan even with regular use.
  • Anodized aluminum frame: Combines lightness with sturdiness.
  • Heavy-duty mounting brackets: Stability even in challenging conditions.

Quick Setup

Intuitive Design

For those eager to get their campsite ready without fuss, the 270 awning’s design proves to be a boon. Bushwakka has meticulously engineered the Extreme 270 Darkness with simplicity in mind. The intuitive design means even first-timers will find the setup process to be a breeze. Each component fits seamlessly, eliminating the common hiccups many face with complex awning systems.

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Compact Storage and Efficient Unfurling

What truly sets this 270 awning apart is its compact storage capability. Despite its extensive coverage, the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness neatly folds into its carry bag, ensuring it doesn’t hog up space. When it’s time to set up, the awning unfurls efficiently, with telescopic poles and straps aiding in a swift and straightforward assembly.


Versatile Design

The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness Awning boasts a design that speaks volumes about its versatility. From sedans to SUVs, and from trucks to caravans, its mounting system is crafted to accommodate a wide range of vehicles. This adaptability ensures that no matter what you drive, there’s a high probability this 270 awning will fit perfectly. Moreover, it comes with a comprehensive manual detailing the installation process, making it even more hassle-free for various vehicle types.

Additional Mounting Kits

Recognizing that different vehicles have different requirements, Bushwakka also offers supplementary mounting kits. These kits, tailored for specific vehicle models, ensure that the awning fits snugly and securely. This emphasis on secure fitting not only heightens safety but also enhances the overall user experience.

  • Caravan Mounting Kit: Ideal for those who love roaming the outback in their mobile homes.
  • SUV Tailored Kit: Customized for the popular SUV models on Australian roads.
  • Truck Reinforcement Kit: For those who need that extra sturdiness given the size and weight of their vehicles.

270 awning


Why It Stands Out

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Bushwakka’s dedication to quality is evident in every stitch, every fold, and every feature of the Extreme 270 Darkness Awning. It’s not just about creating an awning; it’s about engineering an experience. The materials chosen are top-tier, ensuring resilience against wear and tear. More than that, the design itself is a result of countless hours of research and development. This dedication ensures that when you purchase this 270 awning, you’re not just getting a product, you’re investing in craftsmanship at its finest.

Brand Reputation and Assurance

One cannot discuss the merits of this product without delving into the brand behind it. Bushwakka’s legacy in the outdoor gear space is unmatched. From their meticulous product testing to their responsive customer service, they’ve earned the trust of countless Australian adventurers. When you see the Bushwakka logo, it stands as a seal of approval, a testament to quality and reliability. With this 270 awning, like with all their products, they’ve once again underscored why they’re a cut above the rest.


Value for Money

Uncompromised Quality

In the vast expanse of the 270 awning market, it can be tempting to go for cheaper options. However, when you look closer, the value of the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness becomes evident. It’s not just about having a shade; it’s about having a durable, reliable, and efficient shade that stands the test of time. With this 270 awning, the initial investment returns dividends as years of hassle-free outings and adventures await.

Long-term Savings

Think about the costs that come with constantly replacing or repairing sub-par awnings. The money spent on those could instead be saved with a one-time investment in the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness. Over time, the awning essentially pays for itself. Furthermore, with the added value of:

  • High-quality materials ensuring longevity
  • Effortless setup and takedown reducing wear and tear
  • Brand reputation guaranteeing product support

It’s clear that this 270 awning offers more than just immediate utility; it’s a long-term companion for your outdoor escapades.

270 awning3


Wrapping It Up

More Than Just an Awning

The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness isn’t merely a tool; it’s an experience. When you roll it out, you’re not just setting up a shade; you’re crafting memories under the vast Australian sky. Each outing becomes a testament to the awning’s durability, and every moment spent underneath it is a reminder of the wise choice made in selecting it.

A Benchmark in the Market

In an ever-growing caravan accessory market, the Extreme 270 Darkness sets itself apart as the gold standard. It challenges other brands to step up and match its quality. For those who value their time outdoors and want only the best, settling for anything less than this 270 awning is unthinkable. In essence, Bushwakka has not only given its customers a product but has also raised the bar for what a 270 awning should be.
Note: This article is a positive, biased review promoting the features of the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness (Passenger Side Awning) for potential buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and Setup of the 270 Awning

For many outdoor enthusiasts, the thought of setting up any piece of equipment, let alone a 270 awning, can be daunting. The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness, however, is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The entire process is straightforward and doesn’t require any specialized tools or expertise. Most users find themselves mastering the setup after just a couple of tries. Additionally, the package includes a detailed manual that outlines the step-by-step procedure, ensuring you have guidance at every stage.

Weather Resistance and Durability

One of the main concerns many have with any outdoor gear is its ability to withstand the elements. This 270 awning, in particular, has been crafted to endure the often unpredictable Australian weather. From intense UV rays to sudden rain showers and even gusty winds, the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness is built for resilience. The materials used are not only of high quality but have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet the standards of outdoor enthusiasts.

Compatibility with Different Vehicles

Compatibility is key when it comes to choosing the right 270 awning for your vehicle. The Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness boasts a versatile design meant to fit a broad range of vehicles. From SUVs to trucks and even some sedans, its flexible structure ensures a snug fit. However, for those who want to be extra sure, here’s a list of vehicles known to be compatible:

  • Most 4×4 SUVs
  • Popular truck models
  • Some larger sedans with roof racks

Always double-check the awning’s specifications and your vehicle’s measurements for a perfect match.

Storage and Maintenance of the 270 Awning

Maintaining the Bushwakka Extreme 270 Darkness is a breeze. It’s crafted to be low-maintenance, needing just occasional cleaning to keep it looking fresh. When it comes to storage, it’s compact enough to fit in most vehicle trunks or on roof racks without taking up excessive space. As with all outdoor gear, it’s recommended to ensure it’s dry before packing it away to prevent mold or mildew.

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