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As a firefighter, you need a spacious, rugged, reflective, and water-resistant bag to carry your tools. There is plenty of such bags in the market, but many of us face some challenges when selecting the best out of the pack. Here is a list of the best heavy-duty bags tailor-made for firefighters that you can shop around in 2019.

  1. Large Rolling Firefighter Gear Bag  with Wheels and Helmet Pocket

Available on Click Here: Rolling Firefighter Gear (Equipment) Bag with Wheels and a Helmet Pocket

Every firefighter has some heavy-duty equipment that they need to carry to work. This huge spacey bag can accommodate an array of firefighter’s must-have tools – helmet, boots, and torch – and still leave extra space for some personal effects.

 Features that make it suitable for the job

  • Heavy Duty Bag with wheels, zippered side pocket and safety strip ideal for storing equipment. You can locate the bag comfortably in cluttered environments. You are also readily observable when carrying one.
  • Not only does this strong fabric make it a durable bag, but also protects your tools and other personal effects from being destroyed by fire in case your bag is left near fire hazards.
  • U-shaped heavy-duty zipping – The zip opens in U-shape design from one end of the bag to the opposite end to give you fast and unrestricted access to the main compartment. The zip is heavy-duty, as you would expect from any firefighter’s bag so that it doesn’t fail or jam when you need your tools most.
  • Sturdy webbing handles  – The handles are sturdy enough to withstand huge weights below them. The ease of closure guarantees easy closing and opening, all possible through a simple snap and seal mechanism.

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2. Ergodyne Arsenal 5005P Large Firefighter Rescue Turnout Gear Bag w/Shoulder Strap & Helmet Pocket


The Turnout Gear bag is a design marvel: unlike most other turnout bags that assume a cuboidal shape, this bag resembles a cube thus occupying less space in your vehicle. Carrying it in your hand is easy because of its short straps.

Features that make it suitable for the job

  • Large-sized bag with padded sides – This is the bag you would want to store the widest range of your firefighting tools. The padded sides protect the tools and other personal effects from damage in case of impact.
  • Very Durable  with 1000D polyester to keep turnout gear, helmet, and other gear clean and dry
  • Two handles on the ends of the bag make it easy to grab when removing from a fire appliance,  ambulance, or other emergency style vehicle.
  • The added side compartments provide extra space for your changing clothes and jumpsuit.
  • PVC and Nylon-reinforced coating – The bag has its bottom covered with PVC, which helps in preventing water from seeping from the ground and damaging the contents. The main compartment is engraved with a layer of nylon and foam padding to protect the contents from water and minor shocks.
  • 76cm x 38cm x 38cm (119 litres)

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3. Lightning X Value Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag w/Maltese Cross – Red


This is perhaps the most firefighting friendly bag from Ready ware, maker of one of the best bags for heavy-duty assignments. What’s worth mentioning about this bag is its multipurpose-use capability; you can remove your firefighting tools and replace them with your personal belongings on your way to the woods for a safari.

Features that make it suitable for the job

  • Quality material – You want a sturdy bag that can take the insults of rugged environments.
  • Water-resistant coating – The tough construction protects your tools from water and oil. Also, pretty much anything else that could try to seep or inflict a piercing on the bag
  • The large size, makes it a perfect option for carrying most, if not all, of your tools, and personal belongings too.
  • The red color is just a correct color for a heavy-duty bag, making dirt less visible until you wash it. Heavy-Duty Zippers for ease of use and promotes durability and longevity

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  1. Lightning X Deluxe Fireman Firefighter Boot-Style Turnout Step in Bunker Gear Bag – RED


This bag is very much like the 2W International High Visibility Large Turnout Gear Bag. The reflective-green pattern is also dominant over black. Unlike its cousin mentioned above, that is predominantly red with minimal reflective-green patterns.

Features that make it suitable for the job

  • Reflective stitching and with triple reflective striping makes it easy to find in low light situations
  • Reinforced bottom & heavy duty carry handle
  • Room for all of your gear with an oversize zipper to make it easy to secure your gear even with cold hands
  • Constructed of a heavy-duty water-resistant nylon fabric

In conclusion, it’s a hard decision when purchasing a gear bag to suit your situation. Even so, the bags above suit almost every application for the storage of turnout gear and personal tools.

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