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Keeping our houses always clean is vital for our well-being. Unimac wet and dry vacuum cleaners are devices that help homeowners keep their homes free from all kind of dust, dirt and other small particles. Regular vacuuming will keep you off from any unwanted problem that might sometimes lead to other health concerns.

It’s advisable homeowners vacuum clean their houses at least twice a week. For everything to go easy and effective, the right equipment should be used for this project. Herein are top vacuum cleaners that you should consider while out there searching for one.

Unimac wet and dry vacuum 30L 2000W 

Available on Amazon.com.au Unimac 30L 2000W Stainless Steel Wet and Dry Vacuum and Blower

This is a powerful, portable and ultra-lightweight vacuum device; it is the best option to clean offices, garages and doing all other DIY projects. It has a stainless steel tank that is capable of standing up with all homeowner’s rugged demands. This machine features an additional four nifty head attachment set and a powerful 2000W motor making it capable of delivering the required suction on all your cleaning projects. It’s has been designed with class-leading noise levels that enable homeowners to work without disturbing the neighbours.


  • It has a durable tank made of stainless steel. 
  • Designed with a dual function base for hard floors and carpet
  • It has a balanced top designed handle. 
  • Has been designed to quickly and conveniently in accessing the removable tank
  • It has oversized front casters and rear wheels for superior manoeuvrability. 
  • Has conveniently fit attachments at its base.

Unimac 60L Stainless Steel 2000W

Available on Amazon.com.au Unimac 60L Stainless Steel 2000W Wet and Dry Vacuum with Head Attachments

This is the best machine for all your commercial cleaning projects and DIY projects due to its lightweight, portable and powerful nature. It has a powerful motor, 2000w to deliver the required suction power to complete your cleaning projects. It has a stainless steel tank that can stand up all rugged homeowners demands.

Homeowners will enjoy the convenience the system lift-off and tilt when emptying it. To add to this, it has class-leading noise levels that enable you to work without disturbing neighbours. In case fine particles are involved when carrying out your cleaning project, the machine comes along with bags to enable secure dust containment.


  • Enables both dry and wet vacuuming
  • It’s has been designed with a bagless vacuum type
  • It is cooling mode is through circulating air cooling

Unimac 100L 3000W 

Available on Amazon.com.au Unimac 100L 3000W Commercial Wet and Dry Vacuum with 4 Head Attachments

Commercial buildings like hotels, warehouses and workshops find this model vacuum ideal when doing high volume cleaning since there three motors that combine to provide 3000W together with a capacity of 100L. The cleaning period can be extended since there is a stainless-steel tank.

The experience when emptying enjoyable because of a lift-off system. It lets you work without having to disturb other people due to a class-leading noise level necessarily. Try and make an order of this vacuum model today.


  • It has a capacity of 100L, and its frequency is 50HZ-60HZ. The tank diameter is 420mm with a hose diameter of 38mm.
  • It uses circulating air cooling as its mode of cooling.
  • Your vacuum cleaner uses
  • Help to find tiny lost items.

Users should just pop a stock at the vacuum cleaner ends and thereafter, using an elastic pair of band, secure the machine and pass it through your house couches, around furniture made of heavy pieces and also under the cushions get all lost items like for instance the earrings.

Fix carpet dents.

If you did a rearrangement of your furniture in the recent past, there is a possibility that there are carpet dents that are associated with what was there before. It is recommended that you place the ice cubes and after melting, vacuum the area that is wet so that the carpet can snap back into its original shape.

Inflate an air mattress.

If friends visit you and decide to spend some time at your house, you might need to inflate the mattress. If this is the case, you can use a vacuum cleaner if the little pump thingy is nowhere to be seen. All you should do is remove the bag and connect to a long cleaning nozzle while sticking the nozzle into the hole of the mattress. The mattress will inflate after the air has blown out.

These are some uses of these vacuum cleaner you should know. These machines can turn an ordinary garden to something new admired by every person.


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