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All-day long, we receive a load of debris on the surfaces of our homes’ driveways and sidewalks. What better way to deal with this problem than with a pressure washer cleaner. Cars and other vehicles may be caked with the results of mud, oil, and road salt which is very harsh to the painted surface. Your ordinary garden hose can be transformed into the cleanest monster that blasts away all the debris, and dirt with the use of a pressure washer.

Here’s the pressure washer cleaners we compare in this post:


USA CX630 Gen IV (Small)


 Jet-USA CX760 Gen IV (medium)


Jet-USA TX870 Gen IV (Large)

This machine is capable of putting pressure of up to 20 times on the surface to eliminate all trash from it. Out there in the market, you will come across different models and picking out the best of best can be a challenge. Herein are some of the popular models you should consider for your cleaning purposes.


 Jet-USA CX630 Gen IV 


 This is the best option to incorporate into your cleaning projects. It has been designed with oversized flat-free tires making it the best for any terrain. It is the right choice to clean windows, cars, and paths. 

Other features

  •  It comes along with a powerful OHV 7HP four-stroke engine, an upright, compact design with a tubular frame and a five pro-tip nozzle
  •  It is equipped with a removable section top handle to offer soft-grip and secure storage. 
  •  This model has optimal power with superior reliability and easy starting.


 Jet-USA CX760 Gen IV Pressure washer


 Another pressure washer model you will find in the market with a suitable trade design and numerous features to make it ideal in your cleaning projects. It features a safety gun trigger lock, low oil shutdown among other various functions. It is the right option for car cleaning tasks, cleaning the paths and windows due to its built-in detergent tank and a 10 All-terrain flat tires.

 Other features

  • It is equipped with a five pro-tip nozzle and a 7HP OHV powerful four-stroke engine to suction all the required cleaning tasks.
  • It has a top handle removable section to offer users a flexible grip handling system and easy storage.
  • Offers maximum power with superior reliability and easy starting.


 Jet-USA TX870 Gen IV Cleaner


 Try out this model and your ordinary garden hose will turn to be admired by every passerby. Features oversized flat-free tires, and a five pro tip nozzle making it the best for all your commercial and DIY projects in all terrains. 

Other features

  •  It comes with an RSV series pump, a powerful OHV 13HP four-stroke engine to suction all your projects
  • Offers its users maximum power output with superior reliability and easy starting.
  • Equipped with an automatic choke, a built-in detergent tank, and a top handle removable section fro easy storage and offer users a soft-grip handle.

Here are some of the activities where the pressure washers have used

 A good number of people now owns pressure washers. However, each person uses their pressure washers in various ways like air condition filters, window blinds. Others use them when cleaning their car seats and several things that may be around the house. Here are some top uses of the pressure washer.

 Grills Cleaning 

If there is one thing that you can’t avoid is washing your BBQ grill by use of a pressure washer. This should be done with a lot of care so that the electrics are not interfered with or letting your food taste like soap.

 Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

 Among the known uses of a pressure washer are plastic cleansing and outdoor patio furniture. It can be noticed that a lot of people didn’t wash their outdoor furniture or some could have done it on weekends only something that they loved. A pressure washer is super quick and easy to use while cleaning your outdoor furniture

 Cleaning Cars and Trucks

 In the recent past, it was astonishing that trucks and cars were not using a power washer. Individuals often preferred to use a solid sponge after pressure washing so that their cars and trucks are thoroughly cleansed. However, some people are now okay with only using a pressure washer together with an attachment brush to finish everything up without necessarily having to use a sponge.

 Wood Decks Cleaning

 Most individuals use their pressure cleaners while cleaning their wood deck. Furthermore, pressure washing your wood patio can be done by use of an electric machine as well as the gas machine. You should not forget to use the required nozzle either 25 or 4-degree nozzle. It should be held in the 2-3 feet from the surface. Wood deck cleaning is a safety measure to avoid mildew side getting slippery and dirty after it has rained.

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