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edisons wandWhat kind of pressure washer power do you require?

When it comes to pressure washer power, there are several general categories that we consider. You can determine the amount of power you require based on the tasks you wish to complete. Keep in mind that a wider nozzle allows you to reduce the pressure and clean more quickly in almost all cases. However, you will not be able to force a pressure washer with insufficient power to perform beyond its maximum rated PSI or GPM.

1 Washing vehicles, patio furniture (including wicker), and screens are examples of jobs requiring less than 500 PSI.
2 Shutters with less than 2000 PSI – mildew/mould that is less noticeable – Grills – Screens – Patio/lawn furniture – Concrete/asphalt that requires limited cleaning
3 The following products are available in 2000 – 3000 PSI: Pavement, Stains, Decks, and Fences. – Using smaller surface cleaner attachments to clean the surface – Concrete (driveways and sidewalks) – Siding – Mildew/mould that is lighter in colour.
4 Decks and fences with a PSI of 3000 – 4000 – Constructive (driveways and sidewalks) use larger surface cleaner attachments when cleaning large surfaces. Stains that are deeper in colour on the pavement and siding – Paint stripping and graffiti elimination (at the top of the range) – Mildew and mould removal – Preparation for painting
5 Paint stripping/graffiti removal at 4000 PSI or higher Concrete (driveways and sidewalks) should be cleaned with the most significant surface cleaner attachments available. – The surface of the pavement – Mildew/mould growth – Siding – Stains that are more intense Fencing & Decks – Decks & Fencing – Preparation for painting.

edisons high pressure nozzlesNozzles for High-Pressure Washers

Every pressure washer requires a set of nozzles, a hose, and a wand to function correctly. Most of them use a standard quick connector, making it relatively simple to obtain a replacement if you ever need one.

Most pressure washers are equipped with 0 Degree, 15 Degree, 25 Degree, Degree, and soap nozzles, though some may be equipped with one or two fewer. That classification encompasses most of the applications you’re likely to encounter. They are colour-coded, and most models have a key on the frame that you can use as a guide. However, the angle is clearly marked on the nozzle, even if it doesn’t.

If you ever need to replace a nozzle, they are relatively inexpensive. Most have a 1/4-inch QC (quick connect) connection and are compatible with most pressure washer wands. They do, however, have a PSI ranking. Make sure that you do not purchase one rated for less than the amount of pressure your pressure washer can deliver.

Wands for High-Pressure Washers

The wands of pressure washers are probably the most vulnerable component of the entire system. They are naturally tube-shaped and must be lightweight to function effectively. They are also susceptible to bending, pinching, or flat-out breaking off when accidentally stepped on.

When you’re not using the wand, it’s best to hang it off the ground and avoid leaning it against a wall or trailer to keep it from breaking.

Each of the accessories has a PSI rating, just like the other accessories we’ve been talking about. It should work for you as long as you use the same diameter tube and quick connect nozzles (the majority are 1/4-inch tubes with 1/4-inch QCs). However, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself needing a replacement.

The final thing to look for is the connection to your spray gun; the threads must be the same size as the connection. The majority of connections are M22, and you can always double-check your manual to be absolutely sure.

edison heavy duty hoseHoses for High-Pressure Washers

Generally, the hose that comes with your pressure washer will be intentionally paired with it by the manufacturer. They are also rated for a specific PSI, just like the nozzles. When shopping for a replacement. Use that rating as a guide and try to find something close to what your current model has.

The pressure through a hose should not be greater than the pressure rating of the hose. The opposite is true: purchasing a hose designed to withstand a significantly higher amount of pressure than your pressure washer can significantly reduce performance as you increase hose diameter.

Consult the owner-manual to determine the appropriate hose diameter and length for your specific vehicle if you have any doubts.

What is the source of your water supply?

Water from suitable pumps frequently lacks sufficient pressure and may not function properly with some pressure washers. Most pressure washers require a pressurised water supply, despite the pump and engine raising the pressure to a higher level. Double-check the manual to be sure, and contact the manufacturer if something is unclear in the manual.

Is it better to have a commercial or residential pressure washer?

A few electric pressure washers are labelled “commercial” to attract more customers. However, professional users do not have the pressure (PSI) or water flow (lpm) required. When choosing between commercial and residential pressure washers, you have to stick to the petrol pressure washers. The engine and the pump, two primary components of a commercial pressure washer, play a significant role in defining a pressure washer.

Commercial pressure washers are powered by engines designed for the commercial market, such as the Honda GX series. Engines for residential models are designed to be lighter in weight.

With the pump, you’ll be able to complete the puzzle. Pumps for pressure washers for professional use and residential models are triplex pumps on commercial models and axial cam pumps on residential models. Many residential electric models incorporate a built-in pump. Still, we prefer an axial cam design separate from the rest of the system.


All-day long, we receive a large amount of debris on the surfaces of our driveways and sidewalks at our residences. And what better way to take care of this issue than with a pressure washer cleaner? When vehicles are caked with the results of mud, oil, or road salt on their surfaces, it is incredibly damaging to the paintwork. Obtaining a little help from a pressure washer, your ordinary garden hose can be transformed into the cleanest monster on the block, blasting away all debris and dirt.


Here’s the pressure washer cleaners we compare in this post:


USA CX630 Gen IV (Small)


 Jet-USA CX760 Gen IV (medium)


Jet-USA TX870 Gen IV (Large)

This machine is capable of putting pressure of up to 20 times on the surface to eliminate all trash from it. Out there in the market, you will come across different models and picking out the best of the best can be a challenge. Herein are some of the popular models you should consider for your cleaning purposes.

 Jet-USA CX630 Gen IV 


 This is the best option to incorporate into your cleaning projects. Similarly, it has been designed with oversized flat-free tires making it the best for any terrain. It is the right choice to clean windows, cars, and paths. 

Other features

  •  It comes along with a powerful OHV 7HP four-stroke engine, an upright, compact design with a tubular frame and a five pro-tip nozzle
  •  It is equipped with a removable section top handle to offer soft-grip and secure storage. 
  •  This model has optimal power with superior reliability and easy starting.


 Jet-USA CX760 Gen IV Pressure washer


 Another pressure washer model you will find in the market with a suitable trade design and numerous features to make it ideal in your cleaning projects. It features a safety gun trigger lock and low oil shutdown among other various functions. It is the right option for car cleaning tasks, cleaning the paths and windows due to its built-in detergent tank and 10 All-terrain flat tires.

 Other features

  • It is equipped with a five pro-tip nozzle and a 7HP OHV powerful four-stroke engine to suction all the required cleaning tasks.
  • It has a top handle removable section to offer users a flexible grip handling system and easy storage.
  • Offers maximum power with superior reliability and easy starting.

 Jet-USA TX870 Gen IV Cleaner


 Try out this model and your ordinary garden hose will turn to be admired by every passerby. Features oversized flat-free tires, and a five pro tip nozzle making it the best for all your commercial and DIY projects in all terrains. 

Other features

  •  It comes with an RSV series pump, a powerful OHV 13HP four-stroke engine to suction all your projects
  • Offers its users maximum power output with superior reliability and easy starting.
  • Equipped with an automatic choke, a built-in detergent tank, and a top handle removable section for easy storage and offer users a soft-grip handle.

More industrial-strength Pressure washers

Cromtech Robin 2700psi Pressure Washer

Cromtech Robin 2700psi Pressure WasherWith a 6hp motor and a one-year warranty, the Cromtech Robin 2700psi Pressure Washer will suit many applications. This new Cromtech pressure cleaner has a 2700psi rating powered by an AR brass head axial pump. The pump is suitable for general cleaning at home, on the farm, and at work.

For performance and longevity are coming powered by a 6hp Robin petrol engine. It also includes a CROMTECH one-year warranty and an Australia-wide support and service network.

Stanley 5.5hp 2900PSI Petrol Pressure Washer

Stanley 5.5hp 2900PSI Petrol Pressure WasherThe Stanley Petrol Pressure Washer comes with a 2 Year Warranty. The Stanley 4 Stroke 13.5HP 4200PSI Petrol Pressure Washer is ideal for cleaning concrete driveways, paved areas, cars, motorcycles, trucks, walls, and garden features. Also, the Briggs and Stratton 4 Stroke engine deliver the best performance and value for your pressure washer. It comes with a handy 20m long heavy-duty hose, five interchangeable nozzles, and twin 800ml detergent bottles that can use the same or different detergents.

This pressure washer is ideal for any tradie or handyman looking to make outdoor cleaning easier and faster.

DeWalt 4400 PSI Pressure Washer

DeWalt 4400 PSI Pressure WasherThe three-year warranty on this industrial-strength DeWALT 4400 PSI pressure washer will give you peace of mind. Also, this petrol pressure washer is ideal for construction, equipment upkeep, facility and fleet maintenance cleaning, thanks to its powerful commercial engine, dependable triplex pump, and welded steel frame construction. It is, furthermore, engineered to meet the needs of the cleaning professional.

Powered by a DeWalt 420cc OHV engine with a low oil shutdown and includes a 15.29m hose, an OEM 4500 PSI Rear Load QC with Side Grip & APR spray gun, and 5 Quick-Connect nozzles.

Here are some of the activities in which the pressure washers have been used

 A good number of people now own pressure washers. However, each person uses pressure washers in various ways like air condition filters, and window blinds. Others use them when cleaning their car seats and several things that may be around the house. Here are some top uses of the pressure washer.

 Grills Cleaning 

If there is one thing that you can’t avoid is washing your BBQ grill by use of a pressure washer. This should be done with a lot of care so that the electrics are not interfered with or letting your food taste like soap.

outdoor furniture Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

 Among the known uses of a pressure washer are plastic cleansing and outdoor patio furniture. It can be noticed that a lot of people didn’t wash their outdoor furniture or some could have done it on weekends only something that they loved. A pressure washer is, super quick, and easy to use while cleaning your outdoor furniture

 Cleaning Cars and Trucks

 In the recent past, it was astonishing that trucks and cars were not using a power washer. Individuals often preferred to use a solid sponge after pressure washing so that their cars and trucks are thoroughly cleansed. However, some people are now okay with only using a pressure washer together with an attachment brush to finish everything up without necessarily having to use a sponge.

 Wood Decks Cleaning

 Most individuals use their pressure cleaners while cleaning their wood deck. Furthermore, pressure washing your wood patio can be done by use of an electric machine as well as a gas machine. You should not forget to use the required nozzle either a 25 or 4-degree nozzle. It should be held 2-3 feet from the surface. Also, wood deck cleaning is a safety measure to avoid mildew side getting slippery and dirty after it has rained.


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