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Bushfires are a common and frequent occurrence in Australia, and they have played an essential role in shaping the continent’s nature over millions of years. Eastern Australia is one of the world’s most fire-prone areas, with eucalyptus forests thrives on bushfires’ outcomes. However, fires can cause significant property damage as well as the loss of human and animal life. Since 1851, bushfires have killed approximately 800 people and billions of animals in Australia.

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My Australian Story: Bushfire

My Australian Story BushfireAmy travels to Marysville to visit her grandmother, assist her in the garden, and clean out her gutters. It is, after all, bushfire season. As summer approaches, so do the fires, and Dad works tirelessly to put out Victoria’s bushfires. However, it is early February 2009, and the Black Saturday bushfire is about to encircle Amy and her family, teaching Amy firsthand the meaning of tragedy and survival.


The Complete Bushfire Safety Book

The Complete Bushfire Safety BookThoroughly researched and up to date on all aspects of the subject. “I strongly recommend this book to every Australian… It may save your life.” – N.P. Cheney, Bushfire Behaviour and Management Group, CSIRO

Background information on bushfires or wildfires, bushfire cycles, bushfire and wildfire behaviour, how to prepare for bushfire season, the decision of whether to evacuate or stay, and what to do when a bushfire threatens are all covered (in the U.S. bushfires are more commonly known as wildfires). This is the book you need for Bushfire Facts Australia and wildfire prevention and safety.


Essential Bushfire Safety Tips

Essential Bushfire Safety TipsThis book fills a void between bushfire authority brochures and long, detailed books. It conveys a message of hope and empowerment based on scientific Bushfire Facts Australia: that towns, homes, and people can survive wildfires with proper knowledge, preparation, and awareness.

It explains how to keep a bushfire from destroying your home, describes wildfire safety at each stage of the threat, discusses weather factors and safe burning-off, discusses the benefits and risks of staying, non-defensive sheltering, and evacuating—also, giving guidance on making the best decision for you.


Black Summer Stories of loss, courage and community – 2019-2020 bushfires

Journalists led by Michael Rowland were broadcasting during our worst fire season in history.

Black Summer Stories of loss-courage and community from the 2019-2020 bushfiresThe bushfires that ravaged Australia from June 2019 to February 2020 were unprecedented. By the time the rains arrived, they had devoured over 18 million hectares of bush and farmland, destroyed nearly 3000 homes, killed 33 people, killed over a billion animals, and driven many more to extinction. Across the country, people were feeling pain, loss, and uncertainty. These were fires that raged across the country, directly or indirectly affecting all Australians.


Fire in the Eucalypts: A Wildland Firefighter’s Memoir of the Black Saturday Bushfires

Fire in the Eucalypts A Wildland Firefighters Memoir of the Black Saturday BushfiresDevastating fires raged across the Australian countryside in the state of Victoria on February 7, 2009. The fires burned at an unprecedented rate due to eight years of drought and record-breaking temperatures. Destroying entire communities and killing 173 people.

Fire in the Eucalypts is a memoir written by a Canadian firefighter who assisted Australian wildland firefighters during that unforgettable fire season. From training camp to firefighter, his path would eventually lead him right into the heart of Australia’s worst natural disaster in history. This tragic event is rightly named “Black Saturday.”



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