Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

pressure washer industrial 2The 9.4hp DY42 Yanmar Engine powers the Crommelins Yanmar 3000psi Diesel Pressure washer, with a maximum capacity of 3000psi. Ideal for industrial cleaning including unclean machinery, cleaning construction and mining sites, as well as agricultural and general trade applications.

The unit is ideal for mining activities due to its durability and sturdy roll frame, safety stops, and extinguishers if needed. More features are listed below.

A robust worker with gun and hose holders, 4x wheels, a central lifting hook, a push handle, and a rubber engine mount (to reduce vibration). Crommelins National Service Network backs it up with a 2-year warranty.


  1. The electric start (E) comes standard.
  2. Yanmar diesel engine with 9.4 horsepower.
  3. With a gun and hose holder, this is a heavy-duty roll frame.
  4. Lifting Hook in the Center
  5. Engine mounting plate with rubber isolation
  6. The AR Pressure Pump uses ceramic pistons and a 2:1 reduction gearbox.
  7. Adjustable pressure regulator and detergent injector nozzle
  8. With dual lances, this is a heavy-duty gun.
  9. High-pressure hose with a length of 10 metres
  10. Crommelins pressure pump warranty is one year and two years warranty on Yanmar Engineslearn more


  1. Cleaning Awnings, Awnings, Fences, Walls, Shop Fronts, Floors
  2. Dairy barns
  3. Hire & Rental for Commercial Use in the Mining Industry
  4. Use in Industry
  5. Rural & Farm Cleaning

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