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Complete your Australian outdoor power equipment collection without breaking the budget. Our selection of garden and outdoor tools from Hyundai, Stanley and other brands offers top-of-the-line machines with all the attributes you need, from power and runtime to ease of use and durability.

Our products come supported with full warranties and by national service networks. Whether you’re mowing and clearing your garden, maintaining overgrown brush, or performing professional maintenance work, our online store has the tools you need.

Outdoor Tools That Will Last a Long Time even in Australian Conditions

Our broad choice of quality items will help you get your DIY and professional maintenance projects done, whether you have a little garden, a large yard, or a rural lifestyle property, or you’re a professional. Please browse our selection of Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, Leaf Blowers, Line and Hedge Trimmers, and other tools for trimming, cutting, clearing, and maintaining outdoor areas, as well as tackling trees hedges, and grass. Our cordless petrol-powered chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and mowers provide maximum mobility and versatility for your outdoor jobs. Hyundai and Stanley products are backed by a two-year warranty, ensuring that they will last for many seasons to come.learn more

Tools that run on Petrol and batteries

Do you want to use petrol or a battery to power your outdoor power equipment? Find the perfect product to compliment your style. Most outdoor power equipment is available in both battery and petrol-powered variants. Hyundai’s battery-powered outdoor equipment is lightweight, powerful, and built to last.

Push and Self-propelled mowers

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lawn mowingA self-propelled lawnmower is an appealing alternative if you have a large lawn. Self-propelled lawn mowers are easy to use and work well in many terrains. Hyundai offers a variety of self-propelled mowers with various features to make mowing the grass even more fun. A low-emission, low-maintenance, and incredibly cost-effective petrol engine powers the Hyundai 20″ Petrol Mower. The enclosed drive belt can be easily accessible through the new removable maintenance cover and the drive control to the rear wheels from the rear-mounted handle control. All of these characteristics make mowing the lawn a breeze!

A push mower isn’t challenging to use just because it isn’t self-propelled. For small to medium-sized lawns, a Hyundai Battery Mower is ideal. There’s no need to worry about dirty fuel or mains cords because a rechargeable, low-maintenance lithium-ion battery power it. Another advantage of a push lawn mower is that it can cut thick grass, but it relies on the operator’s strength to manoeuvre around the yard.
All Hyundai mowers have a small design for simple storage and are a two-year guarantee and a nationwide service network.

Your next garden tool could be the Multi-Terrain Loader

With a Multi-Terrain Loader, you can do a lot of work in a short amount of time. Our multi-terrain loaders are a top choice for many construction tasks, whether at home or on the job site, because of their portability, manoeuvrability, and efficiency. The HTL350 Terrain Loader is available at My Generator.

This versatile and easy-to-use vehicle is excellent for accessing challenging situations such as tight access building sites—the Honda GS160 engine powers the multi-terrain loader, which comes with interchangeable two- and four-wheel drive. Climbing slopes up to 30 degrees and comes with a bucket and flat tray, allowing you to get started quickly to make your building projects go faster? Today is the best time to buy a multi-terrain loader from our store.

Trimmers for grass and hedges

Finding the most satisfactory solution for your budget in our collection, whether you need a line trimmer or a hedge trimmer is satisfying itself. High-quality line and hedge trimmer tools are perfect for DIY gardeners in Australia and even provide the groundskeepers who wish to keep their edges and hedges neat.

Which Line Trimmer Should I Use?

Are you looking for a way to tidy up the edges of your lawn? You’ll need a line trimmer for this. There are two primary varieties to pick from curved or straight shafts, as well as a variety of accessories to make your line trimmer a valuable and simple instrument. Consider a curved-shaft line trimmer for simple cutting around lawns and flower beds. A machine with a straight shaft, on the other hand, is meant for more difficult operations and is simpler to reach through hedges and bushes. Depending on your preferences, we sell both battery-powered and gasoline-powered line trimmers. The Hyundai 2 Stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer comes with a straight shaft for a robust yet lightweight choice. All varieties of grass, brambles, shrubs, and overgrowth are easily cut or trimmed with it.

Hedge Trimmers That Are Simple To Use

If you need a hedge trimmer to keep your landscape tidy, we have the type you’re looking for. The Hyundai and Stanley models are gasoline-powered, allowing you to travel further. Hardened steel counter-rotating blades with a double cutting function come standard on the Stanley 4 Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer, making it ideal for trimming hedges, shrubs, and bushes. learn moreWhichever model you choose from our selection will undoubtedly assist you in keeping your garden the envy of all your neighbours.

Rugged Australian conditions require tough chainsaws

This high-quality chainsaw set is ideal for lopping trees in the yard, cleaning up after storms, pruning branches, and cutting firewood by DIY gardeners and groundskeepers. These chainsaws provide a variety of user-friendly and performance-enhancing features, such as:

Anti-Vibration Technology: The vibration created by chainsaws causes users to become exhausted. Anti-vibration technology in this series lowers user fatigue and makes these chainsaws versatile over time.

Automatic Chain Lubricator: A chainsaw’s chain must be oiled regularly to run smoothly. On a chainsaw, this lowers metal-on-metal friction between the bar and chain. This feature allows for a smoother rotation and reduces the chance of the chain breaking.

Integrated Chain Break: This is a critical safety element in chainsaws that decreases the chance of blade kickback damage. This function activates the chain brake when a kickback occurs, which rapidly stops the chain.

Leaf Blowers by Stanley

You can keep your roads, walkways, patios, and decks looking great all year long with the Stanley 4 Stroke Petrol Blower! One cool feature about the Stanley leaf blower is how comfortable it operates for extended periods. Thanks to the ergonomic handheld design and low vibration handle, you can quickly complete all of your tasks. Using the leaf blower at any angle thanks to the High-Tech Patented engine means it won’t lose power or damage the engine.

Stanley leaf blowers come with a 2-year warranty backed by a nationwide service network for added peace of mind. It’s advisable to choose a blower that doesn’t require mixing fuel, such as the Stanley model. That way, you may refuel and get back to your to-do list.

Shop for a lightweight petrol blower tool today if you have a large yard to maintain or need extra assistance with gardening jobs.

Excellent Value Air Compressors by Stanley

The poor quality air compressor can limit the tools you can utilise, so think about what you want to power before you go out and buy. That’s when the Stanley air compressors come in handy when your tool shop includes a Stanley air compressor, which is perfect for various tasks. For DIY jobs around the house, such as automotive work and inflating, use the Stanley 1.5HP 21L Oil Free Direct Drive Air Compressor. The 2.5HP 50L Stanley Air Compressor with Belt Drive produces a mighty 190 L/min free air delivery at 145PSI, making it suitable for tradies and home DIY.

Features of the Stanley Air Compressor

When you purchase a Stanley air compressor, you receive exceptional performance and quality at a low price. Stanley air compressors provide outstanding features, including easy-to-read gauges and a pressure regulator to make your life easier. They have wheels on the back, a handle, and a robust design for easy portability.

The Stanley air compressor also comes with a substantial two-year guarantee, making it an excellent purchase for both personal and commercial use.learn more

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