Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

The SX82 from Baumr-AG offers the most up-to-date features in a professional standard chainsaw without sacrificing performance.


1 Baumr-AG Pro-Series has a long and illustrious history.
2 Massive length of cut: 24″
3 OUTSTANDING POWER—carburettor with direct air injection.
4 For simplicity of usage and manoeuvrability, the design is well-balanced.
5 Engine, filters, and spark plugs are all easily accessible for maintenance.
6 With a decompression valve, the Easy Start system is patented.
7 Filter and intake manifold are oversized.
8 An integrated chain brake and a quick-tension chain system.
9 Adjustable chain oil feed; auto chain lubricator
10 Anti-vibration system patented “A-VIBE.”


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Baumr-AG is proud to use a high-end commercial engine. Deep engine fins and a self-cooling flywheel on the SX82 ensure maximum heat dissipation. Many other machines are designed with a smaller capacity and are bored out, which can significantly impact engine strength and heat displacement.
The large surface area of the commercial oversized air filter feeds the engine cool air while keeping even the tiniest dust-out. Along with a considerable intake manifold, it ensures maximum performance. The filter may also be accessed in seconds using the quick-release clips, cleaned underwater, and reused repeatedly.
The decompression valve and Baumr-proprietary AG’s E-Start recoil mechanism make starting the SX82 a breeze. It’s like removing a thread from a woollen jumper, even on a frigid winter morning. Is it possible to lend the saw to a friend? The SX82 comes with an easy-to-follow beginning guide.
Baumr-Tru-Sharp AG’s technology comes as part of the premium complete chisel chain. A 12 toothed sprocket nose on the sizeable 24-inch bar ensures an excellent transmission of cutting power from chain to wood—the chain, when thoroughly oiled with an adjustable auto-chain lubricator with a big dial for on-the-fly changes. As a result, these chains create extremely little kick-back and precise cuts. The sawdust guard prevents tiny particles from being sucked into internal components by the chain. Blockages, overheating, and maintenance are all reduced due to this.
Because the bumper spike produces a perfect pivot point in the chainsaw’s centre, the balanced body feels fantastic to grasp and chop with. The broad, gripping handles fit comfortably in both hands for both left and right-handed users. The A-Vibe anti-vibration system with heavy-duty springs reduces fatigue. This system significantly reduces the vibrations transmitted from the equipment to the user.

Because of its vast size and accessible location, the chain brake is always available when you need it. You can turn it in between cuts for complete safety. The BONUS premium shoulder bag and bar cover provide excellent protection for both the saw and the user during travel and storage.

So, what do you have to lose? Get your hands on the new Baumr-AG Pro SX82 now, which is all-conquering and all-powerful!

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