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These pressure washers meet the requirements of cleaning professionals or anyone who expects the most from their machine.

Deck cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, graffiti removal, and all other professional cleaning services are a breeze with this product.

DeWalt Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 3700 PSI Pressure WasherWith a three year warranty, the Dewalt commercial petrol pressure washer provides every industrial application from the DIY person to the industrial workshop.

When one purchases a pressure washer, they want it to last for many years without problems. Well, the Dewalt industrial petrol pressure washer comes with some essential features in terms of reliability. They include:

  • A commercial-grade triplex pump
  • Petrol 203cc commercial series Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine
  • And a steel braided commercial hose and spray gun.


Reliable 3700 PSI

When using such a petrol pressure washer, the ability to quickly move it around is essential. The heavy-duty wheels frame and handles allow simple maneuverability. The weight of the machine, therefore, is transferred to the ground rather than the operator.

pressure washer

The ideal environment may be workshops and other construction workplaces, but this pressure washer is suited to the fire station environment with suitability and a domestic setting.

The vanguard engine has low oil protection for peace of mind and is coupled to a high-pressure pump, and produces 3700 PSI at 9.5 litres per minute. Furthermore, other specifications include:

  • Dual ball bearing s with a cylinder sleeve made of cast iron.
  • The unloader valve s and pistons are ceramic coated, and Dewalt has included PowerBoost Technology, which increases performance and reliability.
  • Kink resistant hose, which is steel braided, reduce the possibility of abrasion.
  • The pro-gun is a 40cm pro series stainless steel lance with five connectable spray tips.
  • It has a 3-year warranty on the engine and five years warranty on the pump.
  • The heavy-duty frame has a ten-year warranty.

A pressure washer uses.

pressure washer 02

We have mentioned many uses, but it is suitable for most small and large business applications due to the commercial construction—ideal for the car or truck yard that find themselves cleaning vehicles every hour of every day.

Some path and roof cleaning organizations are using the Dewalt petrol pressure washer with significant effect. Even though the machine weighs 40kg, it’s possible to use lifting equipment to place the pressure washer on a vehicle to move it to a remote location on your property. Note: Always use appropriate manual handling equipment.

This pressure washer is designed heavy-duty, therefore,  you won’t be let down when you need it to work.



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