Pallet Jack or Hand Truck by Grip 2500kg

hand pallet jack 2500kg

The last thing anyone wants at work is an injury resulting from poor manual handling. The Grip 2500kg Hand Pallet jack is one of those pieces of equipment that will assist with lifting of those heavy items. Ideally suited to a flat stable floor like concrete. It is easy to move around and maneuver.

Hand pallet jack is easy to use

hand pallet polyurethane 200mm diameter turning wheelsIt can be easily used with single hand operation and has a finger tip three stage control. There is an hydraulic overload bypass which prevents the damage to the hand pallet jack or worse case scenario to the operator or other workers.

The twin polyurethane wheels are designed to reduce marks on the surface it is operating which also have a 210 degrees turning radius (Zero Turn – on itself) for added maneuverability of the pallet jack.

The frame is of steel construction and is powder coated to reduce chipping of the paint and is corrosion resistant.


  • Lifting capacity 2500kg
  • Minimum height of the working surface is 85mm
  • Maximum lift height is 195mm
  • Distance between forks of the pallet jack is 380mm
  • The weight is 65kg

In Conclusion.

Price Range: $350 to $600

hand pallet polyurethane 200mm diameter turning wheels 01This is a very versatile piece of manual handling equipment that may help to reduce injuries associated with lifting in the workplace. It can be stowed away with ease and is ready to use immediately and with very little training.

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