Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

firefighter Turnout BagWhen firefighter need to carry their firefighting gear in a bag from one place to the next. Its construction need to be tough and durable with the ability to survive in harsh conditions.

This turnout bag has also been test in the construction industry

Well Milwaukee have produced a wheeled gear back that has been significantly tried and tested in the construction industry.  Thrown in the back of vehicles and wheeled/carried around construction sight around the world. Firefighters are realising that this bag is also suited to the environment they are operating in.

A firefighters turnout bag must not only be rugged but also have enough room to take all the PPE required to operate in hostile environments. With easy access and quickly gearing up in the specific turnout gear, whether rural or urban, and only then starting to attacking that fire or deal with the emergency.

The Milwaukee firefighter turnout and construction bag has the following features:

  • Its tough and durable (long lasting)
  • Water resistant and made of a 600 denier material
  •  Comes with durable wheels and supporting structural base
  • has a variety of carrying methods including shoulder and hand straps with a dual pull handle
  • Heavy Duty zippers
  • Ideal for turnout gear and other PPE
  • Velcro Dividers
  • size = L 560mm x W 335 x H 270mm

In Conclusion:

This firefighter turnout back will compliment any firefighters turnout accessories and will last and last as testing both in the firefighting and construction industries.

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