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Cordless Framing Nailer 34 Degree Gas Nail Gun Portable Battery Charger

Are you looking for a nail gun for fencing or a building project for sale online? You’ve come to the right place! Fire Rescue sells one of Australia’s top-selling online nail guns. Nail Guns are the ultimate choice for complex and demanding tasks such as floor decking, roof and wall sheathing and framing. Engineered for excellent execution and designed for longevity while providing consistently good performance & battery life. Perfect for all tradesmen, builders and handypersons.

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Unimac Nailers are available as Cordless Nail GunsPneumatic Nail GunsGas Nail GunsFraming Nail GunsConcrete Nail Guns and Nail Gun Batteries. All nail guns come with patented Drive Technology allowing simple trigger actuation. With the precision drive blade to help minimize jams.

UNIMAC CB300 MarkII Pneumatic Air T-Nailer Heavy-Duty

The latest in automated nailing technology has arrived with UNIMAC’s new series. The CB300 MarkII is Unimac’s answer to the perfect all-rounder nail gun.

A well designed CB300 MarkII Wood-to-Concrete Nailer will pierce the most challenging projects together, such as house frames or a decking foundation. With a versatile 18-64mm nail range, you can tackle more jobs with fewer tools. Still, with a massive 70 nail capacity, you needn’t worry about constantly reloading – a fantastic feature for uninterrupted productivity! The quick-load magazine makes it easy to know when you’re just about out of nails.

Plug, go with the standard ¼” NPT connection, hook up to an air compressor of 120PSI maximum, and start nailing. The lightweight aluminium body is balanced for control and houses the oversized piston to shoot through the most rigid materials.

UNIMAC Finishing Air Nail Gun – Heavy Duty Pneumatic Finish

3 UNIMAC Finishing Air Nail Gun - Heavy Duty Pneumatic FinishBuilt to Unimac’s exact proprietary standards, the CB400 is the long-lasting and dependable performer you’ve been seeking for. It has a soft elastomer grip and a 360° changeable exhaust outlet, making it ideal for long periods of use. The 34° angled form is handy for getting into confined spaces.

The CB400 is an extra high-impact carrying case with lubrication oil and safety glasses.
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  1. Unimac is the manufacturer of this product.
  2. CB400 is the model number.
  3. 80-110 PSI is the required pressure (5.5-7.5bar)
  4. Pressure maximum: 120 psi (8.3bar)
  5. Size of Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPT
  6. The capacity of Nails: 100
  7. Length of Nails: 32mm-64mm
  8. Nail Type: D-Nail / Clipped Nail Gauge: 15
  9. Note that fasteners are standard and may be found in hardware stores.

UNIMAC Pneumatic Flooring Nailer Staple Gun

4 UNIMAC Pneumatic Flooring Nailer Staple Gun The pneumatic Unimac Nail & Staple Gun is super-lightweight and powerful, and it moves with you, effortlessly driving 37-50mm nails and 25-50mm staples into both raw and pre-finished hardwood flooring at 48Nm.

Its ergonomically designed extended grip allows for a more comfortable working position. With a pre-finished floorboard adaptor foot for truly polished results, it’s as easy on the flooring as it is on your body. It is coming designed for a fantastic performance.

UNIMAC Cordless Framing Nailer 34 Degree Gas Nail Gun

5 UNIMAC Cordless Framing Nailer 34 Degree Gas Nail GunThe LXG3000 has Full Sequential Actuation for maximum speed, making it the best choice for all types of wood and tasks such as framing, decking, flooring, crate/pallet assembly, and more. Reloading is easier with the distinctive quick-load magazine, which also shows you when you’re low on nails.

Its large nail capacity of 48 nails also adds to higher productivity and reduced load interruption. It has a soft elastomer grip and a 360° changeable exhaust outlet, making it ideal for long periods of use. For extra simplicity, the LXG3000 accepts industry-standard frame fuel cells.

The LXG3000 is unquestionably the long-lasting and dependable performer you’ve been looking for, built to UNIMAC’s exacting proprietary criteria.


  1. Nail lengths range from 50 to 90mm, with a total capacity of 48 nails (1 strip)
  2. 1000 Nails Per Hour Cycle Rate (Continuously)
  3. Charger for 2 x 1.2Ah 7.4V Lithium-Ion Batteries 240V 50Hz input power
  4. Time to charge: 120 minutes 80-90 Joules maximum
  5. We can’t approve three to 3-12 ring shank nails for use in pressure-treated lumber.


UNIMAC Brad Nailer Staple Gun Cordless 2-in-1 Lithium 20V battery

  1. An innovative cordless tool with two functionsUNIMAC Brad Nailer Staple Gun Cordless 2-in-1 Lithium 20V battery
  2. 15-50 mm brads and 10-40 mm staples are compatible.
  3. Adaptable to a wide range of fastening tasks
  4. 20 volts lithium-ion battery
  5. stainless steel magazine with quick release
  6. The capacity of 100 fasteners
  7. Minutely nail/staple output is 60 nails/staples.
  8. Adjustable depth-of-drive
  9. No-Mar contact suggestion
  10. Magazine viewing window with an innovative anti-dry fire technology
  11. Warning light with LEDs: No fasteners, stuck fasteners, and low battery alerts
  12. Two × work lights with LEDs
  13. Single and contact fire modes are available.
  14. Belt buckle
  15. LED light switch with a soft-grip handle
  16. Design that is both ergonomic and useful
  17. BONUS INCLUDES: a carry case, a 20V lithium battery, a charger, and a spare battery, 200 brad nails, 200 staples, no-mar contact tip

UNIMAC Finish Nailer 20V Lithium Cordless Nail Gun

8 UNIMAC Finish Nailer 20V Lithium Cordless Nail GunThe NEW CLS400 20V Lithium-ion Finish Nailer from Unimac is now available. This performance-driven, innovative cordless tool offers one of the most adaptable nailing alternatives for interior carpentry pros and DIYers. The CLS400 is compatible with 16 gauge 15-50 mm finish nails and can be used for various nail jobs, including skirting boards, crown mouldings, door and window casings, architraves, chair/ chair/dado rails, and more.

The CLS400 has a unique anti-dry fire technology that stops the firing mechanism when no nails are detected in the magazine, preventing damage to the rifle. Refer to the magazine viewing window or the LED warning light to see if your magazine is loaded. This lamp will notify you if you have no nails, jammed nails, or a low battery. Two LED work lights are positioned on the front of the gun and shine light into your work area, allowing you to nail with precision even in dark nooks and crannies.

The CLS400’s single and contact fire functions are two of the best advancements. With steady accuracy in single fire mode, push the contact tip and then draw the trigger to drive one nail. Contact fire mode allows the operator to hold the trigger down and drive nails repeatedly. By pressing the contact tip along the installation line for a more fluid operation. In addition, the belt clip, soft-grip handle, and LED light switch all work together to create an ergonomically focused and all-around helpful tool.

Order your new Unimac CLS400 20V Lithium-ion Finish Nailer today to take the effort and fatigue out of your construction jobs! Without question, this is one of Unimac’s most advanced power tools available. This set includes a BONUS travel case, 20V lithium battery, charger, spare No-Mar contact tip, and 400 finish nails to get started right away.


Buyers Guide

Framing Nailer power sourcePower Sources for Nail Guns

Mobility and the type of work that a nailer can perform are determined by the tool’s power source.

A pneumatic nailer is a tool that drives nails with the help of pressurised air supplied by a compressor. While a pneumatic nailer can be extremely powerful and capable of handling heavy-duty tasks. The air hose from the compressor restricts your ability to move around. Compressor ratings for pressure (measured in pounds per square inch or PSI) and volume (measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM) must meet or exceed a nailer’s pressure and volume requirements. Assuming you intend to use other air tools in addition to the nailer, make sure that your compressor is capable of handling the combined load. Check out our Air Compressor Buying Guide for more information on these handy machines.

Pneumatic nail guns

Compared to corded or pneumatic nail guns, a cordless nail gun provides greater mobility. Even though a battery-powered nail gun has a quick start-up time, it does not have the same driving power as a pneumatic nail gun.

Nails are driven by gas combustion in the case of cordless, fuel-driven nailers. Combustion of fuel introduced into the chamber by a disposable gas cartridge generates the necessary driving force. The electric charge required to ignite the fuel is provided by a battery. Because there are no cords or hoses to contend with, this nailer has exceptional mobility.

Methods of firing a nailer

The firing method of most nailers is controlled by the operation of two controls. A trigger and a safety tip that you press against the work surface. Understanding the different nail-gun firing methods is essential to selecting the most appropriate nailer for your project and avoiding accidental firing. Different manufacturers may use different terminology when describing firing methods. Check out our Construction Hardware Glossary if you want to learn more about the terminology associated with tools and hardware.

Contact-firing, also known as bump-firing, allows you to drive multiple nails quickly. Keeping the trigger pressed – each bump of the safety tip against the work surface will result in the discharge of a nail. This type of firing expedites production work, but it is more difficult to control than other types of firing. Unintentional firing is more likely to occur with this method than with other methods.

Single-sequence firing prevents you from accidentally firing nails in the wrong order. To fire the first nail, you must operate the safety tip and trigger properly. After that, you can simply keep the safety tip pressed against your work surface and reactivate the trigger for each additional nail as needed.

*Nail guns are very dangerous and should be treated with respect!

Single-actuation firing performs the same functions as single-sequential firing. Except that you can operate the safety tip and trigger in any order to fire the first nail. Furthermore, you will be able to bump-fire the first nail.

Because each nail must be fired sequentially, full-sequential firing ensures your safety. By requiring the sequential activation of the safety tip and trigger. After the first nail has been fired, release the tip and trigger and then reactivate the nails in the correct sequence to continue firing. The fact that this method is less efficient than contact-firing is offset. Bump-firing is not an option.

To fire a nail or a staple, they simultaneously use a single trigger or two triggers. Pulling the trigger on a single-trigger tool causes a nail to be driven. Dual-trigger tools require you to pull the triggers properly to function correctly. Some nailers give you the option of selecting the best firing method suited to your project. Safety tips are not included with smaller trigger-operated nailers.

How to Select the Best Nails for Your Nail Gun

Nails used in power nailers are typically used to join pieces of paper, plastic, or wire together. Many of them have clipped heads, which allows the nails to be positioned closely together in a single continuous line. Others are strung together in long strands with flexible wire to keep them from falling apart.

Most of them have a thin layer of lubricant or adhesive on them. As the nail comes into contact with the nailing surface, the compound heats and lubricates the nail, preventing it from breaking. After cooling, the compound forms a bond between the nail and the nailing surface. Increasing the holding strength of the nail.

Characteristics of the Nailer

1 Once you’ve decided on the nailer that will work best for your projects. Consider the following nailer features and air compressor tools and accessories to help you stay productive.
2 While some exhaust systems require special tools to be adjusted, others can be adjusted without tools. Using a directional exhaust system on a nail gun, you can direct the tool’s exhaust. When working in a dusty environment, this feature is handy.
3 Repair-clearing systems make maintenance more manageable, which prevents nails from becoming stuck in the mechanism.

There are several other important considerations.

  1. Some nailers require the use of tools to adjust the depth of the nail, whereas others can be adjusted by hand. The depth adjustment feature allows you to fine-tune how far a nail is driven into the work surface with the tool. This prevents nails from protruding excessively or sinking too deeply into the wood.
  2. The tool’s significant triggers make it easier to operate the tool while wearing gloves.
  3. Carrying cases protect the nailer from being damaged while it is in transit.
  4. Pneumatic nailers with swivelling air connectors have fewer tangles in their air hoses. They also make it simple to move the air hose out of the way when you need to reload the gun.
  5. Protective guards help keep the tool in good condition while also keeping you safe from flying debris. Guards can become worn out with use, so look for simple ones to replace if necessary.
  6. Nail size adjustment enables you to change the size of your nails as you switch between tasks.
  7. The use of onboard work lights improves the visibility of the work surface on the boat. You could also use an external work light as an alternative.

Safety Concerns Regarding Nail Guns

Nailers are no exception, as they require the same level of care as any other tool. Following is some basic safety information, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, maintenance, and safety when using a nailer.

Before using the nailer, thoroughly inspect it and repair or replace any damaged parts. Never make any changes to a nailer. As specified in the nailer manual, safety glasses and other protective equipment should be worn. Maintain a safe distance between your hands, feet, other body parts and the firing area. Clamps are helpful when you need to hold workpieces in place.

Before performing maintenance, making adjustments, or attempting to clear a jam. Make sure the tool is disconnected from the air compressor or power supply source. Avoid aiming the tool directly at a person or an animal. When using a nailer, keep others at a safe distance. Avoid using a nailer in the vicinity of flammable gases or liquids.



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