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When it comes to fire safety equipment for home, having a fire extinguisher is not enough. Fires can come in a variety of forms and can require different methods to prevent injury. Fire safety equipment Australia is an integral part of fire safety procedures. There are a lot of benefits which are listed below.

Portable fire extinguishers offer protection against fire:

The most common house fires are cooking fires. In this situation, the most common use extinguisher is the portable ABE fire extinguisher (dry chemical powder). You can use these fire extinguishers for electrical fires, flammable liquids, and fires due to fats and cooking oils. The best thing about portable extinguishers is that they can help you put out the fire more quickly and stop the damage before the firefighters arrive on the scene.  Continued down the page.

fire safety equipment1.0kg ABE Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fire safety generally starts with the occupants of the home. What better way to ensure your family is safe than having fire safety equipment available in an emergency. Whether it is a fire extinguisher, fire blanket or first aid kit, they can all assist the resident in keeping themselves and family safe.

*1A:20B: E fire rating; Standards Australia approved; Phosphate-treated polyester-coated red glossy steel cylinder; 1000kPa gauge; Black powder-coated steel handle; Stylish blue nylon nozzle; Supplied with black powder-coated vehicle bracket; Supplied with maintenance tag.

Fire blankets help save lives.

The fire blankets come in handy and for extinguishing the fire before it becomes out of control. It helps cut off the oxygen supply to the fire when you place it over the flaming area. Moreover, it keeps you protected. Putting a fire blanket near the regions likely to catch fire could save lives when the fire breaks out.

fire safety equipment australia1m x 1m Domestic Fire Blanket

We’ve redesigned the bag & box with solid attention to ease of use, designed to starve a fire of oxygen once covered by a special fire retardant fibreglass sheet, made from a highly effective weave, stored in a durable pouch. Our blankets are fully certified to AS/NZS 3504 and come in 4 sizes, perfect for various applications, from camping to caravanning to office kitchens and commercial kitchens. Furthermore, all our fire blankets come with extremely easy to follow operating & folding instructions.

* Certified to Standards Australia; 1-year warranty;

* Appropriate for covering small fires. It May was not adequate for adult clothing fires.

Vehicle First Aid Kit4X4 Personal Vehicle First Aid Kit

Hulk 4X4 Personal Vehicle First Aid Kit, 1 Year Warranty. The HULK Professional Series Personal Vehicle First Aid Kit will fit in a car glove box or boot and always arrive prepared in case of an emergency. It comes packed with more than 80 pieces and in a soft, durable case.

extinguisher fire safety australia1.5kg ABE Portable Fire Extinguisher

The ideal extinguisher for commercial vehicles.
2A:30B: E fire rating
Standards Australia approved
Phosphate-treated polyester-coated red glossy steel cylinder
1400kPa gauge
Black powder-coated steel handle
Supplied with black powder-coated vehicle bracket
Stylish blue nylon nozzle
High-quality EPDM hose
Supplied with maintenance tag

Portable Fire Extinguisher2.5kg ABE Portable Fire Extinguisher


*3A:40B:E fire rating
*Standards Australia approved
*Phosphate-treated polyester-coated red glossy steel cylinder
*1400kPa gauge
*Black powder-coated steel handle
*Stylish blue nylon nozzle
* High-quality EPDM hose
*Supplied with black powder-coated vehicle bracket
*Supplied with maintenance tag

First Aid kit helps to treat Injuries Quickly.

Injuries and accidents can occur at home, on-road or in the workplace. The first-aid kit is the primary responder when there is no first responder available. This kit offers instant care for common wounds, cuts and burns. It helps you treat injuries as quickly as possible.

First Aid & Safety PackFirst Aid & Safety Pack

First Aid & Safety Pack, 3 Year Warranty. Also, includes FireBox 1kg Dry Chemical Powder ABE Fire Extinguisher, FastAid Delux Vehicle First Aid Kit and Fire Box Fire Blanket 1.0 x 1.0 m.

*Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1841.5
*Fire Rating: 1A:20B: E
*Operating Pressure: 11 bar
*Powder Type: ABE 70% MAP
*Dimensions: 100mm x 370mm
*Cylinder Volume: 1.0L
*Cylinder Thickness: 1.0mm
*Test Pressure:27 bar
*Full Weight:2.5kg
*Model: FB10ABE

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