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The 4×4 Awning

4x4 awningsAfter a long day of four-wheeling around Australia’s outback, woodlands, and beaches with your friends, at some stage, you are going to stop for a bite to eat and a few drinks. As a result, a 4×4 awning is an excellent addition to your next four-wheeling expedition. Apply the brakes, extend your awning, and lower your legs. This feature will create a shady space to relax almost quickly, wherever and at any time.

Awnings for cars are helpful for more than just 4×4 enthusiasts. Holidaymakers camping or caravanning will all benefit from having a vehicle awning attached to their 4WD or RV.

A little more shade goes a long way on any outdoor excursion, so contact Outback Equipment now to learn more about our awnings and have rapid access to a pleasant area to relax during your off-road expedition or camping trip.

Travelling with a Spare Tyre

Outback Equipment has a good assortment of spare wheel covers for your trailer or caravan if you’re travelling with a spare tyre. You’ll likely have a spare wheel attached to the back of your vehicle, just like any sane four-wheel driver or caravanner, and deservedly so. First and foremost, everyone requires a spare tyre. Depending on your car, if you frequently drive long distances for pleasure or work, or if you often go off-roading, a spare wheel is an essential addition to your car’s accessories.

Finally, but perhaps most crucially, keeping a spare wheel outside your vehicle frees up inside storage space.

Because your spare tyre does not have the luxury of being protected from the elements by a boot, a spare wheel cover is the most effective solution to protect this vital component of your car.

Features of a Spare Wheel Cover

Spare Wheel CoversWheels are expensive, and when treated with care, they will provide more outstanding service. A spare wheel cover is a perfect solution for safeguarding your spare wheel when it rests on the exterior and in a more exposed position of your automobile, as it will be of little use to you if it is damaged or worn.

We provide spare wheel covers for recreational vehicles and 4x4s from Cargo Mate, an Australian manufacturer. Furthermore, available in a range of sizes, with 4×4 spare wheel covers ranging in diameter from 29 to 33 inches. There are two spare wheel covers available for caravans: a 13-inch cover and a 14-inch cover.

Ensure you get the right proportions so your new cover can wrap over your spare wheel and provide adequate protection. These covers are made of soft yet sturdy vinyl material and have an elastic band for a secure fit to prevent drooping and ill-fitting. The twin needled seams add to the durability, and the cord tacked inside the hem adds to the security for a beautiful, taut fit.

Why is it necessary to safeguard a spare wheel?

While tyres are relatively resilient components of an automobile, prolonged exposure to the elements can harm them. Also, this is especially true of your spare wheel, which is more exposed than the rest of your vehicle’s tyres. Your spare wheel needs to shield the rubber compound from the sun’s rays and the dirt that collects on your vehicle.

Rotation of tyres, including your spare, is recommended to wear equally. When a tyre sits in storage for too long without being used, it loses its suppleness, begins to fracture, and eventually fails when utilised, defeating the point of having a spare. If a blowout occurs while driving, the reduced structural integrity of a fractured tyre may result in severely losing control of your car. As a result, in addition to protecting your tyre from the elements, rotating your spare will keep its tough, rubbery character.

Your tyres’ most cost-effective and secure solution

A basic spare wheel cover is a valuable purchase for protecting your tyres from UV rays and dust, especially if not rotated regularly. Australia boasts among the world’s harshest UV levels, which, when paired with our dusty atmosphere, ultimately harms the tyre quality.

A Cargo Mate branded spare wheel cover is a simple and economical protection option from a company known for high-quality cargo equipment. With a spare wheel cover, you can keep the harsh Australian elements out while still preserving the quality and safety of your tyres.

Heavy Duty Mud Flaps and 4×4

When you’re out off-roading, there’s nothing better than getting the truck dirty, right? However, you must ensure that your vehicle is protected while navigating the track. Mudflaps are essential for any vehicle, whether you’re four-wheeling or cruising down the highway.

Mudflaps of good quality can prevent your chassis from getting splattered with mud, rocks, dirt, and other foreign items as you drive. Not only for off-road driving, but a good set of mud flaps can also help your automobile on paved roads.

Stones should not be thrown into your automobile since they will cause paint chips over time. Rust might form due to paint chips, causing problems with your vehicle.

Mudflaps are the most satisfactory protection from road debris and filth. While mud flaps may not protect the whole body of your car, they do cover the region around the wheels, keeping your vehicle as clean as possible. Mudflaps are an excellent investment for extending the life of your vehicle.

Others who benefit from 4WD Mud Flaps

4×4 drivers use mudflaps to protect their vehicles and other persons. If you have a large four-wheel drive or truck and smaller vehicles are following you, your mud flaps will keep water, mud, and road grime from splashing onto your vehicle. If you don’t have the correct kind of mud flaps, muddy roads on a wet day are a recipe for disaster!

Plus, if you have mud flaps, you’re less likely to splash pedestrians when driving through puddles or water patches on suburban streets.

Mud Flaps are a Budget-Friendly Option

They are an affordable alternative for your car, whether you desire heavy duty mud flaps or rubber mud flaps. Our mud flaps don’t cost more than $27 each, so that you can outfit your entire vehicle (front and back tyres) for less than $100.

If you’ve been thinking about obtaining new mud flaps, or if you’re buying a car and want to make sure you’re safe on the road, you should check out our selection of high-quality mud flaps right now! Considering the cost of rust and other damage caused by rocks and other objects thrown at your vehicle, that isn’t a significant outlay. On the other hand, Mudflaps should typically cover the width of the tyre and cover three-quarters of the tyre.

Spare Wheel Bag

Spare Wheel BagWhen you’re out in the woods, you’re likely to have a lot of supplies packed into your car. If you’re going camping with your family or friends, you’ll have tents, clothes, food, and a variety of camping gear in the back of your car or trailer. One of the most challenging tasks is ensuring that you have access to everything when you need it, while another is locating a secure location to store all of your trash. The bush is not the place to be leaving your rubbish.

What is the solution? A wheel bag for spares. Outback Equipment’s rugged and sturdy spare wheel bag fits securely to your spare tyre on the back of your car and maybe utilised for a variety of storage needs. It’s a terrific alternative for your four-wheel drive, whether you need it to transport rescue materials to a safe location or as a spare wheel trash bag.

Spare Wheel Bag for 4WD

The 4X4 rear wheel bag resists extreme weather and is frequently used by good design. It firmly attaches to the spare tyre on the back of your car or motorhome, keeping your dirty gear and trash outside. Use it to store the items you don’t want in the car with you – whether that’s trash, dirty clothes or boots, or wet and muddy recovery gear – it’s the ideal companion for your next journey.

Another advantage of using a spare wheel bag as a garbage bag is that foraging animals will be discouraged from rummaging through your trash because they won’t be able to get in.

Cargo Net for the ute, trailer or 4×4

Cargo Nets, Bags & StrapsIf you’re transporting a load on your ute or trailer, use a trailer nett or ute cargo nett to keep it secure. Have you acquired the trailer nett or cargo nett you’ll need to secure your load and protect other drivers?

Outback Equipment’s heavy-duty cargo nett and ute nett alternatives are sure to make your next journey safe and straightforward. Instead of fiddling with ropes, utilise Outback Equipment’s cargo nets and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your load is safe.

The Advantages of Using a Heavy Duty Cargo Net

Outback Equipment’s cargo nets are the ideal no-fuss solution for your next adventure. You won’t get this snagged or hooked on your tools or equipment, and you’ll appreciate the convenience of using a high-quality product. The simple elasticated cord allows you to access the tray of your pickup or trailer from various angles, making it much easier to access your load. You don’t need to untangle all of your ropes; unhook one portion of your cargo nett, and you’re in.

You can rely on our assortment of truck nets, ute cargo nets, and high duty cargo nets at Outback Equipment.

Why Do You Need a Properly Restrained Load?

According to the Department of Transportation and Main Roads, if you’re driving a vehicle with a load, towing a trailer, or otherwise moving something, restraining the load is a must. When they talk about load restraint, they don’t just mean making sure your load doesn’t fall off; they also suggest making sure your load doesn’t move around in such a way that the vehicle or trailer becomes unsafe.

If you don’t take precautions to keep your load safe, you risk:

  • Objects from your cargo that fall onto the road, pathways, or other pedestrians
  • By swerving or dodging things from your load, drivers may be causing potentially dangerous road conditions.
  • As a result of your load moving or spilling on the road, you may cause an accident.
  • In the event of emergency braking, an unsecured load smashes into your vehicle’s interior. Accidents in traffic generated by a swaying car

Aside from these dangers, the load you’re carrying must not cover your licence plate, lights, or reflectors. It would help if you used a brightly coloured red, red and yellow, or yellow flag to guarantee that any load that protrudes more than 1.2 metres behind your vehicle is visible.

You could be penalised if you don’t follow these rules. In many circumstances, the penalties will cover the cost of your cargo nett, truck cargo nett, or trailer nett!

Jerry Cans, Tanks & Accessories

Jerry Can & Tank AccessoriesAustralia is a large nation, and we enjoy exploring it in our four-wheel-drive vehicles and touring waggons. And, while we leave no stone unturned in our investigation of this sun-bleached nation, the truth is that there are some locations where even the relentless conquerors of our roadways won’t go.

So, if you’re planning on doing some real off-roading (or want to be prepared for everything), it’s a good idea to bring some jerry cans of fuel and water with you on your next trip.

Whether you’re travelling to the top end on a journey to the Cape or exploring the gorgeous sands of the Simpson Desert, you’ll always have a supply of petrol or diesel on hand. When you need it most with our excellent metal and plastic fuel safe jerry can assortment.

Don’t run out of fuel – bring a diesel or gasoline can with you to keep the trip moving.


Vehicle Safety Accessories

Vehicle Safety AccessoriesIt’s critical to stay safe while on (or off) the road. Outback Equipment’s line of vehicle safety gear can help you prepare for threats and emergencies. Whether you require tools to put out fires or keep your storage safe, we have everything you need.

The Top Vehicle Safety Add-Ons

On holidays, things don’t always go as planned. However, having the correct vehicle safety goods on hand will assist you in resolving any issues that arise or preventing them from occurring in the first place. If you’re unsure which car safety products you’ll need, our knowledgeable staff is always willing to assist.

Blankets & Fire Extinguishers

We are putting out a fire as soon as possible for your safety and the protection of your vehicle. Our fire extinguishers are durable and lightweight and maybe put in easy-to-reach places in any vehicle or camper trailer. Our fire blankets can also be a quick solution to a cooking or garment fire.

Flags of Safety

Off-roading in the dunes or on woodland trails is always exciting, but the lack of visibility can be hazardous. Another car could be approaching from around the corner or over the dune. Safety flags raise your 4×4 a few metres above the ground, making you much more visible to others. They’re simple to set up, and takedown and made of high-visibility colours and materials. Put one in the front of your off-roader or on each corner — it’s better to be safe than to get bogged.

Clamps for Rubber Mounting

This road safety equipment will come in useful whether you have a shovel, safety flags, a fire extinguisher, or something else to store. Rubber clamps help you secure your equipment on uneven routes. You can hang them everywhere you need them, from your caravan to your garage at home, because they’re so simple to instal.

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