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About Hema Maps:

Hema is a map publishing company based in Brisbane and founded in 1983. The company has purposefully expanded to the point where it now has comprehensive Australian and international map coverage in various formats such as folded maps, atlases, guides, and digital products such as apps and dedicated GPS navigation systems.

Off-road touring is our focus, with a reputation as a master mapmaker specialising in the four-wheel-drive market. This reputation has emerged due to the company’s unwavering pursuit of accurate cartographic detail relevant to outdoor explorers, as evidenced by its unrivalled updating process.

The Big Lap Planner Pack

The Big Lap Planner PackThis map collection includes the best of what each state offers for your big trip around Australia. If you’ve been wanting to take this trip for a long time but don’t know where to begin, this is the ultimate pack to get you inspired and ready to go.

The Big Lap Planner Pack includes the following items:

  1. HX-1 Navigator (retail price $699)
  2. Map of Fraser Island (RRP $14.95)
  3. Australia Large Foldable Map (RRP $14.95)
  4. Handy Map of the Northern Territory (RRP $9.95)
  5. Map of Cape York ($14.95)
  6. Map of the Flinders Ranges (RRP $14.95)
  7. Kimberley Map (Retail Price $14.95)
  8. (RRP $14.95) High Country Victoria Map
  9. Great Desert Tracks Edition 5 (retail price $69.95)
  10. Save $108.65 when you buy the Big Lap Planner Pack for $759.95.


Hema HX-1 Navigator

Hema HX-1 NavigatorThe Ultimate Hema HX-1 Navigator for on or off-road. This quality GPS navigation system with a dedicated Australian street and 4WD navigation guide. With Australia’s best topographic mapping, turn-by-turn navigation, over 45,000 campsites, caravan parks, and other touring points of interest on a 7-inch multi-touch screen, it’s time to explore a new frontier with the HX-1.


4WD Outdoor Pack

4WD Outdoor PackHX-1 Navigator
In Drive mode, you can confidently navigate Australia and New Zealand with voice guidance to addresses, points of interest, and coordinates. Navigate off the beaten path with Hema’s most powerful 4WD GPS, which includes topographic and touring mapping as well as trip recording tools and other content and features.

With the HX-1, you can explore over 45,000 campsites, caravan parks, and other points of interest (POI) across Australia.

Handy Atlas of Australia’s Roads and 4WD
The Hema Road & 4WD Handy Atlas is the ultimate travel guide for tourers and adventurers, featuring trusted Hema mapping for all of Australia.


Desert Nomad Pack

Desert Nomad PackWith this comprehensive pack for traversing Australia’s desert regions, you can explore the arid centre. This informative pack is an indispensable companion to Australia’s dry centre, whether you’re a “desert lover” or just looking to tackle some of the country’s favourite 4WD destinations.

This package contains the following items:

  1. HX-1 Navigator
  2. Edition 5 of the Great Desert Track Atlas & Guide
  3. Map Pack of Great Desert Tracks


Making plans for your next adventure:

The Hema Map Patrol are adventure experts who map and explore Australia’s best off-road destinations to keep Hema Maps’ data accurate and up to date.

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