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inverter generatorsYamaha 1000w Inverter Generator

Yamaha makes the quietest and lightest camping generators in the market and is considered the Premium Inverter Generator brand. The 1000W inverter model is trendy among the caravanning community, 4WD enthusiasts and campers alike. The three main reasons for this unit’s immense popularity are as follows:

  1. It weighs a mere 12.7 kilograms! The lightest 1000W portable generator you can buy, making it incredibly convenient to pack and unpack on your holiday. 
  2. Yamaha the brand. Yamaha makes some of the best engines and power equipment globally, and customers know they can depend on their products for quality and longevity. The unit comes with a 4-year warranty and a national service network. This unit will not let you down.

inverter generators australiaGENPOWER Inverter Petrol Generator 4500 Watts Max

With an in-built battery, the SV7000 conveniently starts at the push of a button! There is also a pull-start on offer as a backup.
The SV7000 Inverter generator has two Australian approved 240V outlets, dual USB sockets for fast charging, a 12V battery charging outlet.
With a substantial 13L engine, you can expect an impressive running time of over 10 hours at half load or 5 hours at full load.
The SV7000 is one of the quietest on the market and idles at just 59 decibels, which is equivalent to the level of a normal conversation, plus only 64 decibels at half load!

inverter generators yamahaYamaha 1000w Inverter Generator Pack

Of course, the other attractive feature is the inverter technology, which provides pure sine wave power output, perfect for running sensitive electronic equipment such as laptop’s, mobile phones and televisions.

Not forgetting the Yamaha innovative throttle feature; this automatically adjusts the engine speed in line with the required output to maximize fuel efficiency. Speaking of fuel, despite this model’s small, compact size, it can run for up to 12 hours before having to top up the tank!


inverter generators on ebayFUJI-MICRO 3700W Pure Sine Wave EFI Portable Camping Petrol Inverter Generator

Among the quietest generators on the market, the F5200Ri is as discreet as everyday speech, producing a mere 58dB at a distance of seven metres. What’s more, it generates a 100% pure sine-wave current without surges, making it perfect for sensitive electronics such as computers and bright devices. If tipped over, the unit’s automatic shutdown kicks in, and for added peace of mind, it has built-in overload protection. There’s now no reason you can’t enjoy all the indoor conveniences in the great outdoors. 


The F5200Ri is everything you need when it comes to portable, pure sine energy. It features two 240V power outlets, a dual USB socket and a DC 12V outlet for charging batteries. The ultra-compact design makes it perfect for a hassle-free power solution in the outdoors, and with a substantial 6.5L fuel tank, it’s among the most economical and enduring generators available.

inverter generators honda

Engel R2000IS 2000W Pure Sinewave Inverter Generator


  • Compact: Portable and Easy to Handle
  • 100% Pure Sine Wave
  • 15 amp Outlet
  • Encased in Tough material
  • Powerful 4 Stroke Engine
  • Super Quiet
  • 7 Hours Continuous Running Time (50% Capacity)
  • 4.8 Litre Fuel Capacity
  • Easy Pull Start

inverter generators on saleMaxWatt 2000W Petrol Inverter Generator

Parallel Cable:

Double your power by connecting two Maxwatt inverter generators in parallel without any additional purchase as they come fully fitted with similar functionality as well as the connection cable! Each MaxWatt Inverter Generator includes a parallel line. You can connect the MX2000iS, MX2000iY, MX2500iS, MX3000iY or the MX4000iS with the parallel cable. 

  • MX2000iS:
    • Rated Output: 1.6kW
    • Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 2.88kW
  • MX2000iY:
    • Rated Output: 1.6kW
    • Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 2.88kW
  • MX2500iS:
    • Rated Output: 2.2kW
    • Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 4.0kW
  • MX3000iY:
    • Rated Output: 2.8kW
    • Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 5.10kW
  • MX4000iS:
    • Rated Output: 3.5kW
    • Rated Output When connected in Parallel: 6.3kW

inverter generators perthCromtech 7000w Inverter Generator

The Cromtech Generator 7000ie is powerful yet quiet. Ideal for use with food trucks, coffee vans, events, emergency home backup power. This generator is robust, with a maximum output of 7000 Watts continuous.

One of our favourite features is the Bluetooth start with the mobile app, compatible with both android and apple devices. With the app, you can stop and start the generator, change the operating modes, check fuel levels vs. current load and get maintenance prompts plus a host of other important information.


inverter generators with electric startMaxWatt 8000W Petrol Inverter Generator with Electric Start

Standard Features:

  • Electric start with recoil starts as backup. 2 Wire Autostart for off-grid solar power systems. 
  • 1 x 32 Amp IP66 weatherproof outlet for maximum power from one outlet. 
  • 1 x 15 Amp IP66 weatherproof outlet. SV 2.1 Amp USB Outlet. 
  • 26 I Fuel Tank Capacity. 
  • 11 Hours continuous running at 50% load and 6 hours at 100% load. 
  • Intelligent Engine control that reduces engine speed, depending on the load for better fuel efficiency. 
  • 2 Year Maxwatt® Warranty. 

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Pure sine wave inverter technology
  • Low Noise at 68DB
  • 2.1 AMP USB Output
  • Economy Low Idle Setting
  • Intelligent Engine Control reduces engine speed, depending on the size of the load, for better fuel efficiency.
  • 8000W maximum output is one of the highest class, enabling it to power up multiple electrical devices efficiently.
  • Portable at only 105kgs.
  • It has a non-slip and ergonomically designed handle.
  • Achieving a running time at 11 hrs at 50% load and 6 hrs at 100% load with the help of a 26-litre fuel tank.
  • The pure sine wave technology not only safely powers sensitive equipment but is also compliant with Australian EPA emission controls.
  • It is a no-fuss generator that is simply plugin and use – no assembly required.
  • MaxWatt offers a 2-year warranty to safeguard your investment.

quiet inverter generatorBAUMR-AG 3.5kW Max 3.1kW Rated Portable Open-Frame Inverter Generator

Advanced Inverter technology produces 100% pure-sine wave power for even your most sensitive electronic equipment. Not only can you run the usual gear, but you can also safely charge your lithium tool or laptop batteries on the worksite, as well as your smartphones and tablets on camping trips!

The 225cc OHC four-stroke engine with 100% copper wire alternator for reliability and longevity should come as no surprise that it meets the strict Euro V emissions standards. It boasts a powerful 3500W max power output and can provide up to 4.5 hours of continuous operation. For convenience, the GV7000 has a quick start guide on the unit.

About RECREATIONAL RANGE generators:

  1. Camper Trailers and Camping
  2. Motorhomes and caravans
  3. Boating, fishing, and four-wheel-driving
  4.  Small-scale domestic use, mobile businesses, and small-scale events

About this range: All units are inverter generators, which create an ultra-clean voltage for power-sensitive gadgets such as phones, laptops, and televisions—lightweight, silent, small, and cost-effective. Charging camping batteries, operating caravans, and using your favourite home and camping equipment are all popular uses. Small portable backup requirements like blackouts, small events, food vans and mobile companies are also covered.

About PORTABLE TRADE generators:

  1. Buildings, construction sites, tradesmen’s work, mining
  2.  Agriculture, agribusiness, and rural properties
  3. Welding, power equipment, and tools
  4. Hire Industries, Factory & Plant Maintenance

This range’s characteristics are as follows: Petrol and diesel generators are available in single and three-phase power and are suitable for a wide range of trade applications. They’re built strong, with steel rollover frames and condenser-style alternators, so they’re ideal for resistive and heavy loads. Work Cover Approved models with the appropriate Jobsite safety features are available. Welder Generators and Workstation Generators are examples of specialised trade gensets.

The EMERGENCY BACKUP family of generators:

  1. Keeping appliances running during power outages
  2. Direct backup to the home’s mains, as well as direct backup for small businesses
  3. Off-grid solar power backup, Auto-Start backup power
  4. Requirements for remote electricity, small satellite offices

This range’s characteristics are as follows: Smaller inverter generators to bigger AVR (automatic voltage regulation) generators are all acceptable for running residential and small business appliances; the size and number of devices you have will determine your option. This category includes backup generators that run on gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. There are also auto-start variants for automatic operation.

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