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Choose from a wide range of Milwaukee toolsets at low prices, whether it’s the Milwaukee cordless power tool kit, the electric power toolset, or other heavy-duty combos.

These combo packages ensure that each user feels like the kit is individual. Explore our wide selection of Milwaukee Drill, Power Tool, accessory, and hand tool combo kits. Check out the Fuel Cordless Impact Wrench Kit, the Cordless Brushless Compact Combo Kit, or the Fuel Cordless Combo Kit, which are some of our best-selling Combo sets.

Milwaukee  12V 2.0Ah  Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrench KitThe 1/2″ Stubby Impact Wrench is the smallest cordless impact wrench on the market. With a length of only 125mm, you can work in tighter locations while still having enough strength to do many of the most challenging tasks and increase your productivity. With our

POWERSTATETM brushless motor, the compact impact produces a lot of torque. Similarly, the impact wrench has a nut-busting torque of 339Nm, which is the most in the industry. The built-in REDLINKTM tool technology in our cordless impact wrench will assist you in getting the job done.


Milwaukee 2 Piece 12V 4.0Ah FUEL Cordless Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2 Piece 12V 4.0Ah FUEL Cordless Combo KitThe 14” Hex Impact Driver, the quickest operating speed, most compact impact driver in the 12V market with a 4-Mode drive control, is also included. The impact drives screws over 20% quicker than the M12CID-0 at 3,300 RPM, and at 129mm in length, it provides unrivalled access in confined locations.

A 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL delivers 0-1,300 RPM in Mode 1, 0-2,400 RPM in Mode 2, and 0-3,300 RPM in Mode 3 for increased adaptability and control over output speed and power. Self-Tapping Screw Mode provides far less and reduce wandering when commencing self-tapping screws and overdriving, breaking, and stripping them out.


Milwaukee 2 Piece 18V 3.0Ah Cordless Brushless Compact Combo Kit

Milwaukee 18V 3.0Ah Cordless Brushless Compact Combo KitIncludes:

  1. Compact Brushless Drill/Driver M18 13mm (Tool Only)
  2. 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver M18TM Compact Brushless
  3. REDLITHIUM-ION M18 3.0Ah Battery M18 & M12 Rapid Charger


Milwaukee 2 Piece 18V 5.0Ah FUEL Cordless Combo Kit

Milwaukee 18V 5.0Ah FUEL Cordless Combo KitMaximum power is available.

  1. For enhanced lighting in dark locations, an LED comes mounted on the tool’s foot.
  2. Reduced fatigue and more accessible entry into tight locations because of the shorter length.
  3. Under heavy load, experience fast speeds.
  4. POWERSTATE™ Motor with no brushes.
  5. All M18TM batteries are compatible.


  1. M18 REDLITHIUM®-ION CHUCK BATTERY TYPE: All-Metal Ratcheting Chuck (13mm)
  2. NO LOAD LENGTH: 175mm 32,000 IPM
  4. 0-550/0-2,000 RPM
  5. 135 Nm TORQUE
  7. 18V VOLTAGE


Milwaukee 18V 5.0Ah Cordless Compact Blower Combo Kit

Milwaukee 18V 5.0Ah Cordless Compact Blower Combo KitFor maximum productivity, the M18TM Compact Blower provides quick Jobsite cleanup. The M18BBL has the best power-to-size ratio. Power management on the M18TM Compact Blower has a 3-speed electronic switch, lock-on, and variable speed trigger for adjustable clearing power.

To keep people productive, the Compact Blower propels air at 257 kph and 2.8 m3/min. Also, the M18TM Compact Blower comes built to last with a shock-absorbing polymer body and a crush-resistant nozzle. A 230 mm nozzle extension quickly clears dust and debris from the ground, overhead, or confined areas.


Milwaukee 18V 2.0Ah Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun Kit

Milwaukee 18V 2.0Ah Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun KitWith an industry-leading 10,000 PSI maximum working pressure and a patent-pending pre-set grease counter, service and maintenance personnel can dispense accurate volumes of grease. The tool’s two-speed design allows users to choose between the maximum pressure and maximum flow rate.

All unique features are an LED light, a lock-on/lock-off trigger, and a plunger rod and marks to determine the amount of grease left in the barrel. Similarly, the tool’s stand-up design and shoulder strap capability make it easier to use while reducing fatigue, and the 1.2-meter flexible hose makes it easier to grease hard-to-reach fittings.


Milwaukee 18V 3.0AhCordless FUEL Framing Nailer Kit

Milwaukee 18V 3.0AhCordless FUEL Framing Nailer KitFeatures:

  1. The ability to drive nails into a wood frame.
  2. There is no need for a gas cartridge.
  3. Drive depth adjustment without the use of a tool
  4. Also, lockdown in the event of a dry fire
  5. Hex key storage onboard
  6. Included is a no-mar suggestion.
  7. Fires 3 times per second, three nails
  8. There is no time to build up.
  9. The firing modes are Sequential and Contact Actuation.
  10. Hook for rafters is included.
  11. Power switch (on/off)


Milwaukee 18V 6.0Ah Cordless (Skin Only) FUEL Multi-Function Power Head with Line Trimmer Attachment

Milwaukee 18V 6.0Ah Cordless FUEL Multi-Function Power Head with Line Trimmer AttachmentProtected drive shafts come with the QUIK-LOKTM Attachments for more outstanding durability against drops and storage factors. The POWERSTATETM Brushless Motor with 2-speed control allowed you to choose between maximum power for demanding applications and extended run-time when you don’t need it.

The QUIK-LOKTM Coupler is compatible with the other attachments in the M18 FUEL® Outdoor Power Equipment Attachment System, allowing landscape care professionals to swiftly swap out attachments on a single powerhead, resulting in increased adaptability lower overall costs. Furthermore, the intelligence of REDLINKTM PLUS ensures optimal performance and overload prevention.


Milwaukee is one of Australia’s most popular power tool brands, with high-quality products. Milwaukee is the place to go if you’re searching for heavy-duty products that are worth their money in terms of durability. What better way to spruce up your toolbox than with Milwaukee Combo Kits?

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