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Why Kincrome Tool Box is the best:

Wondering what makes the kincrome toolbox special? Here are some benefits that deserve your attention:


While this Kincrome toolbox is made of a checker plate, it is rust-resistant that make it more durable. It also gives a moderate amount of protection from external elements.

Better organization:

With the Krincrome toolbox now, it is easier to stack all your tools in one tidy box.

Extra Security

It comes with a T handle lock that keeps your tools stay secure during transportation. It even stays locked due to stainless steel hinges and T handle lock when you dropped the toolbox.

Maximum trailer articulation

This toolbox offers maximum trailer articulation with its angled sides, making it a great storage option.

Excellent storage capacity

Kincrome toolbox comes with 2L capacity while its load capacity is 30kg. Moreover, its shape allows you plenty of tools to be stored.

Life Time Warranty:

Like every Kincrome product, this toolbox is also covered by a lifetime guarantee.

kincrome tool boxKincrome 870x520x460mm Aluminium Tool Box

The uses are many and designed for Mounting on drawbars of trailers, campers, bands, bicycle trailers without lessening vehicle and trailer turning.

  1. Ideal for putting away Ropes, Tarps, Tie Downs, Tools, Trailer Spares and More
  2. Aluminum Trailer Box
  3. 2mm Cheaper Plate Construction
  4. Fully Welded
  5. Stainless Steel Hinges
  6. Single T Handle Lock With Weather Cap
  7. Thick cover plan
  8. Single cover Gas Strut
  9. Angled sides for most extreme trailer explanation
  10. Dimensions: 870L x 520W x 460H

Aluminium Truck Tool BoxKincrome 1450x520x465mm Aluminium Truck Tool Box

Rock-solid aluminium chequer plate & Fully welded

  1. Heavy flush-fitted chromed handles
  2. Stainless steel pivots
  3. 2 gas struts
  4. Two disguised treated steel locks
  5. Reinforced top
  6. 1.5mm Chequer plate aluminium development
  7. Limit: 340L
  8. Weight: 18 kg
  9. Burden Capacity: 70 kg
  10. Dimensions: 1450 x 520 x 465mm

Upright Aluminium Tool BoxKincrome 1450x500x700mm Upright Aluminium Tool Box

With twin gas struts, T-handled single style locking framework and;

  1. 2mm Gauge welded Chequer plate aluminium design
  2. Rubber climate seal
  3. Internal rack
  4. Concealed tempered steel pivot
  5. Limit: 500L
  6. Weight: 31.5kg
  7. Dimensions: 1450 x 500 x 700mm

Gullwing Aluminum Tool BoxKincrome 1600x550x490mm Gullwing Aluminum Tool Box

They come designed ideally or Utes, Trucks, 1 Tonner and Trays with Gullwing 2 entryway Aluminum truck box.

  1.  Dual T Handle side mount locks
  2.  Rubber climate seals
  3.  2mm Chequer plate aluminium
  4.  Dual gas struts (2 for each cover)
  5.  Quality Welded
  6.  50mm low profile thick cover
  7.  Low Profile plan for simple access
  8.  Stainless steel pivots

5 Drawer Upright Aluminium Tool BoxKincrome 1430x550x822mm 5 Drawer Upright Aluminium Tool Box

Aluminum Upright Truck Box comes with Chrome T Handle locks with key climate covers

  1.  Stainless Steel piano top pivot
  2.  Ball Bearing Slides (35mm Small Drawers, 40mm Large Drawer)
  3.  Drawer Locking Latches & 4 Internal Shelves
  4.  Rubber Weather Seal & Full Depth Lid for Easy access
  5.  Dual Gas Struts  4 Stainless Steel Drawers
  6.  1 Large aluminium cabinet & Weight: 73kg
  7. Dimensions: 1430 x 550 x 822mm
  8. Cabinet Measurements:
  9. Small x 4: 385 x 455 x 90mm
  10. Large x 1: 445 x 1208 x 95mm

Left Side Aluminium Under Tray Tool BoxKincrome 600x250x400mm Left Side Aluminium Under Tray Tool Box

Comes with Chequer Plate Aluminum & Stainless Steel Piano Hinge

  1.  T-handle Locking System (chrome and spotless)
  2.  Chain Stay
  3.  Rubber Weather Seal
  4.  Dual-Layer Top for Mounting Strength
  5.  Weather Resistant
  6.  Ideal for Land Cruiser, Patrol, Falcon, Commodore, Hilux
  7.  1.5mm Chequer Aluminum measure
  8.  3.00mm Aluminum measure mounting point
  9.  Load Capacity: 10Kg


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