Air Bag Jacks (Exhaust operated)


Imagine you’re in a remote location and your vehicle is stuck. Air bag jacks may come in extremely handy to help recover your vehicle. Also known as exhaust jacks they are a versatile piece of equipment.

The Thunder air bag jack kit (Exhaust operated)

With a safe working load of 3000 kg and a maximum height range of 78cm they are great in areas that may see conventional jacks sink into the sand or mud and become inoperable.

To operate simply dig out the area where the jack is to be positioned and place the air bag jack underneath the vehicle and start raising. With such a large surface area touching the ground and the vehicle, many rescue services around Australia have air bag jacks as part of their inventory.

All the equipment required to connect the bags to the exhaust are included and heat resistant gloves are provided for safety around the potentially hot exhaust. A tough and durable carry back is included to help stow the equipment away easily and ready for use.

The Hulk air bag jack kit (exhaust operated)

This air bag jack has a safe lift of 4200kg which gives you plenty of scope if towing a camper trailer or caravan. Made of heavy duty PVC and with a maximum lift height of 750mm there aren’t too many situations where the air bag jack won’t help your recovery when stuck.

Like the Thunder air bag jack ather are all the fittings required to use the bag effectively. Even though they are made of a very tough PVC material there is a puncture kit provided just in case. Which can easily be kept away in the carry bag.

In Conclusion:

The versatility of this equipment is impressive. Even so, we have concentrated on the air bag jacks as recovery equipment for a vehicle, but there are so many other uses like hold timber in place while it is nailed etc. So could they assist you for vehicle recovery or during your DIY projects?

Price Range: $200 to $300

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