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GenPower 6kva Rate, Single Stage & Powered By a 13hp Diesel Engine.

There are many diesel generators for sale and picking one that is versatile and suits your application can be hard to find. The engine is four stroke air cooled direct injection and is air cool with a displacement of 460cc. The 15 litre fuel tank supplies the engine with four hours of operation at 100% load and 6 hours at 50% load.

With GenPower, whether at home or at that industrial location. The generator will perform as per your expectations when no network power is available. Including six 240V AC sockets and 12V DC battery-charging source, it could easily run all that important equipment including workplace or scene lighting.

The 15 Litre fuel tank will last for many hours

The GenPower generator flaunts a gigantic power yield and with the 15l fuel tank will last for many hours without having to maintain a watch. The GXS Series not just has the raw power you need but also offers the most flexibility of most generators on the market today.

Furthermore, with regards to persistent on-request power, the GXS Series wont let you down with an electric start. The GenPower GXS generator Series requires negligible adjusting but when required simply refer to the extensive operating manual.


  • The operating output equals 6.0 kva
  • Maximum output equals 8.4kva
  • Operates using diesel fuel
  • Fuel tank has a 15 litre capacity
  • Operates for 6 hours at 50% load
  • Sump oil contains 1.65 Litres
  • The noise level at 7 metres is 74db
  • AC 240V
  • DC 12V – 8.3A

One year warranty

Amazingly solid and tough, it is supported with an entire one year guarantee.

Price Range: $1599 to $2200

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