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Portable Jump Starter AustraliaBatteryless jump starter – OzCharge Rescue Mate

How does it work?

This gadget must be charged before each usage and can usually be charged from your vehicle’s existing flat battery. It has a built-in converter circuit that allows the Portable Jump Starter (Australia) to charge from a flat battery (3 Volts minimum). Suppose your vehicle’s flat battery is less than 3V. In that case, you’ll need to utilise another vehicle’s battery/power source or charge the gadget over USB.

Charging the device is the first step.

In a vehicle, a 12-volt battery is used. If your car is negatively earthed, connect the red clamp to the Positive (+) battery connector and the Black Negative (-) clamp to the chassis. If the battery is not situated under the hood, connect the device to the vehicle’s positive (+) and Negative (-) Portable Jump Starter (Australia) connection points. Connection information can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Please see the schematics below.

DC Input / Cigarette Lighter Charging Lead – Connect the devices to the included cigarette lighter charge lead. Connect the cigarette lighter connector to a 12V outlet using the DC input. Connect the supplied Micro USB cable to the device’s USB input, then plug it into a USB power source.

The device will begin charging automatically as soon as an input is connected. The unit’s LCD will illuminate and display the device voltage. The charging blue LED will turn on. The LCD will read Ready to Use, and the Green Full / Ready LED will flash after the gadget is fully charged.

Getting your vehicle started

If your car is negatively earthed, connect the Red Clamp to the Positive (+) battery connector and the Black Negative (-) clamp to the chassis. (Leave the Clamps connected if you’ve charged this gadget using your vehicle’s flat battery.)

Press the RUN button now. A timer will count from ten to nine from 10, 9, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and RUN. You should position yourself so that you may access the vehicle’s ignition during this countdown. The buzzer will ring after the complete countdown, and the word “RUN” appears on the screen. When you hear the buzzer, quickly start the vehicle. To lengthen the countdown period, press and hold the RUN button until the time displayed reaches the necessary delay time.

You can specify the delay time to a maximum of 120 seconds. When the countdown is complete and RUN mode is enabled, you must quickly start your car.


 Only push the RUN button after connecting both clamps to your battery. (Before you begin, make sure your radio, heating, air conditioner, and headlights are turned off.) The device will immediately disable RUN mode and recharge the device once the car has started. 

ALL SAFETY PROTECTION IS DISABLED IF THE DEVICE IS DISCONNECTED WHILE IN RUN MODE. Disconnect the Black and Red Clamps from your battery when it is safe (Blue Charging LED Flashing or Green Ready to Use LED Flashing). If your vehicle won’t start, disconnect the device, wait 5 minutes, and execute Steps 1 and 2 again.

RUN Button: Once the device is ultimately charged and ready to use, press the RUN button to initiate RUN mode. If RUN mode is enabled, you can disable it by pressing the RUN button. 

When the gadget is ready to use, press and hold the RUN button to increase the start delay duration to 120 seconds. The start delay is set at 10 seconds by default. If the device is not connected to any battery or input, press and holds the RUN button for 1 second to turn the LCD on. Note: If the voltage exceeds 10 Volts, the LCD will switch on and display the device voltage.

F.A.Q. :

How long will the device be able to hold a charge?

The capacitors will gradually drain over time because the device has no batteries and relies on Super Capacitors to maintain the charge. When ultimately charged, the device can last for several days before recharging. Please make sure the item is fully charged to 13.8V before using it for the best results.

What is the maximum number of times a fully charged unit may start my vehicle?

This device is only meant to be used once. It will deplete virtually all of the power stored in the gadget to start a vehicle. Therefore, it will need to be recharged before starting another vehicle.

What if I can’t get my car to start after multiple attempts?

Your vehicle’s battery may be too damaged to jump-start in some situations (internal short or severely sulphated). If it is safe, disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery terminal lead. Then connect the device if ready to use by connecting the Red Positive (+) Clamp first directly to the Positive battery post/terminal. Then the Black Negative (-) Clamp directly to the Negative wire/terminal disconnected from the battery.

Engine types and capacity:

The OC-RM1000 is intended for use in automotive and maritime applications with petrol/gasoline engines of up to 10.0 litres and diesel engines of up to 5.0 litres. Because all vehicles are different and require various amounts of beginning current to start, this should only be used as a rough guide. 

The lengthier cranking periods are required to start Diesel engines. Thus, the power required to heat up the glow plugs on older vehicles. This device may not operate on all Diesel vehicles.

Warnings and essential safety information:

Only 12V applications are suitable for this device.

Use in a well-ventilated location at all times. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START THE VEHICLE – IF YOU SMELL BATTERY GAS OR GAS.

When it comes to jump-starting your vehicle, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions. When a battery in a new vehicle gets flat, warning lights may appear, and these warning lights may need to be cleaned using a scan tool at your dealership. Before trying a jump start, make sure your vehicle is neutral or parked. Water, rain, snow, liquids, and other liquids should never contact this gadget. Before turning on the device, double-check that all connections are secure. Because all safety measures are disabled in RUN Mode, never short circuit or connect the input/output wires in reverse polarity. 

Safety continued

Never push the RUN button while short-circuiting the output leads/crocodile clamps. When the gadget has been dropped or damaged, do not attempt to use it. If battery acid touches your skin or clothing, wash it with soap and water. If acid gets into your eye, flush it with cold water for at least 10 minutes and seek medical help right once.

Someone should always be within hearing distance of you. This device should never be used with a damaged, frozen, or non-rechargeable battery. Place the item away from the battery and any moving parts. Remove personal metal objects such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches before dealing with lead-acid batteries

Do not take the device apart

Make sure you don’t short circuit the battery terminals with any metal tool or piece of jewellery that may create an explosion. To reduce short-circuiting, wrap your spanner in insulation tape. During operation, NEVER smoke, use an open flame, or create sparks near a battery or this device, as this could result in an explosion and explosive fumes. The device should not be disassembled. Take it to a professional who is qualified and authorised to repair it. Infirm people and children should not use or play with the device. Keep it away from any pets as well.


USB Input: This allows you to charge your device using a USB power source. A portable power bank or a USB wall socket are both options. DC Input – Charge using a DC Power Source or a 12V wall outlet (not included) (Cigarette lighter socket). Batteries can be charged and/or jump-started by connecting the crocodile clips to the vehicle’s 12V battery.

3 Year Product Warranty:

For three (3) years from the date of purchase, OzCharge America LLC and Zylux Distribution Pty Ltd. (ABN 66 101 378 009) guarantee that this product is free of faults in materials and workmanship under regular use. Please preserve a copy of your purchase receipt to verify that your warranty is genuine. If you’re having a problem with your Oz Charge product, you’ll need to get in touch with the shop where you purchased it or with the Oz Charge support centre by one of the following methods:

Telephone: (03) 9482 2203 (inside Australia) On the other hand, outside of Australia, you can reach us by dialling +61 3 9482 2203 or by visiting our website at one of the following locations:

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