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Yamaha 2800w Inverter Generator Australia

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Yamaha 2800w

Yamaha generators Australia is constantly looking for ways to improve the design and quality of its products. Along with these advancements comes the Yamaha 2800w Inverter Generator Pack.  


If you have any questions about the cause or treatment of a problem, you should consult your authorised Yamaha generators Australia dealer network. In particular, this is important during the warranty period because unauthorised, haphazard, or improper repairs may void the warranty.

Recall that the special tools, techniques, and spare parts required for the proper repair of your generator are available only from your authorised Yamaha dealer. 

Always seek advice if you are unsure about the correct specifications and maintenance procedures for a given product. Before performing any maintenance on this 2800w Inverter Generator, please consult your dealer until you are entirely familiar with it.

NOTES ON THE CONNECTION of the generator

  1. Connecting to a commercial power outlet should be avoided unless necessary.
  2. If possible, avoid touching the generator in series with any other generators.


When using an extension cord, the total length should not exceed 60 metres for a 1.5 mm square cross-section and 100 metres for a 2.5 mm square cross-section.

Suppose using a 1.5 mm square cross-section. Mechanical stresses should be able to pass through this extension cord because of its tough, flexible rubber sheath (IEC 245) or equivalent.


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Oil System Warning

Whenever the oil level falls below the lower level, the engine comes to a complete stop on its own accord. Without oil, the machine will not start again until refilled.

NOTE: If the engine stalls or refuses to start, turn the engine switch to the “ON” position and pull the recoil starter to restart the engine. Restart after adding oil. The engine oil is low, and the oil warning light flashes for a few seconds before turning off.


The engine switch is in charge of controlling the ignition system.

 “ON” The ignition circuit has been activated. The “STOP” button on the ignition circuit will stop the engine.


When the economy control switch is “ON,” the economy control unit regulates the engine speed under the amount of load connected to the Yamaha generators Australia. As a result, fuel consumption and noise levels reduce substantially.


The economy control switch is turned “OFF in economy mode,” the engine will run at the rated r/min (3,600 r/min), regardless of whether or not there is a load connected to the generator.

NOTE: The economy control switch, when set to ” OFF”, when using electric devices that require a large amount of starting currents, such as a compressor or a submersible pump, the economy control switch, must be set “OFF.”


Completing a pre-operation check is essential before each use. 

  1. Inspect the fuel tank to ensure that it has enough fuel.
  2. Check to see that the engine oil is at the top of the oil filler hole before proceeding. You should add oil as needed.
    1.  SAE #30 or 10W-30
  3. Make certain that the generator is grounded (earthed).
  4. Despite the generator not having engine oil while shipping. It will not start unless you add oil.

Before starting the engine, disconnect any electrical devices from the vehicle.

  1. Switch off the economy control by pressing the “OFF” button on the switch.
  2. The “ON” position is reached by turning the fuel cock lever.
  3. Ensure that the engine switch is in the “ON” position before continuing.
  4. Pulling the choke knob out is recommended.
  5. Pull the recoil starter slowly until it engages, then pull it quickly to start the engine.
  6.  Continue to warm up the engine after starting until it does not stop when the choke knob meets the original position.
  7. Pull the choke knob back to its original position.

Note: If you start your car in a cold climate and the temperature outside is below 0°C (32°F), the engine will automatically run at its maximum speed (3,600 rpm) for three minutes to warm up the engine no matter what position your economy control switch is in. If the economy control switch is “ON”, the economy control unit will function normally.

CONNECTION alternating current (AC) 

Before connecting the generator to the house, check that all electrical devices, including the lines and plug connections, are correctly working.

  • Turning off all electrical devices is critical before plugging in the machine.
  • Ensure that the total load does not exceed the generator’s rated output.
  • Be sure that the receptacle load current does not exceed the receptacle rated current.

The overload indicator light comes on.

When an overload of a connected electrical device is detected, the inverter control unit overheats, or the AC output voltage increases, the overload indicator light illuminates.  Yamaha generators Australia ask you to take good care of this function to ensure longevity.

As a result, the electronic breaker will activate, interrupting power generation to protect the generator and any connected electric devices. The AC pilot light (green) will turn off, and the overload indicator light (red) will remain illuminated, running without interruption. The following steps should result when the overload indicator light illuminates, and power generation is interrupted:

  1. Turn off any electric devices connected to the vehicle and turn off the engine.
  2. Reduce the total wattage of all connected electric appliances within the application’s range of operation.
  3. Inspect the cooling air intake and the area around the control unit for any obstructions. When discovered, remove them.
  4. Restart the engine after checking.


1. Place the unit on a flat and level surface and run the engine for a few minutes to get it started. After that, turn off the engine.

2. Take the cap from the oil filler. Put an oil pan under the engine and turn it on. It is necessary to remove the oil drain plug to drain the oil completely.

Inspection:  Drain plug, gasket, oil filler cap, and checking O Rings is essential.

Replace broken items for best results and longevity.

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1. Remove the air filter element and the cover from the air filter.

2. Remove the element from the solvent and allow it to dry.

3. Apply oil to the element and squeeze out any excess.

Note: Although the element should be wet, it should not be dripping.

Fuel and solvent shouldn’t mix or be in their vicinity while smoking or in an open flame.

  • Turn off the engine:
  • Depress the fuel cock lever to the “OFF” position.
  • Wipe down with a solvent.
  • Remove with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure the gasket is in good condition. If damaged – replace it promptly.


  • Remove the cap and filter from the fuel tank.
  • Clean the filter with a solvent to remove any residue.
  • When you find something broken, replace it.
  • Wipe the filter clean before inserting it into the machine.
  • Securely fasten the fuel cap.


The engine and muffler will be scorching when the generator runs for a while. If possible, avoid touching the engine and muffler with any part of your body or clothing while it’s still hot during the inspection or repair process. Remove the muffler screen from the exhaust system; Wire brush out the carbon deposits built up in your exhaust system. Inspect the muffler screen for damage. If damaged, Then replace it. Install the muffler screen.


The engine will not start.

  1. Fueling and refuelling systems
  2. There will be no fuel making its way to the combustion chamber.
  3. There is no fuel in the tank to supply fuel.
  4. Clogged fuel line. Unclog the fuel line.
  5. Excessive foreign matter in the fuel cock. Clean the fuel cock.
  6. Clean the carburettor because of clogging.

Electrical systems are a type of system that uses electricity.

  • Turn on the engine by pressing the “ON” button. 
  • When your spark plug becomes contaminated with carbon or is wet, remove carbon from the spark plug or wipe it dry.
  • Faulty ignition system. There is insufficient compression. Seek advice from a professional.
  •  Two-cylinder piston and cylinder found worn out. Consult a dealer.
  • Cylinder head nuts that have come undone. Tighten nuts to the proper torque. 
  • Damaged gaskets – replace gaskets.

Be sure to support the great manufacturers in Yamaha generators Australia.

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