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Roadvision LED Bar Light 2Off-road driving is a thrilling pastime that can provide a rush of adrenaline, but it is also hazardous. Harsh terrain can be risky, and it can be impossible to spot them if you arrive unprepared. When night falls, the dangers increase as well.

Your goal may be to conquer the woods, but you should proceed with caution. We have a variety of LED light bars for sale at Outback Equipment suitable for off-road driving. Our LED light bar 4WD alternatives provide plenty of light when travelling through the wilds and outdoors.

The best-LED light bar which can be purchased in Australia, the options are, and while the decision is ultimately yours, we wanted to outline the many types of light bars we provide and what each is best suited for. We can help you find the most excellent LED light bars Australia has to offer, whether you require a 4X4 LED light bar or want the best-LED light bars Australia has to offer.

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Roadvision LED Bar Light

Roadvision LED Bar Light14 LED Bar Light “24 x 3W Osram High Lux LEDs 72W 6480lm IP67 Slide & End Mounts DC2 Series Combo Beam 10-30V Black Label Roadvision

Roadvision is the next generation of dual row LED light bars. The DC2 Series delivers brute power and powerful light output with a perfect marriage of innovative optical design and 3W Osram Hi-Lux LEDs, producing up to a whopping 25920lm of light output. This light bar features the latest soft start, PWM dimming, and sophisticated thermal management technology and comes in a variety of combination beam patterns ranging from 8″ to 50″ in length, giving the ideal blend of forwards penetration and roadside illumination.

The DC2 Series comes with both low-profile adjustable sliding mounts and Roadvision’s new 9-position adjustable anti-vibration mounting system, as well as a new ultra-slim 65mm deep housing that allows for more mounting options. The Roadvision DC2 Series delivers brute strength from our most oversized bars.

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Features of the product include:

  1. Up to 25920lm of immediate light output is produced by the DC2 Series dual row LED bar lamps.
  2. Models ranging from 8″ to 50″ are available.
  3. Osram Hi-Lux LEDs are 3W and provide an ultra white light similar to daylight.
  4. DC input ranges from 10 to 30 volts and draws minimal current.
  5. LEDs with solid-state technology have a 50,000-hour lifespan.
  6. PWM dimmable, soft start, and superior thermal management technologies
  7. Housing is made of lightweight die-cast aluminium and has a polycarbonate lens.
  8. IP67 rating for water and dust resistance
  9. This is a simple two-wire installation with a Deutsch/ATP connector and an optional plug-and-play dimming controller.
  10. Anti-vibration end mount system with nine positions and low profile sliding mounts
  11. All included are over/under voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, and EMI/EMC radio interference protection.

Specifications of the product:

  1. Dimensions of the Bar 358x65x78.5mm \sMounts a conclusion and a slide
  2. Wiring Deutsch plug, two pin
  3. Warranty Source of light for seven years Osram LEDs, 24x3W
  4. Brand Roadvision Weight 3kg Dimensions 48x14x16 Voltage 10-30V
  5. Light Output 6480lms Total Wattage 72W
  6. Combo of beam types
  7. Mounts that can be adjusted nine height settings – anti-vibration
  8. 14″ Bar Length “IP67 Water and Dust Resistant
  9. Features that can be added on Function that can be dimmed

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