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petrol jack hammerThe Baumr-AG petrol-powered jack hammer is a complete commercial-grade machine with the highest-quality motor and mechanical components, as well as a high-tensile reduction gear set. Its believed to be one of the few jackhammers with these specifications. A more robust impact transfer with minor loss through the motor and gear cluster is the benefit of such a combination – a truly excellent machine!

Demolishing Tools

Massive torque from the perfectly matched 49.3cc power unit allows for maximum demolition force far beyond that of its electric counterparts, whether tearing up foundations, ripping up driveways, demolishing re-enforced concrete floors or walls, breaking through solid rock, or as the ideal companion while on site. Removing old pebble is also a snap with the Baumr-AG petrol jack hammer.

1 Baumr-genuine AG’s pro-series
2 Massive thrust (50 joules / 1500 bpm)
3 Force of 3.5 hp (most powerful on the market)
4 Thumb throttle control that is precise
5 Baumr’s well-known series II Rubber handgrip Vibe-FlexTM
6 Set of high-tensile gears for optimal dependability
7 Constructed with a toughened crankshaft and ball bearings
8 BONUS! chisel with a moil point
9 It just necessitates minimal upkeep.
10 Warranty period: 12 months

PLUS! BONUS moil point chisel for chipping – quick and easy!

The Baumr-AG petrol jackhammer is the ideal partner for any demolition project, big or little. There’s nothing like having the best tools on hand when it comes to getting the task done quickly. BUY NOW if you want to invest in high-quality business equipment with the Petrol Jack Hammer .

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