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LED Work Light
LED Work Light

An LED Work Light is one of the most popular items for construction sites. They operate at lower temperatures, consume significantly less power, and offer more cordless options than ever. The fact that they are superior to halogens does not imply that they are less expensive. Therefore, it is best to go into the situation with as much information as possible.

To be of assistance to you, we enlisted the assistance of our Pro team to compile a buying guide for LED Jobsite lights. On the construction site, they search for LED lights with these characteristics.

Do you need portability? When buying led Jobsite lights.

When looking for LED Jobsite lights, one of the first things we consider is whether or not portability is required. Do you require lighting that can be installed temporarily, or do you require lighting that is portable and can travel with you? The Southwire low bay covers long-term temporary installation on significant projects and Milwaukee high bay 70W LED lights, respectively.



LED string lights offer an additional temporary lighting option suitable for lower ceiling height areas. Most pros will go with LED lights that can be brought along with you everywhere you go. This prevents theft from occurring on the construction site. Additionally, it enables you to reposition the light at any time of the day…or night. This maintains the light precisely where it is required to be.

Do you require a solution that uses cordless lighting?

Do you require a lighting solution that is either corded or cordless and an LED light? What about having them both? At the moment, cordless and hybrid power options are all the rage, but using them does come at a price. Most major manufacturers offer some product options, and Milwaukee’s line is quite comprehensive. If you are considering going cordless. It will pay to determine whether or not the cordless tool brand you currently use meets all your requirements. Or whether you will need to look into other options.

The convenience of cordless power is undeniable, but corded power still has the edge regarding run time. There is an increase in the amount of time needed for setup. Thus, to run those cords to the generator or outlet. On the other hand, AC power is the way to go if you need a significant amount of light output throughout the day and night.



Makita DML805X2 is a two-piece cordless LED flood light that runs on 18-volt batteries and comes with a tripod and clamps.

Makita DML805X2 18V LED Flood Light with Tripod & Clamps
Makita DML805X2 18V LED Flood Light with Tripod & Clamps.

This kit comes with a tripod, two clamps, and two 18V Mobile LED Work lights. It contains 20 bright white LEDs that produce a high output of 750 lm and has a runtime of up to 17 hours on a battery that is 5.0 Ah. Additionally, depending on your preference, it may be powered by either an 18V LXT battery or 240V AC power.

Tip: How many lumens or light units are you looking for?

Bigger is better, right? And remember, the higher the lumen count, the better… Well, maybe. More powerful lumen counts very probably indicate increased light production. Several bright or many lights with a lower output are required to illuminate a warehouse adequately. The amount of light you truly need will determine what it is you are trying to replace.

The wattage of the light bulb is an important variable to consider in this equation. Unfortunately, that is a measurement of how much power your old light consumed daily. The output of more modern LED lights is measured in lumens rather than watts because LEDs require a significantly lower power to produce the same amount of light.

For instance, 500-watt halogen light produces around 10,000 lumens of illumination. It’s possible that this is equivalent to a 120-watt LED bulb setup.

The following is a helpful website that can assist you in determining how many lumens your replacement lights should have. Simply enter the wattage rating of your previous light in the box provided, and then choose the appropriate kind of bulb from the choice that drops down. The calculator will then inform you, an approximation, of the number of lumens being produced.


Work Light with Tripod for the Makita DML811X1 18V Cordless LED Model (Skin Only)

Makita DML811X1 18V Tripod LED Work Light Skin Only
Makita DML811X1 18V Tripod LED Work Light Skin Only

Includes: 1x DML811 & Tripod (GM00002073) Brightness of the LEDs are rated at a maximum of 3,000 lm, and they may be powered by either 18V Li-ion batteries or standard electrical current. A continuous duration of up to 13 hours with a 6.0Ah battery rated IP65 for protection against dust and moisture *Only when used with 18V batteries and not AC power *Only when used with 18V batteries and not AC power.

Tip: You need to be concerned with the warmth of the colours.

If you follow the latest developments in LED lighting, you will frequently come across labels that read “5000K” or “Daylight.” The colour temperature is a topic covered in any LED worksite lights buying guide worth its salt. This represents the colour temperature when the sun is directly overhead. Most notably, this characterizes a white that does not contain a significant amount of yellow or blue colouring. It is beneficial to electricians since it helps verify that they appropriately see the colours of the wires. Painters utilize these lights for various purposes, including getting an accurate preview of how paint colours will look when exposed to natural light.

The majority of pros working in the building sector do not place a high priority on achieving an accurate colour match. You may quickly get your work done for 3500K, which is significantly less than 5000K. However, we find that particular colour temperatures make us feel more at ease, particularly in the evening. If you want colours that are true to life, look for a temperature around 4000-4500K. Do most of your work at night. Lamps with a colour temperature between 2700 and 3200 Kelvin may be easier on your eyes while providing adequate work area illumination.



Milwaukee M18DSAL-0 18V 2500 Lumen LED Tower Light (Skin Only)

Milwaukee M18DSAL-0 18V 2500 Lumen LED Tower Light Skin Only
Milwaukee M18DSAL-0 18V 2500 Lumen LED Tower Light Skin Only

The M18TM Dual Power Tower Light is engineered to adapt, perform, and sustain industrial use better than any other portable work light. The M18DSAL-0 sets up in seconds and folds to 1.2m for transport and storage. The light head can be extended from 1.2-2.1m to light overhead work or reduce shadows. Offering 2,500 lumens of high-definition light in high mode, 1,100 in medium, and 700 in low. It can run for 7, 14, or 2 hours with an M18TM REDLITHIUM-ION 9.0 Battery Pack.

It uses neutral white LEDs with a high CRI and a Milwaukee® reflector to generate an even beam pattern. Its impact-resistant legs and low CG provide a sturdy base. The light head nests inside a protective shroud for transport and storage. LEDs never need replacing and have a lifetime warranty. The lamp includes an AC inlet so you can use it anywhere on the Jobsite. These technologies provide professionals with the best-LED lighting on or off the job site.

Tip – What Do Different Color Temperatures Indicate?

2700-3200 kelvin corresponds to a “warm” or “yellow” white. – 4000-4500K is the same as natural white (sometimes known as “genuine” white). 5000 Kelvin (K) is the temperature of direct sunshine. 7000-7500 K is the temperature of cool white (“bluish-white”). – 10000K denotes the “blue-white” of older fluorescent lighting.

You are very much locked with the colour temperature of the present light, regardless of what it is. Unless, of course, you are employing a device such as the Ryobi Color Range Light. You were able to change the colour temperature of this hybrid power source lamp, which has since been discontinued, from 2700K to 5000K to observe how different lighting influences the outcomes. Some of the more recent in-ceiling LED lighting options also have colour temperatures that may be adjusted. Be careful that the overall lumen output will decrease when the colour temperature gets lower.




Featuring an 18-volt cordless high beam LED Jobsite light and a tripod, the Makita DML809X1 is available now (Skin Only)

Makita DML809X1 18V LED Jobsite Light & Tripod (Skin Only)
Makita DML809X1 18V LED Jobsite Light & Tripod (Skin Only)

High brightness with a maximum of 10,000 lm and the ability to be powered either by 18V Li-ion batteries or conventional electrical current. Additionally, increased duration with 2x 18V terminals, up to 8.5 hours with 2x 6.0Ah batteries, and an IP65 rating for protection against dust and moisture * * Only while being used with 18V batteries and not AC power.

Tip – Do you require a spotlight or an area light to see correctly? How far does it throw?

The type of light you’re utilizing impacts the range that an LED work light will illuminate. Floodlights will have a throw of between 90 and 180 degrees, whereas area lights will have a throw of 360 degrees. LED job site lights have an appearance identical to that of the lights they are meant to replace. In need of a replacement for a halogen model that features a conventional stand light with two lights? It can be obtained, and it appears to be virtually identical.

Tripod and head from the ProBuilt ProLight XLE Series are included in the package. One of the distinctions you might observe is that several brands utilize various diffusers in their products. Several lamps feature a lens that appears to be frosted. These diffuse the light as it is emitted, making it easier on the eyes and reducing the amount of strain it causes. In general, lighting for an area is best diffused. In contrast, the lighting for a particular area should have a transparent lens.

LED site lights manufactured by firms such as Lind Equipment can provide up to 120,000 lumens of light or more, making them suitable for use in vast work areas. These lights can run off of a relatively modest generator and have a run time of many hours before they require additional fuel.



Milwaukee M18ONERSAL-0 18V 5400 Lumen LED Stand Light (Skin Only)

Milwaukee M18ONERSAL-0 18V 5400 Lumen LED Stand Light (Skin Only)
Milwaukee M18ONERSAL-0 18V 5400 Lumen LED Stand Light (Skin Only)

All-day performance. The M18TM LED Remote Stand Light w/ ONE-KEYTM has three leg position options for rapid deployment and maximum stability. Or getting the light off the ground with its 7-second setup and 165cm deployment height. Its 55cm size allows for easy transport to a scene.

Its spinning light head emits 5,400 lumens and can run for up to 26 hours on one or two M18TM batteries. It’s waterproof and dustproof thanks to its sealed battery. The M18TM LED Remote Stand Light features ONE-KEYTM for tracking and setting runtimes.

Tip – Do you require sophisticated controls?

Some LED lights come with “smart controls,” which allow you to operate the light from your phone. Turning them on or off without having to get to a switch, you can set a timer for them so that you don’t have to be physically present when activated.

To make any settings adjustments, you will need to be in the same room with the lights equipped with Bluetooth; this capability can be handy in some circumstances. In particular, this is helpful in situations where accessing the light’s location is more challenging. Both the Bosch linked LED area light and the Milwaukee Radius Site light with One-Key spring to mind as possible options.



Makita DML809X2 is a two-piece set with an 18-volt cordless high-beam LED work light and a tripod.

Makita DML809X2 18V Cordless Work Light & Tripod
Makita DML809X2 18V Cordless Work Light & Tripod

Continuous runtime for two 6.0-Ah batteries

  • Average: 1.7 hours
  • Medium: 4.5hrs
  • A low of 8.5 hours
  • Illuminance 1m
  • The high is 3,800 lx.
  • Medium: 1,500lx
  • Low: 800lx
  • Luminous flux
  • Extremely high: 10,000 lm
  • Medium: 4,000lm
  • Low: 2,000lm
  • Overall Length: 249mm
  • Skin weight: 5.8kg
  • Voltage: 18V / AC
  • Weight, including the battery, is 7.0 kg.

Tip – Check to see whether there are different light intensities or modes.

There are many situations where you won’t require the total brightness of the light. You can use a percentage of the overall output, a feature typically available in cordless lights, to cut down on the excess amount of light and increase the battery’s runtime. Many lights have two settings—on or off—and do not offer dimming or several brightness levels.

Do you require it so that you can manage water? What is the rating on the IP scale?

The cleanliness of construction sites is not typically a priority for employers. Sometimes, it is necessary to carry on working regardless of the weather. Check the LED light’s ingress protection grade if it is going to be used outside for purposes such as work or security. This will ensure that the light can withstand the elements that are likely to be exposed.



Options for hanging as well as standing

Although area lights are generally self-sufficient, certain LED work lights offer a more comprehensive range of customization choices. If you need a lot of light in the space in which you work, a tripod stand is an excellent method to raise the lights in the air and fill the area with illumination.

The more compact LED lights can come in a variety of flavours. Almost all of them can stand independently, and most will have a keyhole or a frame design to hang them from a nail. Some people go one step farther by constructing a frame that can be mounted on a two by 4. Some people add magnets to the base to work around steel more easily.


This purchasing guide for LED worksite lights comes to a close here. These pointers and recommendations cover every function discovered on contemporary LED Jobsite/work lights. We see more kinds of products every year, such as battery-powered lights with outputs of more than 10,000 lumens. The power of the Milwaukee MX FUEL Rocket Tower light is even more impressive, over 27,000 lumens.