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Narva 12V 0.9m Amber, Clear Lens & Illuminated Opal Centre Legion Light Bar

Narva 12V 0.9m Amber Clear Lens IlluminatedBecause the light hue is an inherent aspect of LEDs, whether as lightbars or single beacons, LED-based lights typically use a clear, colourless dome, LED-based lightbars are often manufactured thin, lowering wind resistance roughly 8%-10% or very flat, allowing them to be used in creative ways.


Narva 12/24V Aromax Amber LED Mini Bar with Magnetic Mount

Narva 12-24V Aromax Amber LED Mini BarAromax Amber LED Mini Bar with Magnetic Mount, Narva 12/24V, 5 Year LED Warranty Small and small, it’s suitable for temporary installation and storage. Two ceramic disc magnets with rubber protective coverings are included, as well as a convenient 3m long lead and cigarette lighter plug to prevent car damage.

Eight flash patterns are configurable, with 10 x 3 high-powered L.E.D modules providing superb ‘Class 1’ output. A rubber suction cover protects polycarbonate lens that is virtually indestructible Paintwork.


Hulk 4X4 Heavy Duty LED Minibar 12/24V, 9 Wiring Loom

Hulk 4X4 Heavy Duty LED Minebar 12-24V, 9 Wiring LoomFeatures:

  1. 2 X LED Combination Lamps, 1,275mm length, including Stop, Tail, Indicator, and Reverse Lamp functions, ADR Approved
  2. 1 x 12/24V Low Profile Amber LED Beacon with 12 Flash Patterns, including spinning, SAE J845 Class, and IP67 Rating
  3. IP68 Rated Nordic Canis Go 410 LED Work lamps
  4. One × Brigade Tonal Sound Reversing Alarm 97DB Black Extruded Anodized Aluminum Housing
  5. The mounting groove runs the length of the bar, allowing for a variety of mounting possibilities.
  6. Can use Rhino-Rack mounting kits because of the stepped edge.
  7. Manufactured and designed in Australia, 9 x wire sheathed looms – 4m long.


Narva Sentry LED Portable Battery Powered Strobe with Magnetic Base

Narva Sentry LED Portable Battery Powered StrobeFor a variety of reasons, LED-based illumination is becoming increasingly popular in emergency services. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are compact, fully solid-state devices that are highly power-efficient, long-lasting (because of the lack of filaments that can burn out). They can be seen even at considerable distances and in direct sunshine.

Two D size batteries (not supplied) power the L.E.D technology for easy portable lighting that may be used indoors or outdoors.



Narva 12V 0.9m Amber Legion Light Bar

Narva 12V 0.9m Amber Legion Light BarWhen used, LED lights emit very little heat—resulting in LED emergency vehicle warning lights (and traffic lights) obscuring ice or snow in colder, painful areas, causing safety concerns.

Solutions to offer a heat source, required in particular weather conditions to keep LED lights clear of snow and frost, are being studied.


Narva 12V 1.4m Amber Legion Light Bar

Narva 12V 1.4m Amber Legion Light BarStrobe lights, similar to those used in flash photography, are employed in some emergency lighting systems. These xenon flash lamps produce a very brief but very bright flash by discharging a large current through a gas that ionises it.

The light has a bluish emission spectrum when lighted, which causes red lightbars to glow a fuchsia-pink colour.


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