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Winches: Note: these aren’t any specific order – each scenario is different and you would need to select the Best 4×4 Winch in Australia one that fits you specific situation.

1.0 Revo Winch  10,000lb  Synthetic


2.0 Bushranger® REVO 12,000lb Vehicle Recovery WinchBushranger REVO 12000lb Vehicle Recovery Winch

3.0 Dobinson 12000lbs Steel Cable Winch

Dobinson 12000lbs Steel Cable Winch

4.0 Dobinsons 12000lbs Synthetic Rope Winch

Dobinsons 12000lbs Synthetic Rope Winch

5.0 Bushranger electric winch 12,000lb

Bushranger electric winch 12000lb

6.0 Mean Mother Peak ATV 3500lb Winch (Synthetic Rope)

Mean Mother Peak ATV 3500lb Winch

If you have four-wheel drive and go off-road, even semi-regular, the appropriate recovery gear is essential. If you’re a seasoned four-wheel driving veteran, you understand the value of a quality 4×4 winch attached to the front of your vehicle better than anyone else.

There are numerous instances where a potentially problematic retrieval has resulted in a successful outcome using the best 4×4 Winches in Australia. We stock a variety of quality winches to help you get out of those sticky spots faster.

Essential Factors that may influence your decision:

1 Length of Cable and Type
2 Weight and impact on GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)
3 Type of braking system
4 Overall perceived durability (if it looks cheap and nasty, it probably is)
5 Waterproofing of winch components, including any control mechanism
6 Potential suitability to the expected use
7 Price
8 Ease of installation
9 Length of warranty (should be no less than one year)
10 Rewinding a free spooling clutch

1.0 Revo Winch  10,000lb  Synthetic

REVO WINCH 10000LB SYNTHETICBushranger REVO has a plethora of features. High-quality construction, low current draw, four oversized stage gearing with fast line speeds, and an advanced proportional friction braking system. That will reliably hold 100 per cent of the rated load with no slippage are just a few of the features.

The zero drag braking system enables fast no-load line speeds, making rope unspooling a breeze. There’s no more fighting the friction of traditional winch braking systems.

Use the winch’s power to do the unspooling for you, and you won’t have to worry about brake drag causing unnecessary wear and heat buildup. A fully-sealed motor and gearbox (IP67 rated) provide maximum water, dust, and debris protection. Maybe this is the Best 4×4 Winch in Australia

2.0 Bushranger® REVO 12,000lb Vehicle Recovery Winch

Bushranger REVO 12000lb Vehicle Recovery WinchGearbox comes fully sealed (IP67 rated) provides maximum protection from water, dust, and debris. The Bushranger REVO’s versatile design maximises installation ease with 22.5-degree increments (resulting in 16 Gearbox clocking positions) and a multi-mount Control Box.

It comes with a sturdy roller fairlead setup with long-lasting stainless steel rollers and a wired hand controller—immediate warranty coverage by a limited lifetime mechanical and 7-year electrical backup warranty.

3.0 Dobinson 12000lbs Steel Cable Winch

Dobinson 12000lbs Steel Cable WinchDobinsons’ winches have been re-engineered, re-designed, and strengthened. Dobinsons has it all, whether you need the flexibility of synthetic rope winches or prefer the traditional steel cable winches.

When you combine your New 2nd Generation Winch with our winch accessories, you’ll be ready for action!

Both the Synthetic and Steel Rope Winches are available in two capacities: 9,500Lbs and 12,000Lbs.


4.0 Dobinsons 12000lbs Synthetic Rope Winch

Dobinsons 12000lbs Synthetic Rope WinchSpecifications for the product:

  1. 26 kilogrammes
  2. 216:1 gear reduction
  3. 4.8kw/6.5hp motor Alloy Hawse Fairlead Cable: 9.5mm x 28m (3/8” x 92ft) Series Wound Fairlead: Alloy Hawse Fairlead Cable: 9.5mm x 28m (3/8” x 92ft) Cable Made of Synthetic Materials
  4. Dimensions: 160 (W) x 210 (H) x 545 (L) (MM)
  5. Dimensions for mounting: 254mm x 114.3mm

One of the best heavy-duty winches


5.0 Bushranger electric winch 12,000lb

Bushranger electric winch 12000lbAll Bushranger winches are engineered to high safety standards and feature solid lightweight aluminium alloy die-cast housing. All for excellent structural durability. The extruded alloy control box is mounted flush to both vertical and horizontal surfaces, with recessed nut channels, a curved motor mount bracket, and mount holes for adaptability.

In addition, the control box houses a single sealed contactor. Which not only provides more excellent reliability than traditional solenoid sets. But is also water-resistant and has a lower amp draw, resulting in longer duty cycles.


6.0 Mean Mother Peak ATV 3500lb Winch (Synthetic Rope)

Mean Mother Peak ATV 3500lb WinchMean Mother ATV winches are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for most ATV/UTV vehicles. The 3500lb model comes with a universal mounting plate for simple installation. The 3500lb winch is powerful enough to recover ATV/UTV vehicles from most situations.

This winch uses a two-stage planetary gearbox. All PEAK winches have a clutch system that allows the user to disengage the gearbox and free spool the cable. When putting your 4 to the test, the features listed will ensure quality and dependability.



When using a 4WD winch, you must follow a few standard safety procedures to promote the rescue’s continuous safe operation and performance. Please make every effort to extract the vehicle under its power.

Check that you haven’t jumped out of 4WD, that you’ve lowered the tyre pressure, that you’ve cleared any obstacles, that your traction control system hasn’t jumped out of 4WD, and that you’ve given your traction control system enough time to build up power.

How to use a winch safely and efficiently

Four-wheel Off-road driving can be thrilling, but you may occasionally become stuck on rocks or in a mud pit. Fortunately, if your vehicle has a winch, you should have no trouble getting unstuck. To use your winch correctly, you’ll need to find a solid anchor to which you can attach the rope. You can slowly pull your vehicle out of whatever it’s stuck in after you’ve rigged your winch.

  1. Your winch should have included remote control and a long cord. Connect the plug at the cable’s end to the corresponding receptacle outside the winch. Install the remote control in your vehicle by running the remote control cord to the driver’s seat from the winch.
  2. Never handle a winch cable without wearing gloves. The cord could sever your fingers.
  3. Find something to anchor your winch to in front of your car. Using a large tree trunk, boulder, or another vehicle is best. You risk breaking your winch if you anchor it to something small and weak. Find an anchor that is directly in front of your car.
  4. Place the disengage lever in the appropriate position. The lever should have a “free spool” or “disengaged” option. Set the lever to release the cable, allowing you to pull it away from the winch manually.
  5. Pull the winch cable as far as it will go to the anchor. Pulling too much of the line out will result in unnecessary slack. Place the cable’s end next to the anchor. Also, if the winch cable fails to reach the anchor, look for a different anchor closer to your vehicle.

Protecting yourself and those around you

Drape a tree protector around the anchor point. A tree protector has two loops at either end and is of nylon construction. Wrap the protector around the anchor so that the two end loops face you. Take both end loops in your hand. You will need to buy one if you don’t have one.

  1. Insert a D-shackle between the protector’s two loops. Remove the pin from the D-shackle and thread the curved part of the D-shackle through both loops on the tree trunk protector. Once the coils are on the shackle, insert the pin and twist it to tighten it into place.
  2. With the tip of the winch hook facing up, please attach it to the D-shackle. The winch hook is the hook that is attached to the end of the winch cable. Return the disengage lever to the “engaged” position. You want the lever to be back where it was before you released the winch cable. Pull the winch cable taut slowly with the winch remote. To begin pulling the winch cable back into the winch, press the button on the remote control. The winch cable will tighten as a result of this. When the line is taut, release the button.

Safety is the key to effective operations

Check that everyone has left the area. No one must stand behind or in front of your vehicle. There should be no one standing near the winch cable. Always double-check before beginning to pull with the winch. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your vehicle. Take the remote control for the winch from the front seat and hold it in your hand. Stay in your car the entire time you’re using the winch.

  1. Don’t try to get your car out as quickly as possible. It would help if you worked slowly and steadily. To begin pulling your vehicle out, press the button on the remote control. You should be able to feel your vehicle moving forwards as it releases from whatever it is stuck in. Using the remote control, slowly winch the vehicle. Release the button and then resume winching; this will keep you from going too fast. While using the winch to pull your vehicle out, gently press the gas pedal to help move your car forwards.
  2. When your vehicle is on solid ground, stop winching. You’ll know you’re on a solid foundation when your truck is flat, and you can drive it forwards without using the winch. Gently press the gas pedal while keeping your finger off the winch remote control button to see if you can move forwards. Take the winch cable off the D-shackle. For the time being, leave the D-shackle attached to the tree trunk protector. You’ll return after you’ve taken care of the winch cable, especially if it’s the Best 4×4 Winch in Australia.

Finishing the winching operation

Rewind the winch cable slowly using the remote control. While rewinding the line, hold the end of the winch cable in your hand and walk it back in towards the winch. When rewinding the winch cable, don’t let it slip through your fingers. Remove the remote control from the winch. Keep the remote control in a dry location in your vehicle. Take the D-shackle and tree trunk protector out of the anchor. Remove the pin from the D-shackle and slide the shackle off the protector’s loops. Replace the pin in the D-shackle to avoid losing it. Keep the D-shackle and tree trunk protector in the trunk of your car.

Good Luck finding the best 4×4 winch for the money, Australia

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