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Multi-Function Powerhead Combo Kit
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Makita Split Shaft Power Head 40V 5.0Ah Brushless Kit

  1. Multi-Function Powerhead Combo KitMakita split shaft power head with a wide range of compatible attachments for a wide range of applications
  2. Speed control in three stages
  3. Up to 9,700rpm without load
  4. Attachments are simple to instal and replace.
  5. Avoiding kickback with Active Feedback Technology.
  6. Max 1.0 kW of power output
  7. The speed with No Load: 9,700 rpm
  8. 8,2000 rpm (medium)
  9. 5,700 rpm at low speed
  10. Skin Weight: 3.5kg Overall Length: 1,027mm
  11. Weight (batteries included): 4.8kg
  12. Maximum voltage: 40V

General Operation Guide

Note: Please read the operating manual before use - Manual

When using a cutting tool that rotates, you should always keep your hands, face, and clothing away from the blade. If not done, there is a risk of personal injury. During use, maintain a distance of at least 15 metres between the tool and any bystanders or animals. As soon as you see someone approaching, put down the tool.

Never stand on an unstable or slippery surface or a steep slope while operating. Be wary of ice and snow as the winter months approach, and ensure that your footing is always stable. To prevent yourself from losing control and falling, you should never work on a ladder or in a tree. Permanently remove the battery cartridge before putting the tool away, regardless of how briefly you will be away from it. A serious accident could be caused if an unauthorized person used the tool. At the same time, it was left unattended with the battery cartridge already installed.

The Makita split shaft power head = safety First.

Before turning on the machine, you need to ensure that the cutting tool is not in contact with ground, obstacles, or trees. You should frequently inspect the cutting attachment for cracks or other damage during operation. Remove the battery cartridge before the inspection, and hold your breath until the cutting attachment comes to a complete stop. Immediately replace the damaged cutting attachment, even if it only has superficial cracks. Immediately.

Hold the tool with both hands while it is being operated. Under no circumstances should you use the tool with only one hand. Utilize the shoulder harness while the operation is in progress.
Maintain a firm grip on the tool on your right side. Do not touch the gear case during the operation, including immediately after it has finished. During operation, the gear case will become hot, which increases the risk of burn injuries.

We strongly advise that you give yourself a break of ten to twenty minutes every hour. Work should never be done in an unpleasant environment where increased user fatigue is anticipated. Take extra precautions to maintain your footing if you use the tool on slick terrains, such as a wet slope or muddy ground. You should not use the tool when poor visibility is due to inclement weather. If you don't do that, there's a risk of falling or making mistakes while operating because of the reduced visibility.

Do not put the tool into the water in the puddle. Remove any dirt or wet leaves from the Makita split shaft power head. The rain has clung to the suction mouth (also known as the ventilation window). In the snow, you should not use the tool.

Instruments for cutting

When working with cutting blades, it is essential to prevent kickback and always be prepared for it to happen accidentally. Please refer to the section labelled "Kickback." The cover should be fastened onto the blade when the blade is not being used.

Kickback (Blade thrust)

The sudden reaction of a cutting blade that has become caught or bound is known as kickback (blade thrust). The operator may be seriously injured as the tool is thrown to the side or towards them with great force. When cutting solids, bushes, or trees with a diameter of 3 centimetres or greater, you are more likely to experience kickback. This is especially true when applying the blade segment between 12 and 2 o'clock.


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Makita Split Shaft Power Head 40V 5.0Ah Brushless Kit 0 reviews

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Makita Split Shaft Power Head 40V 5.0Ah Brushless Kit 0 reviews

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