Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

Do you have a lot of odd chores and fix-it projects piling up in your house or workshop? With the BULLET Pro Series Tool box kit,  you can get everything done in a flash. Find everything you could need, from sockets and screwdrivers to hammers and hex keys, in this must-have for any home, studio, and workshop.

BULLET Tool Sets are available in 117-piece to 1000-piece toolkit boxes and include a wide range of valuable tools such as sockets, pliers, pick-up tool magnets, cordless screwdrivers, and even a glue gun. Every item is manufactured of high-quality chrome-vanadium steel, ensuring long-term dependability and durability.

BULLET Tool Sets are tiny and ultra-portable, making transport and storage a snap. They are encased in a high tensile powder-coated steel casing to withstand the harshest hits.

Colored Red Storage Tool Box with Wheels and Tool Kit Set

1 Red Box Storage Wheels Chest CabinetThe 1100 Piece tool chest is a great way to keep all of your tools, parts, and hardware organised. This complete 2-in-1 metric toolset includes many useful tools, including sockets, pliers, and a pick-up tool magnet, with durable and long-lasting tools, made of high-quality chrome vanadium and operate to a high degree of accuracy.

This compact double unit comes designed to fit into even the tiniest rooms or storage areas, and it comes with a superior tubular cam-lock system for maximum security. The tools are kept safe in the six drawers and huge lower cabinets, with fitted inserts and separate toolboxes. The lower cabinet features a self-closing door that stays open and is quite large, making it ideal for storing a variety of larger objects.



478 Piece Box Chest Cabinet Tool Kit Set

  • 2 478 Piece Box Chest CabinetComprehensive 478 pieces metric tool kit
  • A vast assortment of practical tools
  • High-quality chrome vanadium
  • High tensile powder-coated steel enclosure
  • Four secure removable blow moulded inserts
  • Top hatch and four drawer containment
  • Smooth ball-bearing rails
  • Instant extensive collection of tools
  • Tubular Lock System
  • Mesh line in a full tray to protect tools
  • Easily transportable

118pc Metal Cantilever Tool Kit Box Set

This all-in-one compact unit has a whopping 118 components and may store on a workbench or shelf. Each container opens to a flat surface, making it easy to locate and reach each tool. The padlockable lid and collapsible handles ensure security and convenient transportation.

This toolkit quickly selects high-quality, practical equipment that may be used for various DIY projects.

  • Returns are accepted (conditions apply)
  • Buyers must secure packaging of returned goods to prevent damage
  • Most often, returns are offered if purchased in error or you’ve had a change of mind




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