How to Use BOM Fire Weather Information


Bushfires are common incidents in Australia, and when they come, they find most people unprepared. As a result, experts tend to offer fire warnings before they happen. Knowing the conditions that can facilitate to bushfire incidents, however, can be the best way to prevent the danger from happening. The problem […]

Fire Warden Training Ballarat Victoria


A couple of decades ago it was identified, that there was a need for a competent form of emergency response. This being prior to the emergency services arriving. Thus the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) was incorporated into how businesses prepare for and respond to emergencies. This group of Emergency fire […]

Emergency Management Australia


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Planning to secure your future! The field of emergency management planning can be quite complex and requires consideration being given to many objectives and strategies. Context & Framework: A holistic approach to the context of the planning process for a given situation. The Structure:  A number of Acts and […]

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