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The Collection of supplies and equipment relating to first aid are used to provide medical care. Also, the contents of first aid kits vary greatly depending on the knowledge and experience of those putting them together, the differing first aid requirements of the area and variations in legislation or regulation in a given area.

The ISO graphical symbol for first aid (ISO 7010), an equal white cross on a green background, is the international standard for first aid kits.

R4 Advanced First Aid Constructa Medic Kit

R4 First Aid Medic KitFirst Aid Kits from the FastAid R4 Series. The ultimate first-aid kit. Recommended for use in remote areas and areas where immediate medical attention is required (for example, First Aid Room, large construction sites etc.). Furthermore, the R4 Series covers many injuries, whether on a remote property, a large construction site, or in your First Aid Room.

Compliant with Workplace Health and Safety Regulations of 2016. It is ideally suited to construction sites.


R4 First Aid Remote Area Medic Kit

R4 First Aid Remote Area Medic KitThe advanced first-aid kit is ideal for treating a wide range of injuries in remote and isolated areas.

It contains contents to meet WHS remote area First Aid Kit requirements.
It provides an effective response to injuries, where high-quality hospital-grade content is required.

Similarly, there are two case variations available to ensure maximum performance in your situation.


Compact First Aid Motorist Kit

Compact First Aid Motorist KitThe FastAid ‘Compact Range’ First Aid Kit is the ideal grab-and-go compact First Aid Kit for any glove box or backpack. It’s also a great addition to the R-Series First Aid Kits.

Every vehicle should have this handy medical tool. Fit into most glove boxes or small enough to go under seats. Internal compartments help organise content.


R2 First Aid Workplace Response Kit

R2 First Aid Workplace Response KitFirst Aid Kits from the FastAid R2 Series. Assuring simple compliance in every workplace. Fourteen industry-specific First Aid Kits cover your first-aid risks.

Also, it complies with the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations of 2016. Standard workplace kit containing contents specific to Australian workplace WHS requirements.


Hulk 4X4 Adventurer First Aid Kit

Hulk 4X4 Adventurer First Aid KitFeatures:

600D/PVC soft, durable case; for easy visibility, use red with a reflective strip. The design allows easy storage in your 4WD, and the large front pocket allows for extra storage. It comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport—quality designed to help 1 to 25 people with extensive advanced first aid content.


Trek Oxygen Kit, Oxy-Rescue Viva, Back Pack

Trek Oxygen KitThe rescue viva is the ultimate in oxygen resuscitation. The rugged on-demand kit with everything you need to perform ‘on-the-spot’ oxygen resuscitation. A very portable and comprehensive backpack with Oxygen Demand Valve Resuscitator and powered suction unit.

There are multiple detachable pockets for better organisation and easy to find contents in an emergency.


Fast Aid Oxy-Resus Advantage Soft Case

Trek Oxygen Kit, Oxy-Resus Advantage, Soft CaseThe Oxy-Resus Advantage Emergency Oxygen Resuscitation Kit is in the middle of the road. The ideal kit for any workplace with a mid-range oxygen emergency. Grab-and-go bag with reflective tape and fluoro markings for easy identification. Furthermore, multiple compartments for organised storage and quick access to contents in a crisis.
This kit will include an oxygen cylinder sized 400L-470L ‘C’ and a 1900L ‘D’ from Australia.


Traditionally, commercially available first aid kits sold through normal retail channels were only intended to treat minor injuries. Adhesive bandages, regular strength pain medication, gauze, and a low-grade disinfectant are typical contents.

Specialized first aid kits are available for specific regions, vehicles, or activities and may focus on specific risks or concerns associated with the action. For example, first aid kits sold in marine supply stores for watercraft may include seasickness remedies.

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