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Stanley Air Compressor 2.5hp
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Stanley Air Compressor 2.5hp (Australia)

Stanley Air Compressor 2.5hpStanley 50L Belt Drive Air Compressor with 2.5 horsepower and a two-year warranty. Stanley Air Compressor 2.5hp (50lt) is a versatile tool ideal for various tasks around the home and in the workplace.

It provides a powerful 210L/min free air delivery at 145PSI, making it an excellent choice for tradespeople and home handymen.


It comes with a "Nitto style" socket fitting for automotive applications and inflation. 2.5HP Electric Direct Drive V-Twin Oil-Free Two-Year Limited Warranty.



Carefully remove the air compressor from its packaging. This air compressor is large and heavy; a two-person lift is required to move it. All packing materials should be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.


Before you can use your air compressor for the first time, it needs to be assembled. Examine your supplies to ensure you have everything you'll need for the assembly and initial use.

Caster wheel's ability to lock in place

Attaching the caster wheels to the bracket located on the bottom of the tank. Remove the washer and then undo the nut that holds them in place. Remove the rubber absorber pad from the caster wheels and set it aside. Push the washer through the bracket and secure it in place. Tighten the nut a little more.


Incorporate a bolt into the wheel assembly. Tighten the nut a little more. Push through the tank wheel bracket with your fingers.


Preparation is critical, so go over this quick checklist:

Completely assembled. Drain tap – turn it on and let the water drain out of the tank. Drain the water from the faucet by closing it completely. Examine the power cord for signs of wear or damage. If the item is damaged, it should be replaced by an authorised service centre. Connect the compressor to a standard 240V 10Amp alternating current power outlet and turn it on. Press the red button for a few seconds to turn it ON. Allow the compressor to complete the filling of the air tank. Turn the compressor off if it is running.

Connect the air hose and air tools to the compressor. The PowerPoint should be turned off, and the power lead should be disconnected from the PowerPoint. Reconnect the power cable to the power outlet and turn on the power. Start by turning on your compressor. Once the compressor is turned on and you begin using the air tools that have been connected, the compressor will start and stop without warning. The pressure switch is in charge of controlling this. There is no need to change the factory-set pressure settings because they are accurate.

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Stanley Air Compressor 2.5hp (Australia) 0 reviews

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Stanley Air Compressor 2.5hp (Australia) 0 reviews

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