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Metabo18V 8.0Ah Twin LiHD Cordless Battery Set
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Metabo 18v Twin Pack

Metabo18V 8.0Ah Twin LiHD Cordless Battery SetHaving established ourselves as a leader in battery pack technology. We are committed to pursuing our vision of a cordless construction site to give our users even greater independence. As a result, in most cases, you will be able to find a cordless solution that meets your requirements. In terms of performance, quality, and dependability for all relevant applications within the Metabo range. If you choose our Ultra-M technology and, as a result, our battery pack interface, you will meet future challenges with confidence and ease.

In terms of technology, LiHD represents an entirely new level of sophistication:

The Metabo 18v twin pack contain powerful cells that provide enough power to handle. even the most demanding applications without a cable. Metabo is the only manufacturer that can cover the entire performance spectrum up to 3,200 watts, thanks to LiHD technology. Maximum power is available in any application for a long time. This product is 100 per cent compatible. EXACTLY AS PROMISED.

Compatibility with all Metabo cordless machines, both current and future, is 100 per cent guaranteed.


Please use only the battery packs/chargers designed specifically for our CAS partners' battery packs/chargers or us. Designed for our cordless tools and those of our CAS partners, these ensure the highest level of efficiency and safety possible while saving time and money.

Use a battery pack/charger that our CAS partners or we are not manufactured. We cannot guarantee safety or efficiency. In addition, this applies if your battery packs/chargers have been opened. Or if their original state has been altered in any way.

The use of Metabo 18v twin pack or chargers that are not manufactured by one of our CAS partners or us. Third-party battery packs and chargers may result in serious safety risks, such as a fire or explosion.

Pointing out that any warranty claims made concerning our products will be null and void if third-party systems are used in their place.

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Metabo 18v Twin Pack 0 reviews

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Metabo 18v Twin Pack 0 reviews

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