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MaxWatt 4500W Petrol Inverter Generator
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MaxWatt Inverter Generator 4kva

MaxWatt 4500W Petrol Inverter GeneratorGeneral information.

These high-capacity digital MaxWatt Inverter Generator (4kva) provide the most reliable portable power available while being lightweight, fuel-efficient, and virtually silent besides providing enough electrical output to power all sensitive electronic equipment. They are helpful for use at home as a backup power supply during power outages.

Functions of the control panel

Battery voltage indicator - Main switch - Engine start/stop - Data Center 15a 5V DC is the voltage of the main breakers. USB - Parallel Output - Low idle - Ground Terminal - AC Output USB - Parallel Output - Low idle - Ground Terminal - AC Output.

Additional characteristics and advantages

Digital Inverter Technology: Pure sine wave inverter is digital inverter technology. - Parallel connection cable is included; no parallel box is required. - Low noise at 62DB; no parallel box is required. - The economy Setting for Low Idle - This Smart Engine Control reduces the engine speed depending on the size of the load to improve fuel efficiency. - Its maximum output of 4500W is one of the highest in its class, allowing it to efficiently power up a large number of electrical devices simultaneously. 

It has a non-slip handle that is also ergonomically designed. A 10-litre fuel tank allows for a running time of 9 hours at 50 per cent load and 6.5 hours at 100 per cent load, with a total running time of 6.5 hours. Pure sine wave technology provides safe power to sensitive equipment and complies with Australian Environmental Protection Agency emission controls. It is a no-fuss generator that requires no assembly and can be used immediately after being plugged in. The telescopic handle and wheels can be quickly detachable for transport convenience. To protect your investment, MaxWatt provides a 2-year warranty.

Explanation of the parallax operation (See manual for detailed instructions)

Using the parallel operation outlets, you can connect two of our generators together and thus increase the total amount of electrical power available.

The load plugs can now be connected to the alternating current sockets. Ensure that the load is evenly distributed between the two sockets and that the socket is not overloaded with more than 15 amps or 3600 watts.

Circuit breakers are devices that interrupt electrical current.

Individual alternating current and direct current circuits are protected by circuit breakers. When the number of AC outlets exceeds the number of circuit breakers, the AC circuit breaker will trip. The DC circuit breaker will trip when the DC 12V and USB outlets reach their maximum voltage.

Immediately turn off and disconnect the device from its respective outlet after being activated by the circuit breaker, and then press the circuit breaker to reset the device.

The capacity of the generator

Check to see that the MaxWatt inverter generator (4kva) has enough running (rated) and starting (maximum) watts to power all of the items you intend to power simultaneously. Comply with the simple steps below.

Select the items that will be powered simultaneously as the selected items. Add up the total running (rated) watts of all these items. This is the amount of electricity that the generator must produce to keep the items running.

Calculate the number of starting (maximum) watts you will require. When you turn on an electric motor-driven tool or appliance. Such as a circular saw or a refrigerator; starting wattage is the short burst of power required to get it going. The total starting (max.) watts can be estimated by adding only the item(s) with the highest additional starting (max.) to the total rated watts. Not all motors start simultaneously, as shown in the table above.


Total running wattage:    1255
Highest starting wattage:    +1350

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MaxWatt Inverter Generator 4kva 0 reviews

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MaxWatt Inverter Generator 4kva 0 reviews

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