Wed. May 18th, 2022

Online Classifieds seem to have become popular in Australia. With most cities and towns setting up buy, sway and sell pages on Facebook and other social media platforms. Often the volunteer firefighter even makes a good living on buying and selling products from these free online classifieds.

Websites like eBay and Greys online are there for a similar purpose but over the past few years. They have become more of a business e-commerce site than a casual online classifieds platform for the every day Australian. Social media has picked up some of the slack, but there are still some great opportunities. Other industries can now facilitate general selling for those who have a few unwanted items but aren’t interested in becoming an online classifieds storefront.

Fire and Rescue Equipment and online classifieds for the volunteer firefighter.

Traditionally the volunteer firefighter has traded equipment between each other. To a lesser extent to farmers and other interest groups. This has been generally localised or at least localised to there area of operations. Online classifieds for the firefighting industry seems like a natural progression from something that has occurred offline.

Going online means that now instead of being localised, the volunteer firefighter can purchase equipment and other items nationally. This not only makes the variety better. It means that equipment and other products that were once thrown to the rubbish tip are now having their usable life extended.

An Environmentally friendly Firefighting industry.

Items sold online are not only increasing the usability but reducing the amount of waste and thus becoming more environmentally friendly. The old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, is so true. The volunteer firefighter couldn’t be better positioned to support positive freight options. Some product being delivered as part of the general freight routes, so again less environmental impact.

We have now established that online classifieds have a role in the fire industry. They are just a modern way of the volunteer firefighter and the industry communicating with each other. To make online classified work for you it is important that general features are considered and implemented.

Search Engine Optimization and Online Classifieds.

It’s no good if you list something and no one sees it. So it’s important to think about what a buyer might search for when looking for the product you are selling. The first thing to consider is the title. This is generally what a websites search function will see when a keyword is typed in. So, your listing should have this keyword if it relates to what you are selling. It is a good idea to include the main keyword you have used in the title also in the body of your description.

An example of this would be the keyword “sthil 14inch chainsaw”. It would be essential that keywords were listed as written above (sthil 14inch chainsaw). Appropriate Keywords for your item can be found on google search. If you type in a word, there will be a drop down box present. These are a popular word associated with the word you type in.

Images Enhance the Online Classifieds listing

Another important feature of listings is the image. The volunteer firefighter wants to see very clearly what you are selling on the online classified. Images are the best way of doing this. So, the more images you can provide the better. Most of all images should be in focus and try to be close to the product when taking the shot. If it’s a truck or something big that’s being advertised, then get up close to the truck and don’t have much background in the shot.

You don’t need a u-beaut camera to take the shot; most mobile phones have pretty good cameras on them and the image they take will certainly be suitable for the online classifieds. At Fire-Rescue Classifieds the maximum image size of each photo is 2MB. You can also list up to 10 images.

Content is King even for the Firefighting Industry.

It may sound a bit unrealistic but the more detail and content you can provide in your listing the better. Within the web design community, it has become one of the most important selling tools. The volunteer firefighter wants to know the ins and outs of a product online and if they can’t find it they will move onto the next item. Be careful this doesn’t happen to you. One benefit of providing lots of images and well-written content is that people using the online classifieds website can make well-informed decisions.

Online Classified should also provide suitable resources for the industry. If the interface has many moving parts and isn’t easy to navigate. Users can become frustrated and move onto other interfaces like social media. If the systems to achieve the objectives of the user, the relationship can be awesome for everyone.

Its also very easy to sell almost anything through online classifieds – just look at eBay, which is becoming a little clogged up with business content rather than the people that just want to sell a few old things.

Industry-specific online classifieds can be a good place to sell because they are less likely to become clogged with unnecessary stuff. You can be reassured that the users who are looking around the website will mostly have similar needs and are much more likely to make a purchase. Rather than just have a look around and not converting a sale.

Selling Trucks and Heavy Equipment in the firefighting industry.

Many might think that selling a truck is going to be too big for online classifieds. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to the basic classifieds they can be categorised as simply a method of communication between buyers and sellers. Some may choose to take the purchase offline and communicate via the phone, email or face to face. That’s the benefit of this interface it can support the sale and purchase of large and small products.

When the popularity of online classifieds increases for an interface. Website owners are seemingly become attracted to the advertising dollar and tend to place lots of ads everywhere. It’s a shame they go down this track due to the increased internet speed requirements and a nuisance to the user. If such advertising is kept to a minimum it can enhance website functionality.

If you would like to add some free online classifieds to a firefighting website, please click here.

Thank you for reading please leave comments. Fire Rescue Classifieds is a trading name of Syncretic training Group and designed for the career and volunteer firefighter.