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Victron Inverter Charger The Ideal Power Assist

Victron Inverter ChargerThe MultiPlus-II combines the MultiPlus and MultiGrid functionalities. It contains all of the capabilities of the MultiPlus, plus an external current transformer option for PowerControl and PowerAssist, and external current sensing to optimise self-consumption (max. 32A). It also contains MultiGrid’s characteristics, including built-in anti-islanding and an ever-growing list of nation approvals.


A limiting AC source, such as a generator or other power connection will be protected from overload by the MultiPlus-II. First, the charging rate automatically reduces when a battery overflow occurs. The battery’s secondary stage will work to augment the output of a generator or supply.

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ESS stands for Energy Storage Systems.

The MultiPlus-II is the heart of a Victron ESS system, allowing you to mix and match MPPT Solar Chargers and Grid-tie PV Inverters. The ESS (Energy Storage System) documentation contains examples and more extensive information.

AC electricity that isn’t interrupted (ups function):

When a grid outage or generator power is lost, the Multi’s inverter immediately kicks in and takes over energy to the associated loads. Sensitive electronic equipment will not be affected because this happens so quickly (less than 20 milliseconds).

Monitoring and Control from afar:

Using the app and or portal website, you may monitor and control your MultiPlus system or systems from anywhere on the globe. Access is possible from a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC for numerous operating systems. The level of Control available via the necessary Color Control GX or Venus GX is endless, ranging from changing your MultiPlus to setting a Geofence for-hire vehicles and more…

A MultiPlus with the ESS (Energy Storage System) feature:

The MultiPlus-II is a multi-functional inverter/charger that has all of the capabilities of the MultiPlus as well as an external current sensor option that increases the PowerControl and PowerAssist functions to 50A and 100A, respectively. The MultiPlus-II is appropriate for off-grid usage in professional maritime, yachting, automotive, and land applications. It also features built-in anti-islanding capability and an ever-growing list of countries that approved the ESS application. There are a variety of system configurations available. See the ESS Design and Configuration manual for further details.

PowerControl and PowerAssist – Increasing grid or generator capacity:

PowerAssist extends the concept of PowerControl to a new level. It is possible to establish a maximum grid or generator current. The MultiPlus-II will then account for other AC loads and utilise any remaining power for battery charge, preventing the generator or grid from becoming overburdened (PowerControl function). When requiring peak power for a short time, the MultiPlus-II compensates for insufficient generator, shore, or grid power by drawing from the battery. With a reduced load, the battery will use the available power.

Solar energy: AC power is available even if the grid goes down: Off-grid and grid-connected PV and other alternative energy systems can benefit from the MultiPlus-II. It works with solar charger controllers as well as grid-tie inverters.

There are two AC outputs:

When a grid outage occurs or takes the generator power away, the MultiPlus-II takes over the supply to the linked loads. Sensitive electronic equipment will not be affected because this happens so quickly (less than 20 milliseconds). The second output active is only active when AC is available on the MultiPlus-input II. This output can connect loads that should not discharge the battery, such as a water heater.

Due to parallel and three-phase operation, there is virtually no limit to the amount of power available:

Up to 6 Multis can function in tandem to obtain increased power output. For example, six 48/5000/70 units will deliver 25 kW / 30 kVA output power and 420 Amps charging capacity. And arrange Three branches of the same type for three-phase output in addition to a parallel connection. That’s not all: for a 75 kW / 90 kVA inverter with more than 1200 Amps charging capacity, up to 6 sets of three units can be parallel connected.

Configuration, monitoring, and Control of the system on-site:

Configuring the programme allows you to alter settings in a matter of minutes (computer or laptop and MK3-USB interface needed). There are a variety of monitoring and control solutions available. The Color Control GX, Venus GX, Octo GX, CANvu GX, PC, laptop, Bluetooth (with the optional VE.Bus Smart dongle), Battery Monitor, Digital Multi Control Panel.

Configuration and monitoring from afar:

Connect to the internet with a Color Control GX or another GX product. Free of charge, operational data can be saved and presented on our VRM (Victron Remote Management) website. They are assessing systems remotely and settings altered when linked to the internet.learn more

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