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Off Grid Solar System Price in Australia

by Ken

In theory, living off-grid means you’re not reliant on public services and can satisfy all of your energy demands entirely on-site. Using Solar energy is a great alternative.
The organisations that provide you with energy, water, gas, and other services you use every day in your house are public utilities. Infrastructure that supports these utilities has existed for hundreds of years and includes energy production, transportation, and distribution throughout a region or community. To keep the remainder of the grid stable and secure, any changes to this infrastructure require permits and inspections (and frequently costs).

Price Range:
Solar Panels $59 to $520
Charge Controllers $49 to $2000
Inverter Chargers $683 to $8200

However, now that there are many regional renewable energy sources, people understand that the electricity system can be decentralised. You are eliminating a significant portion of the public costs associated with energy and infrastructure, both financial and environmental. In this article, we’ll look at going off the grid from a big-picture perspective, but off-grid living can also mean doing things like powering a cabin, shed, or vacation home on your own.


Off-Grid Solar Panels

Are you planning your next off-grid adventure? You won’t have to leave your favourite appliances at home if you use off-grid solar panels! Don’t forget to consider what kind of reliable power source you’ll have.

You can charge and run everything from your phone, laptop, fridge, and even television with off-grid solar systems! You won’t have to miss your favourite reality show anymore, phew!

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Off-Grid Charge Controllers

A charge controller is required for all off-grid solar installations. Solar panels and solar charge controllers work together to efficiently transfer energy to your battery, allowing you to power your favourite gadgets.

A solar charge controller is required to protect your battery, whether you’re travelling on the grid or off. These necessary attachments keep your battery from being overcharged and prevent it from being discharged by the solar panel.

Simply put, a solar charge controller aids in the maintenance of your battery’s health, hence extending its life. Who wouldn’t want something like that?!

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Off-Grid Victron Inverter Chargers

Because we all want to make our lives easier, having a separate inverter and charger is unnecessary! A Victron inverter charger combines an inverter and a charger into one unit, eliminating the need for a complicated installation!

Off-Grid Victron Inverter Chargers: Victron inverter chargers are unrivalled in off-grid applications. Since 1975, the firm has specialised in off-grid items and has excelled in the market! Victron inverter-chargers range from a tiny 800VA/35A inverter to a 15kVA/200A device. They also offer 12V, 24V, and 48V variants for your convenience.

You benefit from a parallel connection with Victron inverter chargers, which allows you to run up to six units in parallel for larger power output. In addition, three units of the same model can be configured for three-phase output.

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