Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

You can take your project to the next level with the NEW Baumr-AG Mobile Adjustable Scaffold. This heavy-duty powder-coated steel piece – is designed to be the most secure and practical solution. Furthermore, it’s the perfect mix of an extensive, commercial solid scaffold system. Thus, a convenient elevated working area that’s fit for household use.

Secure pin-loaded platform

This unit was created to be easily installed and modified by a single person working alone. Thus, this is due mainly to the fast and secure pin-loaded platform lock system. This allows users to raise and lower the Mobile Scaffold incrementally from a 700mm minimum to an 1870mm maximum height depending on the task at hand.

1 Professionally manufactured of heavy-duty powder-coated steel.
2 Work elevation that is both safe and simple
3 Single-person construction and height adjustment are simple and quick.
4 Platform locking system with pins
5 Height ranges from 700mm to 1870mm.
6 1.45m2 wooden platform with steel reinforcement
7 This Mobile Scaffold fits through ordinary Australian doorways
8 127mm lockable polyurethane caster wheels
9 It’s appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
10 Levelling on uneven terrain with isolated height adjustment

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Furthermore, the 1.45m2 steel-reinforced timber platform gives plenty of surface space for you and a variety of your equipment while being narrow enough to fit through regular Australian entrances. Four 127mm polyurethane lockable caster wheels provide excellent traction without leaving scuff marks. These casters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and they lock securely in place to keep your Mobile Scaffold in place.

Ideal for any projects around the home or work site

One of the essential characteristics of this machine is its innovative isolated height adjustment. It is easy to erect scaffolding on uneven steps or slopes. Raise one side of the posts higher than the other to create a level platform, then place the raised side on the elevated surface. Because of this one-of-a-kind design feature, you can utilise the device for a much more comprehensive range of tasks than it otherwise could.

Execute your tasks with complete confidence. Pruning, lopping, hedging, rendering, and gutter cleaning are specific activities accomplished quickly. The curvature of natural surfaces, for example, allows for working at heights outside. Indoors, working on stairwells and split levels is not difficult. Platform and casters are held in place by eight locking pins and spring-loaded Mobile Scaffold clamps.

In conclusion

This piece of equipment is a must-have for handypersons and DIYers. It disassembles into a tiny, flat container that saves room – while providing the safest and most practical way to perform from a higher position. Also, to take your job to new heights, order a Baumr-AG Mobile Adjustable Scaffold today!

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