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Milwaukee Tools, which sells the Milwaukee Cordless Tools Combo Kits, received an equipment specification rating from the federal government in the 1930s and began producing all its tools to the U.S. Navy standard. They also created Sanders, polishers, electric hammers, and hand grinders. The next big breakthrough from Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was a handheld 3/4-inch electric hammer drill with the function of a conventional drill. Following the success of the new 3/4 inch hammer drill on the market, it was shorter, lighter, and more controllable hammer drill was released soon after.

learn moreBecause the Hole-Shooter was already designed to the Navy standard when World War II broke out and the production boom, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation became a significant supplier to the U.S. Navy. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation also developed a spring clutch for their sanders and grinders, which significantly decreased recoil and became part of the circular saw line of products.

The legendary Sawzall (reciprocating saw) was the next significant breakthrough. The Sawzall was the first portable hacksaw in the industry to have a reciprocating mechanism. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation also developed and manufactured a comprehensive line of blades for the new reciprocating saw, which can cut wood, soft metal, and hardened metal.

10 Piece Combo KitMilwaukee Cordless Tools Combo Kits (10 Piece)

  1. Hammer Drill/Driver (13mm) (Tool only)
  2. Impact driver 1/4″ hex (Tool Only)
  3. Friction Ring 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench (Tool Only)
  4. Angle Grinder, 125mm (5″), with Deadman Paddle Switch (Tool Only)
  5. Circular Saw, 165mm (Tool only)
  6. Reciprocating Saw HACKZALLTM(Tool Only)
  7. Multi-Use (Tool only)
  8. Blower with a Small Size (Tool only)
  9. Area Light that Pivots (Tool Only)
  10. Wet/Dry Vacuum, 7.5 Litre (Tool Only) (3) HIGH OUTPUTTM REDLITHIUMTM-ION Rapid Charger for 6.0Ah Batteries

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Impact Wrench Kit 12V 2.0Ah - Cordless Milwaukee Impact Wrench Kit 12V 2.0Ah – Cordless

FUEL® M12 M “The Stubby Impact Wrench is the most compact on the market is a cordless impact wrench. With a 125mm length, you can work in confined spaces while still having the strength to complete many of the most challenging tasks and boost productivity. The impact drill provides a lot of torque thanks to our POWERSTATETM brushless motor. The impact wrench offers the highest nut-busting torque in the business, at 339Nm. Our cordless impact wrench has built-in REDLINKTM tool technology to help you finish the task.

In various fastening applications, 4-Mode Drive Control gives you unrivalled control. For any application, Modes 1-3 provide precision and control. The 4th setting of the Auto-Shut-Off Mode prevents the over-tightening of bolts when undertaking reassembly operations.

1/2 MILWAUKEE® M12 FUEL® MILWAUKEE® M12 FUEL® MILWAUKEE® M12 FU “The M12TM battery series includes over 50 solid and compact tools, including the Stubby Impact Wrench.

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Automotive Starter A1 Tool KitMilwaukee Automotive Starter A1 Tool Kit 218 Piece Metric & SAE

The Milwaukee® Automotive Starter Toolkit (218 Piece) is a must-have kit for anyone starting in the workshop. Thus, combining the finest of our market-leading power tools, hand tools, and steel storage. With an angle iron frame and 5″ industrial casters, the 40″ Steel Top Mobile Work Bench keeps your tools safe and secure. In contrast, its lockable 45kg soft close drawers, built-in power centre, and cable hooks. Furthermore, a dedicated organiser give you the smooth accessibility and modern features you need for everyday use.

The Milwaukee® 218 Piece Automotive Starter Toolkit A1 includes a massive selection of our unique automotive Hand Tools. Such as ratchet and socket sets, wrench sets, screwdrivers, pliers, pry bars, hook and pick sets, and more, ensuring that you are prepared to take on any problem. Get right to work with our M12TM Stubby Impact Wrench and M12TM Impact Ratchet; it also includes a charger and two battery packs so you can get started right away.

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