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Karcher Twin Working Width Manual Sweeper

Karcher S6 Twin Working Width Manual SweeperWhether it’s spring, summer, autumn, or winter, Kärcher’s new S 6 Twin sweeper is ideal for cleaning around the house and yard all year. It’s efficient: Also, it sweeps up to 3000 m2 in an hour with ease, two side brushes, and a total sweeping breadth of 860 mm.

It is ergonomic: Adjust the push handle in two places without stooping, allowing it to fit the user’s height. It’s also spotless: The waste falls immediately into the 38-litre waste hopper when emptying, resulting in no filthy hands. Another highlight is the side brush’s additional height adjustment.


CRC  20L Brakleen Brake & Parts Cleaning Fluid

CRC  20L Brakleen Brake & Parts Cleaning Fluid

CRC Brakleen Braking and Parts Cleaner come well designed to remove brake fluid and other contaminants from brake linings as well as pads, drums, and callipers quickly and safely.

Special solvents, controlled evaporation, low surface tension, and high density provide better cleaning and degreasing qualities, as well as the ability to lift and remove oil and grease that has already infiltrated linings.


Karcher S4 Twin Working Width Manual Sweeper

Karcher S4 Twin Working Width Manual SweeperThe S 4 Twin sweeper has two side brushes, a 20-litre waste hopper, and a sweeping width of 680 mm, making it ideal for year-round cleaning smaller and narrower areas.

Whether it’s petals in the spring, sand in the summer leaves in the autumn, or grit in the winter, Kärcher’s robust and ergonomic S 4 Twin sweeper keeps the house and garden looking pristine all year. It sweeps up to 2400 m2 every hour with ease, thanks to its powerful roller brush, two side brushes, and a total sweeping breadth of 680 mm.


CRC 20L High-Performance Bio Degreaser

CRC 20L High Performance Bio DegreaserFeatures:

  1. Biodegradable
  2. Water-based
  3. Industrial strength
  4. Concentrated
  5. Depending on the application – it can be diluted.
  6. Friendly to the environment
  7. Most materials are safe with a pH of neutral.

Engines, components, bearings, motors, generators, compressors, mechanical equipment, tools, wire rope, chains, conveyors, hydraulic systems, filters, grills, drilling and tapping applications may be cleaned quickly and effectively.


CRC  400g Nail Gun Cleaning Aerosol

CRC  400g Nail Gun Cleaning AerosolCRC NAIL GUN CLEANER – is a degreaser and cleaner that dries quickly and is designed specifically for cleaning nail guns and pneumatic instruments. Furthermore, it is non-staining and non-corrosive and includes no chlorinated solvents.

 NAIL GUN CLEANER degreases, removes oil, grime, wax, and other foreign matter that can cause failures quickly and effectively. Cleaning without disassembly cuts down on downtime. Similarly, all nail guns, including air, cordless, and electric, can benefit from CRC NAIL GUN CLEANER. The CRC NAIL GUN CLEANER is a flammable substance.



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